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How to come up with a name for an online store?

The names of the names for the online store on the Web are enough. Most of them sin by repeated repetitions on a variety of web resources. And you want to open your own business, something unbanal and, most importantly, effective. How, for example, should there be a suitable name for an online clothing store? After all, the phrase "How do you call the boat ...", despite the bruising, its relevance has not lost.

Sound and original name of the online store should be chosen once and for all. It is highly discouraged to change it along the way. Let's determine the main factors that require attention in choosing.

The peculiarity of online stores is that each of them has a domain. That is, the address of the site that is the "work site". The domain is indicated in the address bar in the form of a certain set of letters, and the name of your offspring should be selected with an eye to this factor.

How to choose?

Let's look at the basic criteria that should not be neglected when choosing. And they are as follows:

  • The name of your resource should completely fall into the target audience.
  • Accurately match the goods that you are going to sell.
  • There should be no problems with memorization due to complexity.
  • The factors of associativity and eloquence have not been canceled in the same way.
  • Of course, the name must be unique.
  • Do not forget about such a concept as a stop list.

What does all of this mean?

Now we decipher all of the above in some detail. What does it mean to get into the target audience? This brings your idea into line with a number of factors, including age and gender, price and social (that is, belonging to a certain group or stratum).

As for the price category, there are basically three. Low - the products of a cheap segment of the market, the average - a little more expensive, and high - with emphasis on the quality and prestige of the brand. Most stores, including virtual ones, are aimed at middle-class buyers.

Your task is to clearly determine who exactly you will sell your goods to. The name for the online store should convey the feeling of its price category. So, the products of the economy class will look organically under a comic playful signboard, quite ordinary and simple. If your goal is to create an expensive and prestigious online store, the name should be chosen more pathos and exclusive.

Differences in the gender factor suggest an orientation toward the gender of the buyer. The names of women's online stores - elegant, flirty, gentle. Goods for men should be sold under an officially-rigorous signboard. The name for the children's online store is comic, evoking associations with the heroes of fairy tales.

Large and small

Consider the division of clients by age. Here too there are several categories:

  • Adolescent audience (under 21 years of age).
  • Buyers of young active age (21-30 years).
  • Clients of middle age (approximately from 30 to 45 years).

One should imagine that purchases in a virtual environment are characteristic mainly for the younger generation - up to 30 years. If you sell goods to middle-aged people, your sign should be calm, dignified, harmonious. The name for the online store of youth products can contain a spoken phrase with elements of slang.

Other nuances

It is even more difficult to take into account the social factor, because it presupposes division according to interests, lifestyle, preferred religion and even subcultures.

To ensure that the name matches the product as fully as possible, the principle of associativity is widely used. So, perfumery at many mentally causes an image of tenderness, underwear - sexuality. Having obtained the right associations in the brain of the buyer, you will make a giant leap towards your goal.

In no case should the title be too complicated. "Perfected", you risk: the buyer elementary can not remember it. Not to mention the problems with SEO optimization.

What can I advise additionally?

Another key point is uniqueness. A big mistake is to copy banal signs of competitors. Your case is absolutely single, remember this.

The peculiarity of the language is that all domain names are written in Latin. Meanwhile, it is hard for many people to perceive foreign words. Unfortunately, this is another trap. Having created a name with a complex combination of letters, you risk ruining the idea at the root.

What is a stop list? Try once and for all to abandon the words included in the list long ago bored and do not cause anything other than irritation. Most often it's the prefixes best, vip, elit, shop, top, or product, gift, perfume, books, CD imposes on everyone's teeth.

We are looking for a name. How and where?

Here are the tips that will make this difficult task for you easier:

  • You can come up with the name of an online store by the name of the most sold basic product.
  • In business there are for a long time "deceased" brands - their signboards receive the second life.
  • Try to contact the neemers. Who are they? Specialists who, for a reward, will write you a name for anything - a company, a brand, a store, and so on.
  • It's banal, but it works - to sort out the famous beautiful combinations of foreign words. Sometimes it sounds pretty stylish.
  • Use the real name. So many now popular brands have acted. As a rule, such names are most easily remembered and have no problems with uniqueness. Complexities can only be when trying to write translit. Not every user will correctly type the words in the search box. That's why not every name, even beautiful and sonorous, will be appropriate as a sign of an online store.

And yet?

  • Beat the main group of goods as a family name. An example is a flower shop called "Tsvetkoff". Although quite trite, but it looks very advantageous.
  • If nothing comes to mind, resort to natural names. Take some exotic place on earth - an island, a river, a mountain - like Fiji or Malibu. This name always sounds impressive.

  • Sometimes I have to playfully play the words, sometimes even allowing a "random" typo within the reasonable.
  • Often the name of the product (shoes, clothes and the like) is translated into another foreign language (Spanish, Italian, French). The meaning is the same, and the sound is completely different, mysterious and mysterious.
  • The word-names are supplemented with unexpected prefixes or suffixes (podarkos).

Name of online stores: list of sample options

Here are the most win-win words that will suit always and everywhere:

  • The name for the online clothing store (female) is Lady, Glamor, Face, Versailles, Chic, Pretty Woman, Coquette, Ecstasy, Eva, Beauty World, .
  • For men, the following options are suitable: "Gentleman", "Esthete", "Big people" (for "king" sizes).
  • The name of the online store of children's clothes - "Top-top", "Baby", "Kroha", "Bambi", "Pups", "Casper".
  • In the name of the shoe store you can use the words "Shoe", "Step", "Top-top", "Botik".
  • When it comes to underwear - Ecstasy, Cleopatra, Magnolia, Eva, Tenderness, Temptation, Intimacy, Orchid.

  • For the furniture store - "Interior", "Elite", "Comfort", "Continent", "Your House", "Empire", "Comfort", "Harmony", "Corner", "Esthete".
  • For the flower - Lotus, Gardenia, Oasis, Flower World (or Paradise), Camellia, Flora, Edelweiss, Fantasia, Orchid, Flamingo, Florence ".

Other examples of names of online stores

  • If you are going to trade in household chemicals - "Shine", "Snow White", "Alternative", "Sorceress", "Cinderella", "Freshness", "Lotus", "Chistyulya", "Shining", "Moydodyr", "Fairy" , "Aroma".
  • For an online gift store, the words "Divo", "Casket", "Positive", "Present" are suitable.
  • Options for those who trade computers and office equipment - Bit, Omega, Byte, Ultra, Hacker, Virus, Spectrum, Portal, Forum, Enter, .
  • The selling construction materials are Megastroy, Decor, Host, Eurostroy, Pyramid, Economist-builder, Master, StroyGid.

The task of inventing a name is to successfully merge a suitable word with a convenient transliteration of it in the domain name. The problem is that most of the existing domains are long and firmly occupied. Many people try to buy a suitable name at any price. If you are one of them, then know that a similar service can be provided by specialized agencies.

How to choose a domain name?

When choosing its owners, many serious errors are allowed. The main thing is that it coincides with the name of the store. Then the address of your resource will be easier to remember and drive into the search bar.

And can we do without a name at all, limiting ourselves to, let's say, ip-address? At the same time and saving on a domain name!

Numbers to the client, as a rule, say nothing and are extremely rarely remembered. Spent on buying a decent domain with a sonorous, memorable and easy name, we will do for our online store a lot.

It has long been no secret that shorter names are remembered more easily. Cybersquatters (hunters for domain names) are buying up sound and short names with subsequent resale for very decent money. A long name is only valid when a site with an extremely narrow topic includes the main key query in it. In this case, you will be provided with a good SEO-promotion of the store.

The importance of pronunciation

Even a short name should be associated with something. It can not just be a meaningless set of letters or numbers. In an extreme case, the abbreviation from the first letters of the name of the store (if it consists, for example, of three or more words) is suitable.

Domain pronunciation in the Russian-language version should also be unambiguous. Many Latin letters are read by Russian-speaking users in different ways (especially those who are not strong in languages). In such cases, there is a risk that the name you said on the phone when typed in the address bar is shamelessly perevrut and will not be at your site.

Cyrillic in the use of a domain name is strictly not recommended. It has not become so established on the Internet that in various programs it can be reflected as a set of special symbols devoid of any meaning.

In order not to break the tongue

Hardly-pronounceable titles that require a voice dictation over the phone to almost every second customer should also be avoided. If possible, choose domains that do not contain dashes or numbers. The latter should be used only when they bear common sense. For example, 24 (the operating mode of your company is round the clock). In other cases, the numbers in the domain that do not contain any semantic load are completely superfluous.

The domain name, like the name itself for the online store, must match the severity of the site. If you do not plan to sell balloons and firecrackers, avoid "gay" slang words that significantly reduce the prestige of your decent online store, especially when it comes to selling expensive equipment, jewelry or climate equipment.

Try to not include geographical terms in the domain name, mention of the city and the region. Who knows how your business will develop in a year or two. Perhaps you will come to a completely new level. The name of the native settlement in the address bar will significantly limit you in the search for new customers.

Down with the negative

Negative and regressive words, as well as consoles "not" in the title is better to avoid, and superstition has nothing to do with it. The human consciousness is inherent in "not noticing" the data of the prefix, and the meaning is reversed. It is better to focus on positive and cheerful mood.

The lack of originality is also a serious problem. How not to get lost among the many shops-competitors? Whatever one may say, you'll have to break your head. In an extreme case, it is not a sin and go bankrupt to the services of specialists in naming.

All the options selected, check on the above criteria and figure out which one is the most working. Do not have to change it hastily after some time? Is it possible to work ideally under this name for an indefinitely long time? Of course, the domain is subject to change. Technically, this is not difficult. But if you expect to turn your name into a brand, then such a replacement you absolutely do not need. It is better to spend some time, money and efforts on selecting the most successful and beautiful name of the online store now, than a year later to change the logo, re-print business cards and subject to editing the ads of contextual advertising.

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