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Conqueror of skyscrapers Alain Robert: biography

The hobby for extreme sports has been gaining momentum recently. Young people are actively engaged in very dangerous entertainments, breathtaking. Those wishing to join the extreme are constantly added, perhaps this is a simple lack of adrenaline in the blood of young and active, overcoming fears. Such actions, associated with the risk to health and life, often balance on the verge between prohibited and allowed.

Obsessive madman

However, some youthful enthusiasm and passion for dangerous hobbies do not pass with age. Alain Robert has been involved in billing for many years. He climbs to great heights without insurance and, of course, without the permission of the administration and the owners of the buildings, for which he was arrested many times. However, the height beckons him more than all prohibitions. Robert is openly called a madman, and many condemn his dangerous hobby. And he continues his deadly ascent to the roofs of the skyscrapers, risking at any moment to break down. And with a grain of irony says about himself: "Height is my passion. I am the best solitary alpinist, despite the attacks of dizziness and despite the fact that after all the injuries from me there were about sixty percent. "

The beginning of the way

The future extreme was born in France in 1962 and since childhood he has sought to conquer various heights, climbing trees. Alain Robert, whose biography as a climber began at the age of 12, secretly studied the basics of mountaineering, getting rid of fears. He deliberately chooses a risky path, abandoning all insuring tools, except his own hands, while conquering the peaks.

Dangerous injury

It is known about the seven falls of this man. The most terrible of them happened in 1982 in Thailand, when he lay in a coma, earning numerous fractures. After brain edema, nerve damage in the hand and subsequent epileptic seizures, doctors recognized him as disabled, advising to stay away from dangerous entrainment, but the desire to conquer peaks will prevail over common sense and self-preservation. The young man returns to bildering, honing his skills in the mountains without any insurance.

Knowing that no one will allow him to climb rock climbing in the city, suddenly appears at the high-rises and in front of the amazed spectators begins his dangerous route to the roof of Alain Robert. Spider-man, as it is also called, confesses that he has seen many countries and visited different police stations.

Offers from sponsors

In 1994, he gets a tempting offer from the sponsor: Robert climbs the tallest building in Chicago, and after that a documentary film is filmed. Having done the impossible, a single climber realizes that he can make good money on his hobby, after which he goes on a journey to countries with tall skyscrapers.

Alain Robert tells about his feelings: "You act to not only reach the top, but also to stay alive. This is an amazing feeling. And it's always necessary to be focused and not make mistakes. Before the height, I feel fear, but during the ascent - never. In general, the conquest of the rock and the skyscraper does not differ from each other. I do not care where to climb. The main desire lies in the very goal of the ascent, in the enjoyment of the height. " And he adds that he independently chose the path of a single person. He loves adventures and the balance between death and life, but climbing competitions with a safety rope are not for him. Alain Robert often talks about sponsors who persuade him to use insurance. Spiderman is grateful to them for everything, arguing that the pressure of these people against him is not a problem. And he adds that it is thanks to them that he travels around the world for 20 years.

And he responds to unpleasant statements in his address: "When people say that climbing skyscrapers is a circus, and I'm just a clown, I think that they just envy me. After all, by and large I am the only conqueror of the peaks that are known in many countries of the world. If critics believe that I'm a clown, then so be it. "

Conquered peaks

Alain Robert climbed a huge 110-story tower in Chicago, and the surface was slippery. But he overcame the painfully difficult path and climbed to the top. In 2003, his appearance at the highest building of the National Bank in the UAE produced a truly fantastic furor. In the same year he was invited to storm the roof of the oil giant near Paris. But it was not just an ascent, but a protest against the deployment of NATO troops to Iraq.


Climber Alain Robert does not hide that he is paid for such actions. Huge fines, drawn by the police, he no longer fear. Now he is a climber who earns well on his dangerous hobby and successfully sells his ascents to skyscrapers to their owners. Got famous on the conquest of objects that do not belong to anyone, now he more than sells his work to those who are willing to pay for PR or advertising. Now Alain Robert uses a worked script. Before the bright spectacle, he informs the press of his place of location, television shooting fixes his next success, on the roof it is always waiting for the police, and many materials in the media are full of names of the building and owning the firm.

Climbing without insurance

Climbing the skyscrapers, French spider-man Alain Robert relies only on his developed muscles, because no company signed a life insurance contract with him. And no one knows if this will be the climb to the heights last. Robert easily talks about his vulnerability: "My life is a bet in the game, and this can be compared to a casino: if you play for a long time, you can be a loser. But I really can not help it. The craving to climb higher is stronger than me. "

Alain Robert is a happy family man, he has a beautiful understanding wife who nurses him after all the fractures and surgeries, as well as three children who are as obsessed with height as their father.

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