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The best motivating and inspiring books: a list, description and reviews

Inspiring books are works that can change a person. Under their influence, a worldview is formed. They have something that can inspire, induce to action, and even change the inner world. In some, albeit rare, cases, they can even predetermine fate. Each reading person has a favorite book or several of them. What kind of works are these? The list of "Best Inspiring Books" is different for each person. But there are works that you just need to know.

What to read?

Millions of books are published every year in the world. Even one-hundredth of them can not be read. And is it worth it? After all, not every artwork has a beneficial effect.

Anyone who has studied the history of world literature is guided in the book world easily. Hundreds of works have already been read, among which there are the most inspirational books, and those that lead to longing. A man who has read only a few works of great classics in his life, and even if he has done this under compulsion, will never be able to appreciate the enormous power of literature.

"Tell me what you read, and I'll tell you who you are." The famous aphorism of Euripides can be rephrased. After all, the book can become a real friend, able to support in a difficult moment and help to find a way out of what seems to be a hopeless situation. There are many variants of lists of fiction and documentary literature claiming the title of "Inspiring Books". Unconditionally believe the originator of this or that list is not worth it. But what works, according to reviews of sophisticated readers, is it just necessary to read?

"Crime and Punishment"

The school curriculum includes works that everyone needs to know. However, it is difficult to understand the profound meaning of the novels of Dostoyevsky and Tolstoy at fifteen-sixteen. Almost impossible. The compassion of Sonya Marmeladova can be assessed only by an adult person, behind whom the life experience, ups, downs, disappointments ...

When a turning point comes in life, and a person realizes that neither money nor a career is able to bring peace of mind, popular literature on psychology is inappropriate. "Inspiring books" by David Carnegie about how to achieve the sympathy of colleagues and please the boss will not be saved from depression. In this situation, serious and profound literature is needed. One example is the immortal novel Crime and Punishment. Teenagers perceive it as a detective story about a student who hacked an old miser. Adult thinking people are like a wise book about compassion and compassion. All this was missing both in the days of Dostoyevsky, and today. That is why the novel of the great Russian classic is of interest to modern readers and, according to many reviews, today it is as relevant as ever.

"The Master and Margarita"

Among the works of Russian literature there are books that inspire life without lying and cowardice. Books that help avoid fatal mistakes. One of them is the novel "Master and Margarita". In order to be convinced of this, it is necessary to re-read it, and with special attention - chapters dedicated to Pontius Pilate. The fifth procurator of Judea was convinced of the innocence of the prisoner. But he did nothing to save him from the death penalty. And after this cowardly deed he suffered during his lifetime, and many centuries after her.

This work is also included in the compulsory list of literature that every Russian high school student must master. However, the novel "Master and Margarita" is extremely multifaceted. It has several storylines. Each of them is perceived differently depending on the age and intellectual level of the reader.

Perhaps, no, in the Russian literature works, about which there would be so many positive reviews. About Bulgakov's novel they argue a lot. He became the topic of a huge number of critical articles. And already this alone says that it is necessary to read "Masters and Margarita". This novel, of course, can be attributed to the works of the category "The Most Inspiring Books".

"Flying over Cuckoo's Nest"

Freedom and lack of freedom ... Concepts, the meaning of which is clear even to the child. There is hardly a person in the world who is willing to voluntarily lose independence. However, there are still a lot of people in the world who are in the grip of any circumstances. They are able to change this, but they do not even dare to make an attempt.

The theme of freedom is devoted to Ken Kesey's novel. On the question of which book inspires to change life, to take risks and get rid of any dependence, connoisseurs of modern prose answer: "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest".

Not only the person who is on compulsory treatment in a psychiatric hospital can be not free. Such is the one who daily performs hated work or lives with an unloved person. In order to change life's circumstances, we need strength - such as that possessed by the hero Kizi, McMurphy. He risks, loses the last thing he has - life, - but he wins. After all, the most valuable thing a person has is his freedom.

Books that inspire a change in life should be read carefully and thoughtfully. In the works of the classics of literature there are no direct and monosyllabic answers to eternal questions about the meaning of being. Each reader finds them independently. The book about the patients of the psychiatric hospital has won the love of millions of readers. And many of them insist that Kesey's novel is mandatory for reading, because McMurphy's story is cruel, but she teaches life.

Martin Eden

Inspiring, motivating books do not always have a happy ending. One of such works is the novel "Martin Eden". Despite the fact that the hero of the work of Jack London is dying, his story touches and inspires.

A simple sailor decided to engage in self-education one day, but the world of literature captured him so much that he began not only to read, but eventually to create his own prose. His life has changed. He became a famous writer. The writer's activity did not bring happiness to this character. But his perseverance and ability to work, according to numerous reviews of the novel of London, delight and induce to action.

"To Kill a Mockingbird"

Harper Lee's book teaches charity and justice. People are sometimes so cruel that they are ready to execute an innocent person just because he is not like everyone else.

A young black man is accused of raping a white girl. Despite the fact that all the facts indicate his innocence, the jury votes against him. However, the main theme of the novel of the American writer is not racial inequality, but family values - the conditions without which no child will ever become a humane and moral person. That is why this work is included in various lists of recommended literature.

"White on black"

The book has received a lot of positive feedback. Despite the fact that it was published in 2002, hardly anyone among fans of modern literature will find someone who has not heard anything about it. What accounts for the wide popularity of the book?

Every person in life sooner or later comes a time when it seems to him that he is unhappy, unloved and alone. A similar state comes and goes. Someone can cope with oppressive melancholy on their own. Someone needs the support of relatives. But the thought "I am the most lonely and unfortunate person in the world" even comes to almost everyone's head for a second.

Ruben Gallego wrote an autobiographical work, after reading which the reader becomes uncomfortable with his own weakness and cowardice. The hero of the book is a disabled person, a pupil of an orphanage. His legs and one arm are paralyzed. He's an orphan. And he's a hero.

Ruben Gallego grew up in a Soviet boarding school, his physical abilities were more than limited. But he survived and wrote a book in which he vividly described the cruelty of nannies, the stupidity of teachers, the indifference of doctors. And he did it with such irony and wisdom, with such an indulgent attitude toward human cruelty and a keen compassion for others that after reading the work, one does not want to feel sorry for a very long time. Go through all the circles of the hell of the Soviet boarding school and write about this book - is not this heroism?

"A little prince"

The famous fairy tale-parable of the French writer is devoted to true human values. Philosophical thoughts, belonging to the heroes of Exupery, are simple and ingenious. This work is generally recommended for reading to children. But only after growing up, they understand how much wisdom is contained in it. Perhaps, therefore, the allegory story of Exupery is popular with adult readers.

"451 degrees Fahrenheit"

Roman Bradbury, first published in 1953, is extremely relevant today, in the 21st century. Life sets a crazy rhythm. Modern man loses the ability to appreciate simple joys, to enjoy beauty. And most importantly, people began to read little. Reading a good book involves spiritual and intellectual work. And time is getting less and less.

The heroes of the novel Bradbury replace art works with comics and television talk shows. Their imagination is atrophied, the ability to hear each other has long been lost. And they live in an artificially created world, without noticing it. But this world will collapse sooner or later.

The novel "451 degrees Fahrenheit" answers the question of why literature and art are needed.

Literature on self-improvement

Inspiring books for self-development are works that are present in stores in abundance today. How to achieve success in personal and professional life? How to get rid of fears and all sorts of phobias? How to learn how to get out of depression on your own? And how to know the inner world of another person, not being a psychic? All of these questions are answered by numerous authors. It would seem that any life problem can be solved. It is only necessary to get a suitable book. And most of all they are amazed by the manuals intended for novice writers. Such works systematically set out everything a young writer needs to know in order to write and then publish a cult novel. Is it worth to believe the authors who create such "teaching aids"?

"Bird after bird"

There are a lot of books devoted to literary creativity today. And to find among the mass of useless information something worthwhile is not easy. But according to the readers' feedback, among a large number of such literature is the book "Bird after the bird". Ann Lamotte does not give advice, following which the reader will become a popular writer and earn millions. But her work inspires, leads to self-development. In addition, it is positively responded to by ordinary readers who do not dream of the laurels of Stephen King.

To the books, which, in the opinion of the readers, it is worth reading, it is also possible to include the following:

  • "The Alchemist" P. Coelho;
  • "You are eternal" by L. Rampa;
  • "The turning point" M. Gladwell;
  • "Three Comrades" by EM Remarque;
  • "35 kilos of hope" by A. Havald;
  • "The art of being yourself" by V. Levy;
  • "The Steppe Wolf" by G. Hesse;
  • "The Wheel of Time" by K. Castaneda.

So, what are "inspirational books"? List of works that help to cope with life's troubles? Books that awaken the best qualities in a person ? Perhaps, these are literary works that serve as a kind of beacon in the endless sea of life. They direct, illuminate the path, and at the same time give strength.

Finally it is worth recalling Hemingway's words on the quality of the book. The American writer believed that all good works are similar in one: after reading them the reader seems to think that they are about him, about his own feelings, sorrows and regrets.

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