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How to cook a hot sandwich with cheese and tomatoes?

For sure, many of you like hot sandwiches with tomatoes and cheese. Modern housewives know several options for preparing this simple, but tasty and quite nutritious breakfast. Today's publication contains the most simple and interesting recipes.

Option with sausage and greens

This snack, remotely resembling a mini-pizza, is sure to please not only adults but also children. She looks so presentable that she is not ashamed to serve on the table in the event of an unexpected visit by the guests. To prepare mouth-watering sandwiches with sausage, tomato and cheese, you will need a minimal set of products and a little patience. In this case, your refrigerator should have:

  • Two tablespoons of mayonnaise.
  • One hundred twenty-five grams of hard cheese.
  • Three ripe tomatoes are medium in size.
  • Two hundred and seventy five grams of boiled sausage.

In addition, a cut loaf, fresh greens and any vegetable oil will be used.

Process description

To each guest received his sandwich with cheese and tomatoes, you need to show a little imagination and skill. In one bowl, cut the diced sausage and chopped greens. There also shredded tomatoes and grated cheese. The resulting mass is filled with mayonnaise and mixed well.

On a baking sheet, smeared with good vegetable oil, lay out pieces of a loaf on the surface of which the filling is distributed. Bake future sandwiches with tomatoes and cheese in the oven, heated to two hundred degrees. On average, the duration of this process is about ten minutes. Usually this time is enough for the cheese to melt, and bread - to brown.

Option with garlic

This simple recipe is often used when you need urgently somewhere to put a little dried bread. As a rule, during the preparation there are no special problems with the products. Virtually every hostess in reserve will find:

  • A large ripe tomato.
  • Several slices of bread.
  • Two hundred grams of any hard cheese.
  • A little mayonnaise.
  • A pair of cloves of garlic.

Technology of preparation

In one small bowl, combine mayonnaise and chopped garlic. All mixed well and spread on bread.

Pre-washed tomatoes are cut into thin plates. It's the same way with cheese. It is important to ensure that the thickness of the plates does not exceed three millimeters. For bread, smeared with mayonnaise-garlic mixture, lay out pieces of tomato and cheese. Bake future sandwiches in the oven at a temperature of two hundred degrees. Typically, ten minutes is enough to have a ruddy brown on their surface. After that, they are laid out on a beautiful dish and served for breakfast.

Option with herring

This recipe uses an unusual combination of products. Therefore, before you start to prepare a sandwich with cheese and tomatoes, be sure to check if you have all the components you need at hand. This time at your disposal should be:

  • Two hundred grams of salted herring fillets.
  • Four slices of white bread.
  • Sixty grams of canned peas.
  • Large bulb onion.
  • A quarter of a pack of butter is 80% fat.
  • A pair of ripe tomatoes.
  • Sixty-five grams of cheddar cheese.

As additional ingredients will be used lettuce leaves and dill greens.


In order for each member of your family to get their own sandwich with cheese and tomatoes for breakfast, it is not necessary to get up three hours earlier than the rest. Preparing this tasty and satisfying snack will take no more than twenty minutes.

Vegetables and greens are washed under running water. Tomatoes cut into medium cubes, onion - half rings. As for cheese, it is processed with a large grater.

For each piece of bread, previously smeared with butter, spread the shredded tomatoes, onions, cut herring and green peas. Above all, sprinkle with grated cheese. Practically prepared snack is sent for a minute in the microwave. After that, every sandwich with cheese and tomatoes is spread on a plate lined with lettuce leaves, and decorated with dill sprigs.

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