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Binary options with the minimum deposit in rubles: reviews

Many Internet users try to use the network as a source of revenue. This is understandable: people believe that in this way I can achieve some kind of financial independence, independence; To reach a new level of its material development. And the Internet is a cheap tool, available today to the absolute majority of the population, which provides access to the broadest markets.

An example of how people manage to get absolutely incredible at first glance, the possibilities for self-realization, you can call trading on exchanges. All that is required for it in technical terms is access to the network and the terminal program. But a person must make his contribution in the form of knowledge, experience, the ability to take risks and assess the situation and, of course, make a minimum amount for the start.

A popular direction of trade in recent years have become binary options. About what it is and how to find binary options with a minimum deposit (in rubles or dollars), we will tell in this article.

What are binary options?

So, options are a financial instrument that looks like a bargain. They are based on the forecast of the movement of the quotation of an asset (depending on what the brokerage company offers), up (rise in price) or down (respectively, cheaper).

Many people want to try themselves in this kind of trade for the reason that it looks much easier than working with Forex-platforms (where you can calculate the possible profit yourself). With options, the user has two options, in one of which he can get from 75 to 92 percent of the profit from the transaction, and in the other - just "do not guess" the movement and lose everything.

Given that stock trading has always attracted a huge number of people who want to earn big money on this, it is not surprising that the options are a hot topic on the Internet. Many are looking for binary options with a minimum deposit in rubles in order to simply deposit a small amount and try to win or not. Simply put, people do not want to take risks - and in this they can be understood. Everyone tries to try to work with microstretches, and in case of success they hope to invest more in trade.

How does most brokers work?

However, those who want to find binary options with a minimum deposit in rubles will be disappointed if they learn that such do not exist. All brokers trade in international assets, which are present on world stock exchanges. Due to this, of course, the rate of brokers is tied to the dollar.

No, most companies accept rubles and make payments in the Russian currency without any problems. But the binding of the "minimum" is carried out to the American, so it is impossible to find binary options with a minimum deposit of 1 ruble.

Count yourself: 1 ruble is now equal to 1-2 cents. Start trading on any stock options exchange with such a sum is impossible! Therefore, it is easier to agree with the minima that are already set on the market. To date, this site is 60 Seconds (the minimum here is 200 rubles). Search for binary options with a minimum deposit of 1 ruble (a Russian broker of some kind, or something like that) makes no sense - all companies put at least $ 5 (which is no less than 180 rubles).

How to start trading?

Trade does not have to start with account replenishment. Moreover, no one claims that the first thing to do is to spend 5 dollars. As a beginner trader, you can not experience luck buying binary options with a minimum deposit in rubles. Demo account - that's what you need! This is an ideal solution that does not require additional injections.

Judge for yourself: do predictions, learn the functionality of trading software, test strategies and tactics you can even on a demo version. And after learning to trade, you will understand the features of the market and understand the basic knowledge necessary for the trader - you can begin to study binary options with a minimum deposit in rubles. The ruble 500 should be enough for the first pair of operations. Of course, the risk in this case is huge, but the investments are minimal.

How much can you get?

Of course, expect that with one or two trading operations (even if you win) you will receive huge amounts of income - naive. As already noted, the profit options are up to 92%, so consider it, based on how much you deposited as a deposit.

Unlike Forex, where the profit can be calculated by the interest rate exceeding 100% (due to the large leverage, in case of successful trading, it can exceed the initial amount of investments at times). Of course, you can not say about binary options. Here the possible income is limited by the broker's rate - and in practice it is equal to somewhere 80 percent.

Why there are no options with a deposit of 1 ruble?

In addition to the topic of profit: imagine how much (theoretically) they could bring binary options with the minimum deposit in rubles! The responses of traders themselves confirm that with such amounts it makes no sense to work for real money - it's better to have a demo account. Fortunately, technological opportunities allow this. Otherwise, what's the point of fiddling with such small amounts of money?

In addition, there is a binding of the entire trading mechanism to the American currency (due to the fact that foreign stock exchanges, companies and so on are represented on the stock market). Calculate with traders in rubles the broker can, but fix their transactions on 1 ruble, for example, no one will. Therefore, from the idea that there are some binary options with a minimum deposit of 1 ruble (a Russian broker whose reviews, allegedly, someone heard), it is better to refuse immediately. Count on starting work with several hundred rubles (this in itself is a very low threshold).

Overview of some brokers with smaller deposits

Many companies offer quite high (as by the standards of beginners) thresholds for entry. For example, OptionRally has a minimum deposit of $ 300, and uTrader - $ 200, InteractiveOption - $ 250, and MyOption - $ 200. Of course, beginners can not start working with such companies, as a rule, they can not - the start price is too high.

At the same time, there are companies that allow starting with very tiny sums, by the standards of the market. In particular, they are: IQOption ($ 10), OlympTrader (330 rubles), 60 Seconds ($ 5), Binarium ($ 9), Vospari ($ 10), BetOnMarkets ($ 5 minimum deposit), Optek and EZTrader (25 $).

As you can see, these market players offer their traders quite tolerable conditions - these are real amounts that almost everyone can afford to "lose".

How to replenish the account and take profits?

If you are a beginner, you may have a logical question about how you can get money into an account with a brokerage company. We answer: most companies accept the payment systems common in our country: Qiwi, Webmoney, Yandex.Money. In extreme cases, if you want to trade on a foreign platform, you can create a Visa / MasterCard dollar card, connect to it the possibility of paying on the Internet - and then you will be able to work with any platform.

Where can I get money to start?

Do not want to make your own money and risk it? Or, maybe you just do not have the opportunity to do this? No problem! Earn this amount on the Internet and invest in options trading! And you can do it one of the most accessible ways for a wide audience: writing articles, feedback, comments, performing small tasks on various exchanges (like "put like" or "register on the site"). Ways of earning on the Internet are full, the main thing is desire. And, of course, a little time will have to spend.

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