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Thermostatic valve: use

Today, it is simply necessary to reduce the consumption of energy consumed. A good effect can be achieved by using a thermostatic valve in heating systems.

In old heating structures, the batteries, regardless of the ambient temperature, were always at full capacity. In their device imperfect hand valves were used, which only theoretically allowed to reduce the influx of hot water to the radiators and reduce the temperature. In practical applications, turning the valve caused system leakage and water leakage. Thus, when the heat in the apartment just opened the windows. Such a regulation of the temperature regime led to a huge loss of energy.

Over time, the valves are equipped with thermostats, which allow you to automatically change the temperature, because the manual adjustment of heat-emitting devices is not entirely convenient. The thermostatic valve, mounted in the radiator, automatically adjusts the volume of water, allowing you to create the desired temperature in the room. Acquisition and installation of devices will allow to reduce costs by almost a quarter and quickly recoup the acquisition.

Thermostatic valves allow you to set the desired temperature mode by turning the handle of the head, which has a digital scale from 1 to 5. Setting the regulator to position 1 will create "on-site" heat (about 6 degrees) in the room, which will prevent the system from freezing. There is also a complete cessation of the influx of water into the radiator. The optimum temperature can be achieved by setting the index at the middle of the scale.

In addition to conventional heads (thermostatic), where the elements necessary for work are placed inside the case, more complex devices are produced. For example, you can purchase a thermostatic valve with a remote sensor, which is connected via a wire a few meters. This allows you to place the device in the right place, where it can not be affected by the sun's rays.

These devices are used in the event that the valve is closed by furnishings and gives distorted data about the ambient temperature in the room. The thermostatic valve with remote access is also used for batteries that are located in narrow niches, which allows to eliminate the problems associated with access to the regulator. He is most often in these cases on the wall.

An unusual solution is a thermostatic mixing valve, whose head has a built-in electronic timer-programmer. These devices allow you to set the time when water should overlap to reduce the temperature of the air. This function is especially useful when there is no one in the apartment.

Because reducing the temperature background by a few degrees will save a decent amount of energy. The automatic controller available in the device makes it possible to program the heating system so that the comfort of the room is restored to the owners' home.

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