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Where can I swim in Moscow with dolphins: review, description, addresses and reviews

Many know how intelligent and benevolent animals are dolphins. Therefore, very popular entertainment in recent years have become dolphinariums. One of the services that some of these institutions provide is swimming with dolphins. This entertainment gives an unforgettable experience, and also useful for human health and psyche. Therefore, many guests of the capital often wonder where you can swim in Moscow with dolphins. Unfortunately, at the moment there are few places in which it is possible. In addition, this service has become expensive and not all available.

Why do people want to swim with dolphins

In Moscow, this service is not as common as in the southern resort cities. But already more and more people will learn how this is useful. After communicating with dolphins, the state of health improves, a charge of vivacity and a mood develops. These benevolent funny animals love to play, they are spontaneous and intelligent. Researches of scientists have proved, that dolphins on level of intelligence approach to the person: they distinguish colors, geometrical figures, are able to draw. They are inquisitive and kind. Therefore, for many years people have been using dolphin therapy to treat many psychological deviations, diseases of the musculoskeletal system and the cardiovascular system.

Especially useful swimming with dolphins for children with autism, cerebral palsy, and delayed development. But also to a healthy person such bathing will bring many new impressions and emotions. Therefore, more often you can hear the question: where you can swim in Moscow with dolphins? People want to relax and have a rest, a ticket to visit the dolphinarium is often given for holidays.

Rules for swimming with dolphins

Previously, this service could only be obtained in the southern resort towns. But in recent years swimming with dolphins in Moscow has become accessible. Bathing takes place in special indoor swimming pools and involves the observance of certain rules:

  • A person who is allowed to swim with dolphins must be able to swim well;
  • You should have a bathing suit, slippers and a towel;
  • On visitors there should be no jewelry: rings, earrings, watches, bracelets and other items that can injure dolphins;
  • During the session you need to listen to the coach and perform his commands.

Who can swim with dolphins?

There are special restrictions that do not allow anyone to bathe:

  • Adults and children over 5 years are allowed to go swimming, although in some dolphinariums an age restriction is fixed from 7 and even from 10 years;
  • You can not bathe with dolphins pregnant women and people suffering from epilepsy;
  • Not allowed into the pool of a person in a state of intoxication, as well as those who have signs of skin or infectious diseases;
  • Children with developmental disabilities are admitted to the pool only when accompanied by special personnel; But now in Moscow there is no such service, so only healthy people can swim.

Swimming with dolphins in Moscow

Where, how much it costs, what is the duration of the session and what does it take to take with it - all these questions guests of the capital can find out from their tour operator. But this service is popular with local residents who have heard about the benefits of such bathing and want to experience unforgettable impressions. Therefore, very often they are asked the question: where can you swim in Moscow with dolphins?

The Moscow Dolphinarium on Semenovskaya received the most positive feedback about this service. Still recently there it was possible to swim for a whole hour with dolphins for only 3000-5000 rubles. But, unfortunately, recently this dolphinarium was closed. Very popular was also the institution at the All-Russia Exhibition Center on Prospekt Mira. "Dolphin Land" offered to swim with dolphins any day, except Monday. The bathing itself took only 10 minutes and it cost from 5000 to 10,000 rubles. But to contain dolphins in indoor pools is very difficult, you need to regularly change the water and maintain the desired microclimate. And this dolphinarium was also recently closed.

And where you can swim with dolphins now? Local residents and guests of the capital are happy to visit such establishments. This service is in demand, therefore there are dolphinariums in Moscow .

Where to swim with dolphins

Now it can be done only in the Moscow Zoo and in the basin at VDNH. In the summer, a dolphinarium was opened at Izmaylovskaya. There, too, offered a bathing service with dolphins, but with the onset of cold weather it does not work. The current Moscow dolphinarium offers a swim with dolphins any day. But the duration of the service is only 10 minutes, and the prices are quite high. In the evenings on weekdays, the session costs 11,000 rubles, at the weekend the price is even higher - 15,000 rubles in 10 minutes. However, during the day on a weekday for the same amount you can swim with dolphins for as long as 20 minutes.

The rules in this dolphinarium are more stringent: children under 10 years of age and people who do not know how to swim are not allowed into the pool. But all the same there are a lot of interested persons, so it is advisable to buy a ticket in advance. However, with the closure of the rest of the dolphinariums, this service has become less accessible and not everyone can use it. Therefore, more often Muscovites and guests of the capital ask the question: where can you swim in Moscow with dolphins cheaper? This became possible with the opening of a new complex, including an oceanarium and a large swimming center with dolphins.


Recently, a new huge oceanarium opened at VDNKh. He was named "Moskvarium", and he will offer swimming services with dolphins. You can book tickets right now. This institution was built using the most advanced technologies. Visitors are offered bathing in one of the seven well-equipped swimming pools. About a dozen benevolent and intelligent dolphins will be greeted by those wishing to swim. Under the guidance of experienced trainers within an hour, a session will be held with these amazing animals. In addition to the swimming itself, which does not take more than 20 minutes, you can listen to the sounds produced by dolphins. The cost of the visit will be at least 10,000 rubles. This bright unforgettable gift can be presented to yourself and to a close person. Bathing can be individual or in the company of friends. And those who are looking for where you can swim in Moscow with dolphins, it is worth paying attention to the "Moskvarium." Book a ticket or buy a certificate for a visit can be now.

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