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How to make a brick in Minecraft for your castle

Brick walls in the game "Mainkraft" always attach solidity to any building. Firstly, because brick blocks have a beautiful, bright texture, which stands out sharply against the background of stones and wood, and secondly, clay is a hard-to-reach resource. Before making a brick in Minecraft it is necessary to get tens of units of clay from the bottom of rivers and lakes, and enough of this amount is scarce on a small wall. Despite the fact that the share of clay on the bottom of the reservoirs increased in one of the latest versions, it is still long to get it.

To create a brick, as already noted above, it is necessary to obtain as much clay as possible. It looks like blocks of light gray color. At the bottom of the rivers, clay is slightly darker in color than sand. She gets it by any shovel and even hands on four units per block. Before you get a brick in Minecraft, you need to withstand the persistence of the miner to carry the surface of the clay mountain. After you find that you have extracted enough, go out to the surface and go to its burning.

Remember that you need to burn clods of clay, and not blocks, otherwise you will not get bricks, but blocks of burnt clay. To speed up the process, load several furnaces with coal and clay at once, so as not to wait a few days for the result. For roasting, you need one unit of coal for every 8 clods of clay. The output will be bricks. They will be objects, not blocks, and you can not build anything from them. How to craft a brick in Minecraft so that it can be put as a block? Very simply: in the crafting window, you can even in your backpack, 4 bricks are squared, and you get a brick block that can be put in the game world.

In addition to rivers and lakes, clay can be found on the banks, as well as sometimes in the desert, near oases. In other biomes, clay is not found. To extract clay from the bottom, you can put the door to the bottom for the time of work, then near it you can fill up the air reserve and continue to mine clay, not popping up every 20 seconds to the surface. How to make a brick in Minecraft without diving underwater? Install a mod where you can pump out water (for example, Buildcraft or IC2) and dry the desired reservoir, and then the clay can be excavated without resorting to underwater work, which, incidentally, is very boring due to poor visibility under water.

Brick is ideal for decorating locks. Therefore, if you decide to build your residence in the near future, you should take care of how to make a brick. In Minecraft, the brick is mined with a lot of time and resources, therefore for entire buildings of brick, the coordinated work of the whole team is required, while one player will cope with facing the facade of one building.

As for the characteristics of the brick, there are no differences from the ordinary stone. Explosion of a creeper destroys a brick wall 1 block thick. Therefore, before you make a brick in Minecraft, think about whether it is worth spending a real-time clock for the sake of the exterior beauty of the building? When building a wall with a thickness of 3 blocks, cover the inner layer with gravel or lay it with cobblestone to speed up the construction, otherwise you will spend real-time days building even a small fort.

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