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20 week of pregnancy

20 week of pregnancy has approached, you have already got used to your special status, feel the gentle stirring of the baby and with might and main enjoy your interesting position. "Forms" were rounded, and the tummy became visible to the surrounding people, so the market can easily get a strawberry, and the bus will give way. And one more pleasant news, you have crossed the equator, and time is beginning to count down.

Let's get to know each other. Uzi and the health of the baby

The little man is 20 weeks old, growing and developing rapidly. The fetal skin becomes thicker, the sebaceous glands continue to produce a protective lubricant, and the heart is easily audible through the doctor's stethoscope. And although its growth can reach 25 cm, and weight 300 grams. And he looked like a child, there is still so much to do, and half the time behind him. The phalanges of the fingers have already formed, the baby starts to master the movement of the limbs and will not slow to use them for the examination of the space, so prepare for its more active behavior and even jolts. The child learns to swallow, suck and can react to external sounds, so it's time to start singing lullabies and telling fairy tales.

20 - 24 weeks is an important period for fetal research (screening period), the doctor will determine when exactly to be examined. If you have already done several examinations, do not rush to refuse the next procedure. After ultrasound on the 20th week of pregnancy will help clarify the condition of the placenta, amniotic fluid and determine whether your child is developing correctly. It is in this period that they can set the date of birth with an accuracy of three days. And for my mother it will be a pleasant surprise to see a sucking finger on the monitor of your child. This action helps to sharpen the sucking reflex, which is still useful outside the tummy, when the food will have to be extracted by one's own efforts.

Do not forget to take a photo as a memory, nothing that the 20th week of pregnancy is more likely to be blurred, the mother's heart will tell you what the mood is.

Mom's health

In addition, that the mother begins to noticeably round off and actively communicate with the baby, do not forget about the continuing physiological changes. The volume of blood continues to increase, so the heart has to work up to 20% more, and it's time to start monitoring hemoglobin levels and maintain yourself by physical exercises, day regimen and proper nutrition.

20 week of pregnancy will add to the mother from 3 to 6 kg of weight, the bulk of which falls on the increased uterus, which starts to rise. From now on, the stomach will grow steadily in size, pushing against the diaphragm and making breathing more difficult, therefore it is worthwhile to increase the time of walks to provide the child with enough oxygen. At night it is not so easy to find a comfortable position for sleep and going to the toilet occur several times more often.

The fetus in the 20 weeks of pregnancy begins to grow actively, which means it's time to purchase a means to prevent stretch marks or a supporting bandage. Also in the list of necessary purchases you can make lactation liners, because very soon the droplets of colostrum will emerge from the chest. And it's time to find courses for pregnant women or at least bribe thematic literature to psychologically prepare themselves for childbirth.

What about Papa?

20 week of pregnancy is a special period, because the baby begins to insist on himself. Do not rush to organize the world "for two", actively entice the pope to his communication, let him sing a song with you or quietly lean his ear against the temporary home of his future child. A man also needs time to realize his new role, and it's time to help him in this.

And remember that the proper organization of the future mother will ensure good health, which means that you can plan for this time family vacation, visit relatives or just relax in beautiful places. After all, the appearance of the baby will make you give up for a while with the joy of traveling.

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