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Binary options: reviews are real from beginners. What are binary options in fact?

Earnings on the Internet are devoted to many articles and various reviews. This is not surprising, because many are interested in the possibility, without leaving home, to start making good money. Some even believe that after reading such articles, you can quickly learn and receive large amounts of money. Therefore, the question of how to work with binary options never loses its relevance.

In order to clarify the situation and tell us about this kind of earnings, like trading on the stock exchange (or rather, working with options), we offer this article.

Earnings on trading

Let's start with the general category - work on the currency exchange. An average citizen who knows how to use the Internet has probably heard that trading in currencies (stocks, securities, etc.) can earn good capital. Perhaps he even repeatedly heard the stories of those who managed to break the jackpot and succeed, simply by trading in currency. Accordingly, we all associate trading with something profitable, profitable, perhaps even - incredibly successful.

There is another side to the coin - the offer to trade in currencies, which make us numerous broker companies. In particular, it is a mass of advertising that, having started to work with them, you will change your life for the better. In fact, there are a lot of options for how such an offer is made to us - it's enough to go out and see for yourself. Advertising boards, signs in the metro, media on television - all this convinces us that by trying the currency trade, we will achieve success. This includes, among other things, binary options. And is it really so?

The concept of binary options

For those who may not have heard of such a term, it is necessary to clarify its meaning, so that we initially orient ourselves, which is what we are talking about at all. So, binary options are a financial instrument, a transaction that is based on where the further movement of a currency pair or a stock of a particular company will take place. For example, if the real schedule of binary options starts to rise, then the transaction aimed at appreciation is justified, and its participant receives some revenue. Accordingly, and vice versa: if in fact there is a drop in the line on the chart - this means a reduction in price, and the option is not justified.

More clearly it looks like this. You have two buttons: "Growth" and "Falling"; With their help you have to predict how in the future there will be a change in the value of currency, shares, and so on. You specify, for example, that the latter will grow and press "Growth", and then wait for the expiration of the option (it happens different - from 30 seconds to a week). If at the time of closing the currency pair did show the movement that was predicted, the trader receives his money.

In general, this is very simple (binary options). Reviews (real, from beginners who just create their accounts on trading floors) show that it is because of this simplicity that people start to work here. Everyone may think that he will be able to easily and easily guess where the price will move, due to which he will make a fortune.


Many users are interested in the extent to which they can profit from trading in the event that their forecast turns out to be true. They need to know how much they will earn if they conduct the correct analysis of binary options. We answer: it all depends on the platform on which you work, and the conditions that there operate. On average, the trader receives from 60 to 85 percent for each successfully concluded deal. That is, you can guess or not guess, in the ratio "50 to 50", while the profit can eventually reach, say, 75% of the initial investment. Of course, your contribution also returns, so it will be a "net" profit.

As for specific figures showing how much you can earn the most, then they are called senseless, because it all depends on the level of your investments. Many offices limit the ability to replenish the account by more than 20 thousand dollars. This is done, obviously, so that you do not accidentally win, putting, for example, a million. On the other hand, even for these 20 thousand you can quite successfully trade, receiving daily profit at the level of thousands of dollars. Another question is whether you will succeed, whether you will lose your investment even at the initial stage.

How to start?

Many people want to try on their own experience what binary options are. Reviews (real from beginners who just learned about this financial instrument) indicate that many start their trade in the first hours after reading some motivational articles and watching commercials. People literally ignite the idea that they have the opportunity to start with such simple financial instruments. And all they have to do is create an account, replenish it with a certain amount of money and begin to "forecast" it.

Another thing is that many of these people lose their deposits quickly enough, probably, even during the first day of trading. Then they understand what binary options are, in fact, how lightly they reacted to such an occupation as trading.

No, you do not think, of course, there are people who manage to earn in this area, and on a regular basis. Perhaps, these are simply successful financial market specialists who know of some best strategy of binary options that are inaccessible to us, ordinary people. Or another option - perhaps, such people just guess, using their luck.

Whatever it was, and according to statistics, most of those who try their hand in this area lose their contributions. Sometimes even a lot of money goes to a trading broker.


So, if you really want to start working here, you need to go the other way. Yes, you need to create an account first, but it's better if they are binary options with a demo account. Get yourself such an account - and you will be given the opportunity to practice in a virtual currency, which is not a pity to lose. For example, you are provided with a trading room with all the real tools for trading, as well as a balance, on which a certain number of virtual "chips" are located, as they are called. Everything, now your first task is to understand how the cabinet is arranged, what features are provided to the user, what this or that part in its interface means. The second is to start mastering knowledge and skills related to the trade process itself. For example, you should be interested in the best strategy of binary options and its search; Finding a universal approach to how to determine the further movement of the value of instruments, and so on. All this you need to comprehend in the learning process - both through trade in the demo mode, and with the help of specialized literature and other educational materials.


About where to trade, you should not worry. Today, there are many companies that provide mediation services in the process of trading options. The difference lies in their conditions, income rates, the choice of currency for replenishment and other similar nuances. You can find more than one list of brokers of binary options, which include, for example, IQOption, GoOptions, FMTrader, UTrader, DragonOptions, CherryTrade and others. Each company provides its users with different conditions. For example, on the very first site, - IQOption, - the minimum deposit (the amount of money you would like to start) is only $ 10; Whereas FMTrader has the same "minimum allowable contribution" of 250 dollars. This is just one of the conditions that, as we understand, varies significantly depending on which of the companies you work with. Still there are such conditions as the rate of the income, ways of input and a conclusion of means, presence of bonuses, an opportunity to receive qualitative support and other.


Choose a platform for trade, where you will register, it is necessary with all responsibility. Consider different factors. True, the most significant for many is the minimum deposit amount, since it determines the "input threshold" for many traders who master what binary options are. Reviews (real, from beginners), again show that most people are interested in companies that allow replenishment of 10-20-dollar contributions, which do not so much hit your pocket. They, of course, less sorry to lose, because of which people and go to an increased risk. I want to note that such tactics are not justified, since there is no difference how much to lose. And 10, and 250 dollars is the money allocated for the experiment, for a risky operation. Speaking purely from the point of view of principle, the lost means are those, regardless of their size. Therefore, even to 10 dollars should be taken more seriously.

Trading strategies, robots, advisors

Today, you can find a lot of information about how to facilitate the trading of options. In general, after reading such information, it's hard to imagine clearly what binary options are in fact: a real financial tool that can be analyzed, or a casino that you need to "guess". After all, some people really bet on the second. You can understand this at least on the most common trading strategies presented on the Internet. In particular, there is the method of "Martingale" - a method used in gambling. It consists in making a bet on one position (only "black", or, in the case of options, only "Growth"), doubling its contribution until this category falls out in reality. In all mathematical calculations, a person who conducts such an activity needs a large bank - after all, it is not known when he will get what he was betting on; And for a constant doubling of the fee you need money. True, this "strategy" (if one can call it that) does not always work. Brokers that provide tools such as binary options (the testimonials are real, from beginners, at least, testify to this) are aware of this trading system, so they have developed a lot of tools to prevent such enrichment of the trader. It can be a system for tracking the actions of a player who will track such traders.

Another system is the bet on the "opposite" outcome. For example, you put on a rise in price, but saw that the currency is falling rapidly. In order to somehow reduce their losses, put on a cheaper and wait. Thus, at least you will lose less due to the principle that your losses will be approximately equivalent to the income from the fact that the currency (or shares) started moving in the opposite direction. However, even if you assume that your profits and losses will be the same, do not forget about the 30-40% that the platform picks up. They will not allow "to go to zero" in any case.

An alternative is the so-called "robot" for binary options. In essence, it's about different programs and scripts that perform various functions, for example, analysis, calculation, forecasting and others. For some reason, users believe that by launching such a program, they will be able to earn millions. Some, however, are ready to buy a robot for binary options, which would help them make profit on the machine. But, again, if there are any working solutions, then it is unlikely that someone will sell them to you. And as for free robots, then it's probably best not to deal with them.

Today, there are many books that describe other strategies. Read more about them and get for yourself some kind of additional benefit everyone can. The main thing is to try to learn more about the theory. In parallel, we recommend looking at how the schedule of binary options behaves in real time and try to make some forecasts in this way. At once it should be noted that they will believe in you and your success is not at once, perhaps, even at the learning process your close people will try to dissuade you. And do not forget to study binary options with a demo account - it's quite a useful tool for deepening your knowledge in this topic.

And again reviews

There is a lot of feedback and opinions about what is actually trading options. There is no single point of view. Perhaps this is the case for the reason that different people have their own, individual experience with this tool. At this point, how lucky someone was: some people were able to derail their profits and made sure that binary options of Russia are a real tool for earning with the right approach. Some of them start blogging, explaining it to others; Talks about how to start trading and what strategies should be followed. Of course, such strategic approaches do not work for everyone. There is also a category of people who just give up and give up the idea of starting to make money on trading. They may even lose their first money, after which they understand how risky are binary options.

Without registering a demo account, we do not recommend working with this financial instrument. If you treat options as roulette, then yes, you can safely replenish your account with the desired amount and start a "game." Otherwise, if you want to really understand how to predict the market for the short term, you need to learn.


So, in this article we have considered the basis of what options are, how to work with them and what kind of financial instrument. As a conclusion we can say the following: the nature of this method of earning depends solely on the approach of each particular user. If you are engaged in trading, think analytically and study the influence, you will be able to quickly master this way of earning and, of course, to gain some benefit for yourself. True, it should be understood that this was achieved not so large a percentage of people who tried their forces in options.

And there is, of course, a second approach - work at random. This method is used by more people studying currency trading. The results of such an attitude are appropriate.

Still, of course, you can talk about such factors as randomness and the "casino principle". The first, obviously, is that for a short term (say, if you conclude deals for 30 seconds or a minute), to predict how the market will move is very difficult. Therefore, pure luck plays an important role in this. The second point is the very organization of the work of some platforms. In particular, we are talking about those who do not provide their users with enough information for analysis, which is why a trader simply does not have the opportunity, using their tools, to make normal forecasts. Beware of such sites. Work exclusively with proven platforms that have all the necessary functionality and a solid knowledge base for successful trading on a regular basis.

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