Iron vitriol: application in the garden

Iron vitriol is an antiseptic, fungicidal agent that helps to fight rot, mold, and fungal diseases of plants. This preparation is the only fertilizer that contains iron in a form accessible to plants. If there is insufficient intake of such a microelement, premature yellowing and dying of young shoots occur. Most of all from the lack of iron, fruit trees suffer : pears, apple trees, plums, cherries and others. The peaches, rose, raspberry bushes, vegetable crops such as cabbage, tomato, potatoes react sensitively to a deficiency of iron sulphate.

Fill the content of iron in plants, by spraying trees with vitriol solution.

Iron vitriol or sulfuric acid (sulfate) iron is produced in the form of a crystalline powder of greenish-blue color with an active substance content of 53%, having an unlimited shelf life.

Iron vitriol: application

Spraying (foliar top dressing) is performed as follows. During the vegetation period , one percent is used, and after falling leaves 5% solution of vitriol. Two-fold treatment in the spring and after harvest is enough. Fertilizer is also used together with composting in the proportion of 1 kg of vitriol: 100 kg of compost mass. The resulting mixture is added under the digging in autumn or spring. Iron sulphate solution is also used to control lichens and mosses appearing on the trunk of the fruit tree. In such a case, it is recommended to use a mixture consisting of an ash extract and an iron solution of sulfuric acid in a concentration of 5%. The treatment is performed after the foliage has fallen from the affected trees by spreading or spraying.

Iron vitriol: application in the garden

The drug is used for the treatment and disinfection of wounds and tree trunks, for this take a half-kilogram of powder per 10 liters of water. The same amount of substance is used for the whitening of plants. Black patch of roses is eliminated by spraying with 0.3% solution.

To treat raspberries, currants, an argument in 10 liters of water dilute 250 grams of vitriol, for the treatment of stone crops against gray rot, mosses and lichens take 300 g per 10 liters of liquid. Spraying of pear and apple seed cultures against septorosporosis, cytosporosa, black cancer, scab and other diseases is produced by 5% solution of ferrous sulfate.

Iron vitriol is used in viticulture. Treatment of the vine against bacterial cancer, mildi, oidium, spotted necrosis, pads, anthracnose is performed with a 5% solution. The treatment of grapes is performed before budding buds in early spring or late autumn, re-treatment is carried out in two weeks.

The use of iron vitriol in viticulture and horticulture allows you to raise the fruiting of trees and helps to correct the old neglected orchards.

With a careful and responsible approach to processing, the results of the work done will appear in the near future. During the season, lichen and moss will almost completely disappear, and next year elasticity and softness will be acquired and the bark of trees. The positive effect of ferrous sulphate will also affect the growth and fruit bearing of berry bushes and trees.

Do not mix iron with lime. For the preparation of mixtures on the basis of hydrated lime, copper sulphate is used.

When working with iron vitriol, you should follow the rules of hygiene, when the solution gets into the eyes they should be washed with ordinary water. Iron vitriol must be diluted in a glass or plastic container, the drug should be stored in a clean and dry place.

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