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Armored Warfare: reviews, players comments

The first presentation of the session gamer gamer in the company of friends was the "World of Tanks", which at its launch gathered an impressive audience of 200,000 people for 2010. After a while, the number of fans of this multiplayer game increased to several million. She was the undisputed leader of tank simulators on the Internet, but an hour later she left the pedestal.

At the same level raised Armored Warfare reviews of players. Full access to the game was provided in October of this year, when all interested persons could join the participants of closed beta testing. View in the new project from the company "Obsidian" is on that.

"Armored Warfare: Armata Project"

At creation of game the graphic engine which was shown before in other not less known projects was used.

The visual component of the game is no less important part of the game process than the interface of the window itself. It is convenient and simple to set up a combat vehicle, but it will not be able to immediately weigh all the equipment.

When compared with the "World of Tanks" gamers call "Armata" a clone, but they have many differences:

A) "Edge of Eden" is the engine of Armored Warfare. Reviews of gamers about him have always been positive.

B) Modern military equipment dictates completely different classes in the game, which differ even in names.

C) The whole system of interference in the conduct of combat makes the gameplay more variable.

D) The use of homing missiles was implemented in Armor Warfair.

E) The main difference is dynamic defense and combined armor, which requires the player to have a good knowledge of not only the strengths of his combat vehicle, but also weaknesses in the enemy's armor.

F) Armored Warfare is dynamic and requires a bit more concentration than in similar projects. Some players note the relative uselessness of the artillery, but it will also be required in a well-balanced team.

G) Unique system for pumping the crew in this simulator.

What is performed perfectly in the game?

The most memorable element that distinguishes this game from her likes is the presence of a PWE-mode, where it is possible not only to pump an idle fighting machine, but also to lend credits.

"Armored Warfare: Project Armata" is displayed on an open beta on the system of free access ("free play that play"). If we add to this the fact that premium cars are not too much equal in level, the amateurs of the game have already abandoned the "tank world" and switched to Armor Warfair.

Cases of dishonest game

The cheating situation is much better in Armored Warfare. The cheats that appeared on the first day were fixed. The revelry of dishonest passing of game sessions was not connected with the introduced system of protection. A similar situation was observed in other projects.

What kind of advantages did Armored Warfare give cheats? Some programs allowed you to remove part of the texture to "light" the enemy's position and strike the lead. Damage was received even by those cars that were behind impenetrable obstacles. There are several modifications of Walhak, but the principle of their work is almost the same.

Another program to obtain a gaming advantage is automatic aiming and shot. Despite the poor accuracy, the cheat gave advantages to those players that use artillery in the game. In the "Armata" the artillery attack does not cause a great deal of damage, but it can restrain the advancing forces.

Although the forums gamers "Armata" and write about the appearance of cheaters, but in most cases, increased damage - this is a good shot and a small percentage of luck. In Armored Warfare, player reviews are carefully checked, which is a rare occurrence in the case of "mailers".

What encouraged the players to the closed test and not only?

In Armored Warfare, pin is a unique code for obtaining a gift tank, which was provided to the users of the game for free. The reason for such generosity is the introduction of new bonus machines into the game process, and gamers were chosen directly for the game in order to run new combat units.

At the same time, the codes for Armored Warfare were replenished at different times by tankers' hangars with such models as T-62 and even T-92. The main advantages they did not give in the game, but they allowed to get a medium-level combat vehicle with less time. The main problem of multiplayer games is the first levels, which are avoided by entering a short cipher.

Who is the game for?

Judging by the reviews on various forums, this tank simulator, although loyal to newcomers in a similar genre, but fans of fantasy games and multi-player rolevok "Armata" is unlikely to like it. Therefore, the bulk of participants in the closed beta test are gamers from the "Tank World".

The game is much easier to master than the familiar tanks. Complexity is associated with an unusual, more detailed environment, where a quick assessment of the situation and a response attack are required.

How much does the donut decide?

Many gamers believe that the company "" - literally a black hole for cash investments. Projects that fell under their localization required users to pay a subscription fee or pay for obtaining additional characteristics for weapons or equipment.

It is not known how the future development of the game will go, but now premium accounts do not give advantages in combat. Even the golden fighting machines are the prize events in Armored Warfare. Bonuses allow you to "step over" through tanks of a lower level.

In the game process, Donat does not decide anything. Of course, you can buy combat vehicles, but not special shells with increased penetrative ability. The "Armata Project" is one of those games where money is not made a top player.

Balance and pumping

Bleeding a combat vehicle is represented in three ways:

A) A combat vehicle is pumped in both modes, but the tank that precedes the expected tank is pumped. The initial choice of the combat unit is determined by the supplier chosen at the first entry into the game. There is practically no clear separation of models among manufacturing countries. One supplier can see military transport from the United States, Germany and Russia.

B) The tank driver can be trained after each battle, and after the collection of the necessary resource can be replaced by another. With a responsible approach to the skills of the commander, the combat vehicle will become an excellent unit on the battlefield, which can "pull out" the game or help the comrade to escape the deadly damage.

C) The crew of the combat vehicle is also subject to training and recruitment. The number of people in the tank is determined by the chosen model.

The balance in the game directly depends on the level and is adjusted when new units are entered. Unlike similar simulators, in "Armata" the level correlation is corrected for lev, which makes the fight equal and fascinating. Even if you use the codes for Armored Warfare, you will not be able to go to low-level tanks.

The most attractive in the game at the moment is the "Challenger" at number one, which holds back the damage to the forehead, and can also survive several side attacks. Not surprisingly, this combat vehicle has won equally attractive and resentment from gamers.

How much the balance in the game will change, time will tell.

The overall result

About Armored Warfare reviews rightly argue that, starting in 2015, the "Tank World" will gradually move into a glorious past. Of course, both games will have their own audience. Among the supporters of multiplayer games there will always be people who do not pay attention to what was used for the engine during the development of the project and how well the customization of the combat vehicle is implemented.

"Armor Warfair" will undoubtedly take its place. Gamers will be attracted first of all by the graphic design of the game process, new combat equipment produced several years ago.

If the developers continue to listen to the comments of players and make timely changes, the project will bring its fans together.

According to many gamers, "Project Armata" is a game that deserves attention.

Based on feedback from exactly the people who already played on the closed beta test, and this article was written. See you on the battlefield in the wonderful game "Armor Warfare!" Play the best games about tank battles!

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