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Analyze reviews: iWowWe - a fraud or a path to success?

You remember, in the 90s people with badges "Want to lose weight, ask me how" were often enough. They sold tablets and powders with a "magic" effect. These people were pioneers of MLM in our country. Time goes by, everything changes, and today successful employees of this sphere have moved to the World Wide Web. There are no mysterious jars and obligatory regular gatherings, held under positive melodies. Networkers promote online projects. Of course, as in offline, many of them are organizations with a very short life span or disguised financial pyramids. However, we should not lose sight of the successful companies that have been active in the domestic market for several years in a row. Many of them can become a very interesting, useful tool for most Internet users. As an example, you can give feedback on iWowWe, telling about the excellent opportunity to gain financial independence and the opportunity to work from anywhere in the world. Information disseminated by the company's employees is truly interesting and worthy of detailed study.

Business without borders

In recent years, iWowWe has been actively developing. Reviews and video comments about it are numerous. In most cases, they are left by company employees who tell their stories. The main thing about what such responses speak: iWowWe - the shortest way to success and well-being. To understand whether this is so, it is worth exploring the products sold by the company in detail, and the affiliate program itself.

What are they selling?

In the domestic market, iWowWe started in 2011, and in 2014 the peak of its development occurs. The company offers its clients multimedia services. As the reviews say, iWowWe unites and inspires people through high-quality, modern video communication.

Main services:

  1. Video. Text messages are already in the past, video can produce much more effect on the interlocutor, and 300 ready-made templates will help to strengthen the impression.

  2. Unlimited storage space for files on the network.

  3. Videoconferencing, in which more than 100 people can participate and communicate via a microphone and webcam at the same time.

Price of issue

To fully enjoy the services of the company, you need to make three payments:

  • A one-time fee when signing the contract - 170 US dollars;

  • An annual membership fee of $ 25;

  • Monthly fee - 25 US dollars.

There is also a cheaper service package iWowWe - V5. Its starting price will be only 35 US dollars, 9.95 - monthly fee. But in this case, the number of daily messages that the user sends will be significantly less.

And there are quite a few free demos for the volume of services provided. With their help, the client can check if he needs iWowWe services.

Relevance of video services

Let's see how much iWowWe products are useful to ordinary people. As already described above, there are only two basic services: videotapes and conferences.

As for the former, it is difficult to argue with their use. Probably, with each happened: it is necessary to say about many things, and typing on the keyboard a long text does not want at all. In addition, reading it will be boring. And then you can quickly tell everything, while still embellishing your message with a brand logo or create your own video-video. In addition, when sending such messages, the volume of the mailbox is completely unimportant. The video is stored on the server of the company, and only the link is sent to the interlocutor. The relevance of the service is confirmed by positive feedback. IWowWe in the form of a letter is a great way to establish contact with potential partners.

However, the demand for video conferencing is questionable. To date, the network already has several services that allow to conduct them completely free of charge. Only here you can invite no more than 10 listeners. But after all, 100 people for simultaneous online communication can only be needed by a large corporation, which, by the way, is able to develop a website with videochat, or the networkers iWowWe. It turns out - work for work.

Employee Motivation

What do you need to do to earn on Reviews of employees about the huge monthly income speak the truth or not? Let's figure it out.

To become a partner of the organization, you need to register and pay an entry fee of 75 or 195 US dollars. Now you can sell products of the company, invite partners and, accordingly, make a profit. Initially, it is formed only from personal sales. Employees are paid 25 dollars for the implementation of the basic package or 50 for the package "Premium."

It is worth noting that the company "pays back" 80% of all revenue. As the reviews say, iWowWe offers 5 different income generation opportunities. But they work only when there is a team. Therefore, immediately after registration, you should throw all your forces at the invitation of referrals.

As a result, we can say that for those who are ready to pay the entry fee and actively invite new employees, iWowWe can become a fairly profitable place of work. But only have to work tirelessly.

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