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Kindergartens of the Moscow district of St. Petersburg: addresses, reviews

The kindergarten is the first stop on the way of the child to adulthood. That is why every parent wants to make it so that he likes it and the memories of her were only positive. And this is influenced by many factors. Therefore, sometimes it is very difficult to dwell on some specific option.

This article will tell you which kindergartens in the Moscow region of St. Petersburg are the best way for a child. We will start from the comments of those parents who faithfully gave the child there and saw how happy he is. In total we will consider six kindergartens, which deserve attention, since their reputation is not tarnished and not overshadowed.


Kindergartens of the Moscow region are very diverse and in their own way good, but now we are talking about one of the best private gardens of the whole district - "Malyshariki", which is located at 23a Smolenskaya Street.

Before proceeding to the reviews, it is worth mentioning that he generally represents himself. This institution leads a set of kids from one and a half to four years old and recruits only small groups in which there are up to ten children. In turn, this has a great effect on the educational function of the whole institution, since attention is not dissipated at all and immediately.

Sadiq is with a focus on English, which in our time can be very useful in later life and in many professions. Also, classes are conducted to teach writing and reading, beginning with one and a half years. It is also envisaged to leave your baby for the whole night, which is sometimes very necessary. A visit can be either a full day or an incomplete one.

As for the responses of many parents, they are only positive. They note that the atmosphere in the groups is cozy and homely. And also they praise food, according to their children. Kids really like it, and they come home always happy. That's why this institution is spoken first.

Kindergarten № 355

355 kindergarten of the Moscow region - this is no less famous institution of St. Petersburg. It is located at: Altaiskaya Street, house 2. This institution is a combined type. This institution provides proper care for children, as well as various educational activities. The garden provides its services for twelve working hours. Currently, four groups are gathered outside the building, but this number will increase, as more and more parents bring their children to this place every year.

On the territory of kindergarten № 355 there are sites with special entertainment equipment, which is in proper form. And there is also a sports ground for physical education in the open air.

Parents note the power system. It is not simple in this kindergarten, but is carried out at the expense of both the parents themselves and the budget, but no one will "pull" money from you. Also, the responsibility of educators pleases, they provide proper care for each child separately, therefore, taking the kid to the kindergarten, mom and dad can not worry.


Next to us are other private kindergartens in the Moscow region. Of course, there are a lot of them, so it will not work, but it's not necessary, because only a few of the best will be allocated. And the next in the list is the kindergarten Umka.

This institution is located on the Danube Avenue, Building 7, Building 7 (LCD "Triumph Park") and is very popular. This is no accident. Kindergarten "Umka" Elena Zhukova began its work on September 24, 2010, and for all the time in his direction did not sound a single angry comment. And all this because their motto is: "Smart Kids Creative Authors". By the way, this is the deciphering of the UMKA abbreviation.

Especially the collective of the kindergarten is proud of its educational program, which is borrowed by many other institutions of such a plan. It is also noted that the work is carried out in three directions: logopedic, development of children from three to seven years and earlier development (from birth to full-fledged three years). And parents, in turn, note that the kindergarten "Umka" thoroughly prepares their children for school.

"Jumping gallop"

Kindergartens of the Moscow region come with different directions and with different educational systems. For example, the kindergarten "Pryg-Skok" is the center of early development, that is, the educational program is brought to the forefront. And many parents in the reviews this is what they mention. First of all, that their children, as they say, cleared before our eyes and, having come to school, were ready for all changes.

Parents who want to send their child to a kindergarten, can find it at the address: 22, Kuznetsovskaya street. But they can do this if the baby is already one year old and if he is not older than five. Who is interested in payment, then it is a monthly payment of 14 500 rubles. But the figure is not taken from the ceiling, for this money your child will fully eat, with him will be engaged in speech therapist and teacher of English. In addition, he will attend mugs modeling, dancing and drawing.

As for the reviews, the parents are satisfied with the professionalism of the teachers. The fact is that they periodically go to the courses for professional development.

"Miracle Garden"

By the way, kindergartens of the Moscow region differ from others by their quantity and quality. This is also the kindergarten "Miracle Garden". It is located on Basseynaya street, house 73, building 11. It is the center of children's development and offers the best methods of modernity in this field. Parents love this institution for this reason. Their children are taught writing, reading, English, and developing speech. Still studying such disciplines as the surrounding world, music, etiquette and many others. There are even mugs of theatrical play and sand animation.

Visiting can be either daytime or evening, at the request of the parents. And at the request of parents a route is drawn up, and not simple, but educational, in the course of which children will clearly be told and show some interesting things.

Most mothers and dads are very happy that they gave their child to "Miracle Garden". They flattered about the adoption system. It consists in the fact that the first lesson is trial and free. That is, your child descends, and then tells you whether he liked it or not. Based on this, you will decide whether to pay or not.


As you could already notice, the kindergartens of the Moscow region are different from each other and everyone is fascinated by its zest. So, a garden called "Dar" attracts parents with their suggestions. And he offers a lot. First, it is promised that each child will be treated with a separate, individual approach and, if necessary, he will be provided with qualified emotional support. Secondly, for each child a separate menu is made in the event that it has an allergy or intolerance of some products. And thirdly, the equipment in the institution is new and fulfilled with all the safety requirements, so that parents do not worry that their child will be injured.

Parents in the reviews of the kindergarten often share the fact that their children always come to the happy and happy home and say how well they spent their time, for example, drinking tea or dancing with vocals.

Kindergartens of the Moscow region of St. Petersburg are different and different from each other, but it's not bad, there are, as they say, what to choose from.

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