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Today everyone understands that the standard of living depends on the amount of money available. This fact forces people to look for additional ways of earning money. And as they say in the people, there is demand - there will be proposals. And indeed, there are plenty of offers!

The Internet offers opportunities

Anyone who has been looking for additional income will confirm that the World Wide Web abounds with offers to supplement his wallet with additional funds.

Ways to earn on the Internet are very different: surfing sites, working with e-mails, filling out questionnaires and much more. And on almost every website offering a job, they promise big money for spending several hours or even minutes on the Internet. Among such sites you can meet and Reviews about the site are often full of negativity and accusations of cheating, but still it is still popular.

What is the essence of the project?

For clarity, it is worth considering the conditions of work that the service offers. First you need to go to the link The first pages of the site provide information on the conditions of work. Of course, many will prefer to read it and understand the essence of the project and its proposals.

A clear explanation of how the project earns money is difficult to find. The site says about transferring the experience of earning in real life on the Internet or about the fact that the service acts as an intermediary. No specifics, which should already raise suspicions. But vigilance lulls information about the huge number of affiliated partners and an impressive amount of payments. It would be a good time to read comments about the site. But the desire to earn money quickly makes many follow the recommendations of the site, not really pondering over the reliability of the data given.

Registration procedure

Because the ways to earn on the Internet, regardless of their truthfulness, are not fraught with special consequences, many act on the principle of "and suddenly lucky." Therefore, tempted by the offer of the JOBeREQS service, they are registered. Immediately after it, you can pass the first task, which consists in a 100-second waiting for something unclear, and then the first money in the amount of 1.51 dollars is added to the account. Well, who does not want to earn such money in less than two minutes?

Those who earn on surfing sites (the task is very similar to paid clicks), it is known that reliable services pay at times less. What can they pay $ 1.51 for? But since the money is already on the account, no one is particularly puzzled by such questions.

Now you need to log into your account every day at the link, pass the tasks and monitor the growth of your income.

The system of ratings, or how to raise money from the population

The first money has already been earned, and everyone wants to finally hold them in their hands. But it was not there. Users are notified that there is a rank system. At the first grade, payments are not made, and you need to buy the next rank for a certain amount. On the second and third rank, you can display funds only a certain number of each month, but VIP ranks are allowed at least every day to receive real. True, it is worth a lot of pleasure, and the ranks are held in strict order.

The project explains such differences between ranks very vaguely. According to their assurance, VIP partners are performing some important tasks, therefore they have privileges. But what then are they doing at other ranks? After all, the essence of the tasks does not change, they simply become larger. But even such dubious conditions do not stop people. Many still hope to earn and get their money.

Opportunities or a waste of time

Everyone has elementary knowledge in mathematics and can calculate that to buy a rank he needs to work for several months, performing the job on every day. Reviews on the Internet confirm that this is what many do. By the way, it looks quite tempting: after spending every day a couple of minutes, you can secure a decent salary in the future. Most likely, it is thanks to such people that the service works.

After collecting the necessary amount, the user acquires the next rank on How to withdraw money received for work, the service explains in detail: you need to wait for a certain number and have a minimum amount for payments. Now the user, having a minimum of $ 1, can withdraw his money. And everything would be fine, but then unpleasant "surprises" come up when you try to withdraw funds from Reviews about the site are full of indignations about this point, which should be given special attention.

Why BetraeMoney?

Under the rules of the project, partners of the second and third ranks can only withdraw money to BetraeMoney, while after obtaining the VIP rank it is possible to use other payment systems. Money from a personal account is successfully transferred to BetraeMoney, but from there they are no longer available, or rather, they go to an unknown direction. When transferring funds from this system to another, you must specify a master key that is issued when you register for BetraeMoney. But in the reviews all agree that this key does not work and the money indicated in the application for the transfer safely disappears.

For withdrawals, it was suggested to buy a VISA card directly from Customer feedback indicates that this is also a hoax. After receiving the money for processing the card, the service does not send anything to anyone. No one responds to customer support requests. It's really hard to talk about the honesty of the project.

Benefits of a VIP or another divorce?

As for the VIP-ranks, here too, there were some surprises. If the second and third ranks could be paid with the money collected on the project, then VIP should be bought only for the funds invested in the project. The price of this rank is quite impressive, but, on the assurances of the service, some of the money should return to the account.

After making money, users simply could not log into their account. Thus ended their partnership with the project Feedback from users about this situation is once again not only convincing in deception of the project, but also testifies to the illegal actions of its founders.

Innovations on JOBeREQS

On the news channel of the project on June 12, 2015, a message appeared about the project's transition to cooperation with the WebMoney payment system. It was motivated by the loss of communication with the BetraeMoney system and the absence of an explanation of this situation by their support service. This is a little cheerful for users of the service, because the payment system WebMoney has long been well established. Now it remains only to guess how this innovation ends. But anyway, the reputation of the service, reviews about which in the predominant majority are negative, is heavily soaked.

It would be unfair not to mention the positive feedback about the project You can meet them very rarely, which makes one doubt their veracity. Many argue that these comments have been paid for, and their authors have nothing to do with the project. But these are only assumptions, and we only have to guess about the real state of affairs.

Out of the frying pan into the fire!

No matter how disappointed the users of the JOBeREQS service, they often continue to look for the possibility of additional earnings. Representatives of similar projects try to use it. Among the tips are very often there are tips to go to a link to a site where "money is real, and earning them is very easy." Many, being taught by a sad experience, do not rush to do this, and some again come across "free cheese". In such cases, it should be remembered that there is no easy money, especially on a large scale.

It is possible and even necessary to earn on the Internet, if there is an opportunity. But it's better to spend time checking the service offered for earning than regretting wasted time. It is necessary to collect as much information as possible about the selected project, find reviews, both positive and negative. After that, we should weigh everything carefully and only then start to work.

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