Analogues of "Decaris": "Pirantel", "Vermox", "Phyto-Glistocide"

There are many different ways to combat helminths. Some are highly efficient, while others do not bring any result at all.

How to choose a good drug and not spend money on fakes? The answer is obvious: to buy well-known products with a lot of positive feedback and their analogues.

"Decaris" and its substitutes will be considered in this article. In addition, we learn what parasitologists and buyers say about such preparations.

Pharmacological action of the drug "Dekaris"

The price of the drug is quite low, but at the same time it has proved to be an excellent anthelmintic agent. Its main active substance is levamisole hydrochloride.

"Decaris" (from worms it is prescribed quite often) causes a blockade of the nervous ganglion of the helminth, which causes the development of muscle paralysis. As a rule, the affected parasites are excreted from the body within 24 hours after taking the pill.

What else is said about the means of "Decaris"? Parasitologic reviews and instructions for use contain information that the drug can be used for immunomodulation purposes. This is due to the fact that it can enhance the functions of the cells of the phagocytic mononuclear system and T-lymphocytes.

Indications for use

As mentioned above, the drug can be used to control helminths and as an immunomodulator. But is "Decaris" so good? From worms it helps not bad, but shows high efficiency only with ascariasis and ankylostomiasis.

As an immunomodulator, the agent is used for:

  • Infectious diseases (chronic active hepatitis B, warts, herpes zoster, inflammatory diseases of the upper respiratory tract, recurrent sinusitis, recurrent herpes simplex, and so on);
  • Autoimmune diseases and immunodeficiency states (Reiter's disease, Crohn's disease , recurrent aphthous stomatitis, rheumatoid arthritis and so on);
  • The appearance of malignant neoplasms of the breast, lungs or large intestine after chemotherapeutic, surgical or radiotherapy;
  • Leukemia and lymphogranulomatosis (in the intervals between chemotherapy courses during remission).

Contraindications for use

Tablets "Decaris" are prohibited for use:

  • Children under 3 years;
  • Women during lactation (or the question arises about the completion of breastfeeding);
  • With agranulocytosis caused by drugs (in the anamnesis).

During pregnancy, the use of the remedy is only possible if the benefit to the expectant mother is significantly higher than the possible risk to the fetus.

With special care should be taken to prescribe the drug to patients with hepatic or renal insufficiency, as well as with oppression of bone marrow hematopoiesis.

Application of the drug

Tablets "Decaris" as an anthelmintic agent should be taken once immediately after or during a meal. The dose for an adult is 150 mg. Children the required amount of the drug is calculated by the formula 2.5 mg per 1 kg of body weight.

If "Decaris" is taken as an immunomodulator, the dose is 150 mg per day for three days, followed by a two-week break, or 150 mg per day once a week.

During the intake of the drug, alcohol is prohibited.

Overdose and side effects

If the dose of levamisole is significantly exceeded (from 600 mg), there may be signs of intoxication of the body in the form of nausea, vomiting, seizures, drowsiness, headache, confusion, dizziness.

To get rid of the above symptoms, symptomatic therapy is performed. If after the application of the drug a little time has passed, the stomach is washed. Possible administration of atropine with the appearance of signs of anticholinesterase action.

What side effects does "Decaris" have? Testimonies of parasitologists speak of possible negative reactions of the body in the form of gastrointestinal disorders (abdominal pain, diarrhea, vomiting, nausea), allergic reactions (rash, urticaria) or immunopathological reactions (agranulocytosis, neurological disorders).

Drug analogues

Virtually every drug has its counterparts. "Decaris" in this regard was no exception. There are several other medicines with a similar composition, active substance or the type of action.

So, what are the analogues of the drug we are considering? "Decaris" can be replaced by such means as "Pirantel", "Vermox", "Phytoglycocide" and others. However, some of them are also cheaper, compared to the original.

Since it's about cost, it's time to find out how much "Decaris" costs. The price of the drug is within 77 rubles, but it can vary depending on the pharmacy or region of residence.


The first analogue of "Decaris", on which it is worth stopping, is "Pirantel". Price, testimonials, indications and contraindications for use - these are the questions worth studying in more detail.

"Pirantel" is a means of Polish production. It differs very low cost - about 28 rubles. So cheap are not worth any other counterparts. "Decaris," recall, is almost three times more expensive.

The main active substance of the drug is pyrantel. It is used to get rid of ascariasis, enterobiasis and ankylostomiasis.

Take pills or syrup "Pirantel" in the morning after eating. In this case, the required dose is calculated individually, depending on the patient's body weight and the form of the drug release.

Usually, the remedy is easily tolerated by the body, but the manufacturer warns about possible side effects:

  • From the central and peripheral nervous system - hallucinations, headache, dizziness, insomnia or drowsiness, confusion;
  • From the digestive tract - nausea. Vomiting, diarrhea, increased activity of hepatic transaminases, anorexia;
  • Allergic reactions - hives, itching;
  • Others - hyperthermia, hearing loss.

Reviews about the tool are completely different. While some are very happy with its high efficiency and quick action, others, on the contrary, resent because of side effects and lack of positive results.


Further we present to your attention information about the drug "Vermox". The application, reviews and price of the facility are the main issues requiring detailed consideration.

It is worth noting that the tool is more expensive when compared with the two previous versions. The price for Vermox is in the range of 80-102 rubles.

However, it has a wide spectrum of action and is used for enterobiosis, ascariasis, strongyloidosis, capillarial disease, trichinosis, teniosis, trichocephalosis, echinococcosis, multiple nematodes, alveococcosis, ankylostomiasis, gnathostomosis, mixed helminthiasis.

The main active substance of the drug is mebendazole.

The necessary dose and duration of treatment depends on the age of the patient (child or adult) and the type of disease.

Vermox can cause side effects such as dizziness, nausea, or vomiting. As a result of prolonged use of the drug, allergic reactions, headache, hypercreatininaemia, hair loss, cylindruria, leukopenia, eosinophilia, an increase in the activity of liver transaminases may additionally appear.

Overdose "Vermox" causes nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal pain. If the drug is taken in excessive amounts for a long period, it can trigger the appearance of neuropathy, hepatitis, or reversible liver function disorders.

As well as any other means, "Vermox" has both positive and negative feedback. The former are usually associated with its effectiveness and a broad spectrum of action, while the latter speak of frequent manifestations of adverse reactions of the body.


The agent differs from the above described herbal composition, which effectively fights with helminths and promotes their rapid removal from the body. The drug contains valerian, yarrow, tansy, thyme, cloves, turmeric, fennel, thyme, walnut, licorice, garlic.

"Phytoglycocide" is also used to treat diseases of the digestive system, in particular the intestine, gallbladder and bile ducts. Improves the functionality of the liver, and also has a desensitizing, antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory and soothing effect.

Dosage and duration of therapy should be prescribed by a doctor, taking into account the age of the patient and the characteristics of his body.

The use of "Phytoglystocide" is contraindicated during pregnancy, lactation and children under 6 years.

Another characteristic difference of the drug is the absence of side effects after use. Cases of overdose by the agent were also not established.

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