Why can not I see the WiFi? WiFi for the phone. What to do if the phone does not connect to WiFi

A large number of subscribers using mobile communication often ask questions about network problems, one of which is: "Why does not the phone see the WiFi?" It is now impossible to imagine that any of the mobile devices remained without access to the Internet using this network . Naturally, even at home, users have a home WiFi network.

Why do not mobile devices see WiFi?

The WiFi network at the present time is considered very convenient, affordable and mobile almost in all corners of the globe. She has many other advantages. For example, you can see quite a decent saving on installing, deploying and expanding the Internet. In addition, WiFi-connection fully guarantees the compatibility of a number of equipment of different focus and many mobile users at the same time in the same coverage area. But, unfortunately, not all mobile phone users have a chance to use this type of communication. And, of course, they are asking the question: "Why does not the phone see the WiFi?"

Solving the problem of network visibility

Naturally, first you need to determine the reason why the phone stopped seeing the home WiFi, that is, to check if there is a connection at all. To do this, you can perform simple manipulations, for example, see if there is a connection to WiFi from other types of mobile devices. You also need to reboot the adapter.

Possible reasons why the phone does not see WiFi, can be as follows: in the mobile device of the user must be present appropriate equipment - a special chip. Also a large number of users, surprisingly, do not know how to configure this network on their own.

To solve the problem, why the phone does not see WiFi, first you need to look at the settings of the router itself. Usually, a WiFi-router automatically selects a given access point (channel). A large number of mobile phones begin to experience small problems when this channel is higher than 12. You should change the channel itself to the value from 1 to 9 in the settings of the router , reboot the device and try to connect to the network. Naturally, do not forget about the settings and the mobile phone itself.

And if everything is configured correctly, you need to check the operation of the router and mobile device. You can also connect to a free access point for verification. And if the phone sees the network, then most likely the problem of WiFi is in the home router.

Network connectivity problem with Lenovo phones

Very often, users of phones such as Lenovo also have network connection problems. There is a problem that the Lenovo phone does not see WiFi. In the device it is possible to work on channels 1 to 11. Often the router is tuned to the channel above 12, it turns out that there is an incompatibility of the mobile device and the router. If you change the channel for other mobile devices, Lenovo needs to do other things.

First you need to find the build.prop file in your phone and replace the ro.wifi.channels line with ro.wifi.channels = 14. Such manipulation can be performed directly directly on the computer in any text editor, transferring the original file via USB. After that, you need to reboot both the phone and the router. After all these actions, the mobile device should see the network.

WiFi for phone

In order to use all the capabilities of your mobile phone when you connect to the network, use a lot of software. Now there is a large selection of WiFi programs for the phone. These applications are used to make the mobile device the access point to the WiFi network. The main thing is to choose good and inexpensive mobile Internet traffic, after all, in principle, the mobile device will turn into a gateway between 3G and Wi-Fi network. And this will allow the device to connect to the World Wide Web. Programs are divided by the type of mobile phone platforms, the most popular ones are Android, iOS, Windows Phone.

WiFi-based Android: WiFi Tether and WiFi HotSpo

At the present time, all the multifunctional telephones used to access the network, social services or communicate on the Internet, almost become unnecessary if the phone has stopped seeing WiFi. When solving this problem, many realized that a very simple to use program for the phone is WiFi Tether for Root Users. The only thing it is not so popular among users is that it requires Root access rights, but it pays off with easily accessible functions and ease of use. By default, this program sets the WiFi point in the open mode, connected without a password. Therefore, before using this program, accordingly, you need to select the encryption protocol and specify the key for connecting the network.

Another WiFi program for the phone is WiFi HotSpo. It is also easy to use, but it has much less functions than WiFi Tether, but when using this program, the mobile phone does not need to be "rutted" in advance. And the more attractive this application is, the fact that it has such a function as USB Tethering. It allows the phone to be used as a wired modem when it is connected via USB to a computer.

WiFi-based iOS apps

Unlike programs for the Android platform, similar utilities for iOS are not so common. But still there is a good WiFi program for iOS-based phone, and it's MyWi. This application allows you to make a modem from a mobile device. But to make this possible, Apple devices must first be "unlocked." The application has a very good monitoring capability. And if you suddenly do not establish a connection, or it works with interference, in MyWi there is a choice of another channel. The only downside of it is that it is paid.

The program for Windows Phone

In one of the first versions of phones based on the Windows Phone operating system, it was impossible to use tethering. But in subsequent models of mobile devices, this option was built into the system itself. It can be put on the lock depending on which specific phone model is used. The maximum connection to the network access point with active tethering is no more than five other mobile devices.

The problem of connecting mobile devices to the network and its solution

It is widely believed that rather soon the WiFi network will probably replace one of the available connections - mobile. But in this case one problem arises. The impossibility of roaming on a global scale still remains. After all, this network at the moment has a small radius of its action. And there are problems in the form of the fact that the phone does not connect to WiFi.

In our time this network is already quite common everywhere. One of the first phones with network support began to produce such developers as Samsung, Zyxel, Hitachi. Also some time later, other manufacturers started developing such phones.

For today, the communication standard is probably the most inexpensive, and many providers provide these services for free. But it's not always possible to enjoy the benefits of a wireless network, and sometimes the question arises about what to do if the phone does not connect to WiFi.

It happens that the mobile phone sees the network itself, but does not want to connect to it. Especially it often happens when the phone does not see a home WiFi. If in public places where the network is provided, such problems did not arise before, often the solution is not in the phone itself, but in the home router, in its settings.

When solving such a problem, it is not necessary to apply to professionals, you can arrange everything yourself. To do this, go to the settings of the device and change them. This can be done using any Internet browser. Right in the address bar you need to dial the IP router. These are the designations: and Next, you need to find the DHCP section and check the Enabled section, in the other sections - Default Gateway and Primary DNS - you need to enter the IP router.

Thus, if all actions are performed correctly, then the question of why the phone does not connect to WiFi should be resolved. This method helps to protect the exchange of data, that is, it makes it possible to put a password for the connection over the network. Only those users who are allowed to connect to it will be connected.

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