Zelenin drops: indications for use and warnings

In a world of constantly hurrying people, it is difficult to avoid diseases associated with the disruption of the nervous system. Reception of sedatives, which the doctor did not appoint, but advised by friends, became familiar to most people.

Zelenin drops: indications for use

One of the most popular drugs, according to the pharmacists, are drops of Zelenin. Their composition is considered absolutely harmless, therefore office employees and pensioners often keep them on hand to accept "from nerves". But is this drug so harmless?

In fact, this medicine is prescribed not only and not so much "from nerves". What are the treatments for Zelenin drops? Indications for the use of this drug are quite extensive. They are appointed in several cases.

  • As part of complex treatment for dystonia and vegetovascular disorders.
  • For removal of renal or hepatic colic, spasm of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • For the treatment of bile ducts, in particular dyskinesia.
  • Together with other drugs to normalize the condition with hyperacid gastritis and chronic cholecystitis.
  • As a sedative with increased excitability.

Composition of drops of Zelenin

Why does this medicine help with such different diseases? Indications for use are based on the composition of the drug. Tincture of belladonna leaves relieves spasms, reduces the secretion of certain glands: salivary, gastric, lacrimal, pancreatic. It also increases heart rate, normalizes AV-conduction. Lily-of-the-valley tincture increases the strength of heartbeats, thereby preventing heart failure. The effect of the valerian in the drops is well known. It has a calming effect, helps to sleep well, eliminates spasms that arise in the body. Menthol acts as an analgesic component in the composition of drops. In addition, it tones up the veins, has an antianginal effect. By combining these tinctures, obtained from medicinal plants, the specialists created drops of Zelenin. Indications for their use are based on the fact that all components support and multiply the beneficial effect of each component.

Contraindications and side effects

Like any medicinal composition, drops have contraindications. They can cause harm:

  • People suffering from acute angular glaucoma;
  • Patients with prostatic hypertrophy and impaired urine outflow;
  • Those who do not tolerate the action of the constituents of the drug.

The medicine can give and undesirable side effects. What are the dangerous drops of Zelenin? Indications for use and their chemical composition require careful monitoring not only for the timely administration of drops, but also for the fact, in conjunction with what medicines they are prescribed. Included in the tincture of belladonna and valerian increase the sedative effect of other drugs and antispasmodics. In addition, drops can cause drowsiness, so drivers and everyone, whose occupation assumes a special concentration of attention, drink them should be very cautious. Belladonna greatly dilates the pupils, so vision may become fuzzy for a while. How to take Zelenin drops? Do this four times a day for 30-40 drops (the dose is specified by the doctor).

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