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DragonOptions: review and feedback. DragonOptions: Pros and Cons

Most traders, choosing a partner for trading, are guided by feedback. DragonOptions is one of the few companies that customers write about in a positive way. The dealing center was officially registered in 2010. The main specialization of a broker is the provision of a platform for trading binary options. Although the company has a very short history against its competitors, it does not cease to actively develop and expand its list of offers. The statistics says that with each month the number of traders who choose this company is increasing.

What do customers say about DragonOptions?

Almost every client leaves positive feedback about the partnership with the broker. DragonOptions, according to traders, offers its customers innovative solutions, promising and profitable directions for trading. Pleasantly pleased with the support service, which promptly and professionally answers all emerging issues, not only for beginners, but for professionals. Traders talk about a wide range of trading tools for trading on Forex. This is not only trading indices, but also stocks, raw materials. The big plus is that there is no spread in the partnership with the broker when trading options. All transactions are carried out at a price that is pre-determined.

Individual approach to each

An individual approach to each client - that's what many reviews emphasize. DragonOptions with a head office in the UK, on the Virgin Islands, provides qualified customer support worldwide. Numerous branches operate in different countries of the world. A manager is assigned to each partner of the company, who is ready to assist in solving any problem in the shortest possible time. For beginners, a huge number of training video lessons are provided, which allow you to study the features of earnings from scratch. Separately, we can talk about the high level of analytical support for the company's customers and the timely release of news. The project, which testifies only to a high level of professionalism, is a great opportunity to realize yourself in the financial market as a successful and prosperous trader.

Terms of partnership

Several types of accounts are available for broker clients. The only drawback is the lack of an opportunity to open a demo account. About this fact there are very unsatisfactory reviews. DragonOptions covers this drawback by allowing traders to trade options with a volume of one dollar, which is simply priceless for beginners. The platform for trading is Dragon Options. It is complemented by the opportunity to open accounts not only in dollars, but also in euros. The minimum deposit, depending on the chosen format of partnership, can be from 165 to 500 dollars. The acceptable percentage of profitability on binary options is from 66 to 75%. It is possible to use the service of trust management. You can enter and withdraw money using several methods: credit cards, bank transfer and the international system of electronic payments WebMoney. There are payment systems such as and Skrill, the One Wallet, which includes replenishment with the help of such functionaries as Euroset and Sberbank, Svyaznoy and ATMs, Russian Post and Qiwi, MTS.

Types of options available

Four types of options - this is one of the features of the partnership, which attracts customers to the company DragonOptions. The review and reviews tell about the specifics of the proposals.

  • Constructor. This is an option that is independently created by the trader. A participant in the forex trading market selects the profit-loss ratio on its own, sets the time of its use, determines the assets and value.
  • Classic options that carry out the forecast of the movement of value.
  • One Touch. This type of option, which provides for the price to reach a certain level, which is set by the broker, reaching it at least once.
  • "60 seconds". This is the fastest option format, which allows you to make a huge number of transactions within a short period of time.

Options structure

Studying the opinion of DragonOptions, it is worthwhile to dwell on which basic assets can be put into options. It:

  • Leading world currencies and secondary, including the Russian ruble, the South African rand and the Turkish lira.
  • Shares of such world companies as Google and Apple, Coca-Cola and E-bay.
  • Indices of Nasdaq and PTC, Dow Jones and Nikkei.
  • Goods such as coffee and corn, platinum and oil, wheat, other.

Additional Features

Numerous reviews on the broker DragonOptions talk about universal offers and services that other brokers do not have. For example, the function of doubling or Double Up, which allows you to double the option, opens up new opportunities for earning. It is relevant in the situation when the trader clearly sees that the option is very close to doubling. Here we draw attention to the fact that with a sharp jump in the opposite direction, the loss will also be doubled. The second universal proposal is the "Black Dragon". The essence of the function is that a trader can close an option before it expires. It is impossible not to mention the function of renewal or Roll-Over. The offer implies an extension of the option for a similar period. To take advantage of the privilege, you need to pay the broker 30% of the option value. You can only use the renewal once.

Each trader has his own account

Investigating the capabilities of DragonOpshnz, whose reviews do not cease to attract attention, we will focus on several types of available accounts that are provided to customers. The most common and simple type of account is known as "Basic". It is designed for investment not more than 1000 dollars. At the first deposit, a trader can receive about 50% of the deposit as a bonus. There is open access to reviews of financial markets and round-the-clock support. A separate advantage can be considered risk-free transactions. The "Pro" account is suitable for investors who intend to invest in the options trade the amount from one thousand dollars to five thousand dollars. In addition to the basic account, the trader gets access to a wide range of bonuses and to a professional training program. The last type of account has the name "Premium". The amount of investment here should be from five thousand dollars to one hundred thousand. Access to the account provides for the availability of its own telephone line and partnership with the analyst of the company. It should be said about the privileged withdrawal of funds, which is carried out during the day.

Simple registration and other pleasant moments

Broker, reviews of which leave no doubt about the professionalism of the company, offers a simple and affordable form of registration. It is enough to fill in the proposed fields on the site and make a choice in favor of one of the accounts. Input and withdrawal of funds is carried out within three days. For owners of the Premium account, there are individual conditions for replenishment and withdrawal of funds. The conclusion without a commission is available to the company's clients not more than 3 times a month. If the withdrawal is carried out more often, the commission will be 15 dollars. The withdrawal of material means is available only when passing the verification procedure. The cost of the most expensive option is $ 1500, while the number of options open to purchase is not limited to anything. The minimum rate for working with classical binary options is about $ 5, for minute - 1 dollar.

Bonus offers

Not for nothing there are numerous positive about the project reviews. The binary option broker offers not only favorable conditions for trading binary options, among the offers of companies there is a wide range of bonuses. Let's start with free trading signals, which are provided from time to time by the company to traders. The tools allow to assess objectively the situation on the world financial market as much as possible, which gives an opportunity for profitable opening of a trading position and a high probability of obtaining the expected profit. Traders who invited people to the company can receive a bonus of $ 500.

Professional education

DragonOptions is the first broker in Russia to offer such a profitable and diverse trading environment for binary options. More, the company is one of the few that provide the opportunity for training. The degree of access to materials is determined by the type of partnership. For example, the owners of "Basic" accounts have access only to the fundamentals of option trading. The obtained level of knowledge and skills will allow you to learn the basic concepts and tools. Training in the company is characterized by a high professional level. Interactive courses and methodological materials, trade strategies and the fundamentals of management, will not only allow us to achieve a high level of qualification with an increase in material well-being, respectively.

Broker DragonOptions: Pros and Cons

Broker DragonOptions is a perfect partner for both newcomers to the financial market and for professional traders. The size of the minimum deposit opens opportunities for earning even to people who do not have their capital. As obvious advantages of the company, you can distinguish excellent technical service and constant communication with the trading server, a high level of security of trade transactions and their insurance, a wide range of trading instruments and numerous bonuses. Over the past few years, the project has significantly changed. Numerous shortcomings were eliminated, which took place in the first stages of the broker's work. The only disadvantage of the dealer is the lack of a demo account for beginners. We note that this option is still available, but only to those who replenish the deposit for at least $ 500. Learn, trade and earn with the broker is quite real and very convenient.

Today the project does not cease to be modernized and developed. If in the first stages of the work there were certain problems with the hang of both the site and the terminal, they were now completely eliminated. The withdrawal of funds is fully established. There is not the slightest error in the servicing of traders. Each client is fully satisfied with the offered trading tools and the specifics of the service. All activities of the company are carried out in accordance with international norms and standards.

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