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Various types of blinds

Many still consider blinds the subject of an office interior decoration, but this opinion has long been mistaken. This method of protection from sunlight can be an excellent substitute for more familiar curtains, and this does not affect the functional and quality characteristics. Blinds are an excellent way to control the amount of sunlight in the room. They have many positive features, such as:

  1. Easy installation.
  2. Easy operation.
  3. High degree of regulation of external light flux.
  4. The constant exchange of oxygen between the room and the street.

There are differences in shape, color and purpose. There are the following types of blinds:

  1. Horizontal.
  2. Vertical.
  3. Blinds-Pleated.
  4. Rolling shutters.
  5. Intermediate.
  6. Mansard.
  7. Arched.
  8. Photo Execution.
  9. Multifactural.
  10. Electric drive.
  11. Roman curtains.
  12. Rolling shutters.

The presented varieties reflect the diversity of the popular method of sun protection. Consider the above types of blinds in more detail.

Horizontal - are one of the first species and are characterized by the spatial position of the slats. Can be used in any conditions, whether it is a kitchen, bathroom or bedroom. The ability to install on virtually any surface (for example, a vertical or horizontal window) only expands their functional range.

Vertical - also were named for the location of the lamellas. They have a special beauty and rigor, they are easy to use.

Different types of blinds-pleated by their shape resemble an accordion. Most often used for the design of openings of complex shapes of any size. Apart from the others, there are devices for arched openings and bay windows, which are called arches.

Roll shutters on the windows are a single piece, which when folded looks like a roll. Roman curtains in the assembled position form large folds. Mansard version has increased protection against sagging. Designed for installation on roofs and attics.

Interframe varieties are special types of blinds that can be installed on wooden windows. This saves space and ensures the independence of the doors from each other. Multifactured lamellas have a bright and textured pattern, which can be taken for the most real window curtains. Photo-making allows you to put on the structural elements of absolutely any picture or photo.

Blinds with electric drive allow you to adjust the settings of the slats only by pressing a few buttons. In addition, it is necessary to install a special motor that will carry out all movements.

Rolling shutters are the so-called protective blinds, installed from the outside of the opening. Can be used on windows, doors, in a garage or a commercial pavilion.

Blinds can also vary in material. For example, vertical fabric blinds are best installed in kitchen and public areas, and metal is most appropriate in offices. Plastic variations are used in bathrooms, children's and other premises, as well as in glassed-in loggias. Blinds with wooden lamellas are the most expensive, but they give the interior a cosiness and sophistication.

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