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What is the dyup in "Maynkraft"

It's no secret that games do not always turn out perfect. Yes, they are tested very long and carefully, eliminating all the flaws. But at the same time a few bugs can still get into the final version, and they, unfortunately, will see the players. That's why there are patches - developers release them, collecting enough feedback from users about certain shortcomings. However, there are bugs that can benefit players, and unconscious persons who find such a flaw will not report it, but try to use it, cash in on it, or use it for their own benefit. To such bugs is a dyup, which can be found in "Maynkraft." Next, you should consider in more detail what bugs are in general, in particular, what is dyup.

Bugs in games

There is a full-fledged classification of shortcomings that you can find in computer games. There and glitches, and friezes, and departures, and much more. Someone uses certain terms, they are unfamiliar to someone, and they replace them with something more familiar to them - and so new words are formed, which then take root or not. Bugs are a universal definition that applies in all countries. Knowing what it is will help you figure out what duff is.

As you might guess, the "bug" is a word that originated from the English bug, which translates as "bug". In fact, these errors and errors are really like bugs, which even after careful checks manage to hide and then come out at the most inopportune moment. A bug is any error in the game code, due to which as a result there are some failures in the process. The character may appear at the wrong point and get stuck in the textures, a huge amount of money may fall out of the chest, or the object, which is needed to advance the story, will not fall out of the monster. All this - bugs reported to developers, and they correct them whenever possible. Dupe also refers to bugs that periodically occur on the servers of "Maincrafter". So, what is dyup?

Dupe - what is this?

In "Maynkraft" you can periodically come across certain bugs that may be useful. But, naturally, their use is contrary to the rules, so they try to fight with them. One of the most famous is the dyup. The name may seem strange to you, but eventually everything will fall into place. What is dyup? This is a bug due to which certain items in the game are duplicated, that is, their character is twice as large as it should have been. This name comes from the English duplicate, which means "duplication". Initially, English-speaking players shortened this word to dupe, and then the Russian-speaking segment adopted the term. Some say that there is a command for the dumb, which activates it, but most often it either happens by chance, or is caused by the character himself.

Random bugs

The most frequent are random dyups, which are caused by shortcomings when coding or inconsistencies in the process of generating the world. You do not need a team for the dumb, which would cause it specifically - you can easily find examples and just like that. Some mobs can be born in strange places, because of what this process can be repeated. The same applies to the generation of various blocks and resources. But even if it benefits you, better inform the administrator, since it is illegal, and for using the dump you can get a ban. Although in this case the probability of this is small, since you will simply interact with the outside world.

Everything is much more complicated if the duplication is caused intentionally. If you want such a game, you can find a special one, on which the dyup is allowed, the Maincraft server. Here it is allowed to use cheats, mods and other things that can shake the balance. On standard servers, such a crank is not recommended.

Artificial dump call

Minecraft servers with a dump can be found everywhere, but if you want to play fair, then duplication can prevent this. This bug quickly fix on those servers where the administration works qualitatively, but, as it was said before, bugs are bugs. And in the end, you can still find a loophole to use them for their own purposes. For example, a dope can be triggered by constructing a cunning system of pistons and an electric railway, in which the first will knock down the second element, and a new one will appear instead.

In general, most of the duplications occur precisely with the use of pistons. For example, the extraction of endless iron at the spawn site of iron golems. However, do not think that the dope will get away with you - most often you do not need items in such quantity, and you decide to sell them, and on many servers strict control of prices and trade in general is conducted, and the process itself can be noticed by someone. So in Minecraft, it's better to use the dope only on those sites where it is allowed.

Why use a stump?

For many players, it may be strange why other people use dope. However, here there is nothing special - just in any game there are those who want to cash in on some shortcomings or glitches. There are such gamers who will look for any loophole in order to benefit from it for themselves. Do not be like them, because all the secret still eventually becomes apparent.


If you decide to duplicate things on the server, where it is prohibited, then do not think that you will manage to do all this with impunity. Where the administration does not particularly bother, you will not benefit from the dowel. And where it can represent a real source of benefits, you will be promptly banned.

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