Dress in a red cage: how to choose and with what to wear a trending novelty

Dress in a red cage can look feminine, elegant and elegant with the right styling. It is suitable for women and girls of any age. The outfit is appropriate in the office, on a walk, official reception and even at a wedding. The level of the event dictates the choice of dress fabric. It can be chiffon, silk, cotton fabric or wool, jersey for winter and autumn. How to choose and with what to wear a trend thing in 2016?

Varieties of checkered prints

There are several types of checkered fabrics, which, in turn, determine the features of models when creating styles. The classical variant is tartan (Scottish cage). This is not only a print, but a twill weave of woolen threads of various colors. There is an official register, numbering more than 6 thousand varieties of tartans. The figure is determined by the location of the threads.

Checkered print (hand-drawn) has even more options. It allows a wide field of experiments with the direction, size, and density of graphics. Checkered dress in black and red color can be called a traditional timeless classic, even if the pattern differs from the generally accepted variant (tartan). Print "broken cage" or "crow's feet" is one of the novelties in the stylization trend. It is presented in a wide variety of graphic and color solutions.

Features of styling the print

Dress in a red cage has several styling features. The color scheme is suitable for girls with any hair color. It is worth paying attention only to the features of the figure, which dictate the choice of style. The ideal option is the feminine silhouette of the "hourglass". A checkered dress on such a figure will look chic. But there is one downside: traditionally, the drawing is horizontal. This turns the silhouette into a visual rectangle, smoothing all shapes. You can achieve balance with the help of an underlined waist (belt, scarf, scarf), drape elements, asymmetric layout of the print and complementary parts and accessories. Dress in a red cage can be found in various styles: Empire, case, dress-shirt, sarafan, in the form of a dressing gown, vintage with a lush skirt, etc. Special attention should be given to the choice of length: mini, midi, maxi-variants.

Classic English style for office

Dress red in a cage (tartan) is the perfect option for an office. Traditionally, the preferred cut is a "shirt" with sleeves and a turndown collar. In combination with a tight-fitting, stiff top, the lush skirt will harmonize well, which looks organically in a checkered print. Option in the fold is also appropriate. The underlined waist and contrasting colors of the cuffs and collar will give the style of sophistication.

Dressing in a red cage of a free silhouette can be quite insidious, since it completely smoothes the proportions of the figure. Solve this situation for office style will help a solid cardigan or jacket, which will outline the proportions. In addition, complement the checkered dress with shoes, ankle boots or high boots with heels. It is better if they are black or brown.

Boho for a romantic date

A long dress in a cage will most organically fit into this style. Professionals recommend choosing an outfit from light flowing fabric. The secret is a combination of the incongruous. Complete the cage with a monophonic lace, scarf, voluminous costume jewelry. The dress will play the role of the main color accent, so the remaining details should be neutral, complementary. It is better if the plaid print is asymmetric, and not strictly horizontal.

The second option is a combination of wool and knitwear. For example, girls can wear a fitted checkered dress (short or midi) and a large knitted sweater, complemented by a voluminous scarf and low-speed footwear.

Grunge style for walking and music festivals

A feature of the images of this trend is the denial of all trends and frameworks, the desire for freedom of expression. Dress in a red cage can be adapted to this style with the help of key rules, thanks to the negligence, multilayered ensemble. Pay attention to complementary shoes and accessories. In many respects they will tell about the intention of stylization. The voluminous caps of "bin", wide-brimmed hats, militarist style shoes, complementing casual items, as well as any attributes of the vintage style will emphasize the uniqueness of the images.

The dress in a black and red cage will organically fit into the wardrobe of every fashionista and will serve several seasons in a row due to its versatility, practicality and correctly selected accessories that are changing from image to image. The secret of styling is simple: choose a shape by shape and balance it with vertical complementary details in order to visually "pull out" the silhouette.

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