Landscaping: garden loaches

Garden loaches are unique and irreplaceable plants that can fulfill a variety of design ideas. For example, they perfectly disguise unsightly walls of buildings or defects of fences. The loaches will create the zoning of the plot as well as possible. You can use them to effectively and very original decorate the arches and pergolas. In general, these plants are exactly what can change the face of the garden and make it unusually cozy and beautiful.

In the landscape design , many annuals and perennial climbing plants for the garden are used, but the palm tree of the championship is rightfully owned by graceful climbing roses. In order to describe their genuine beauty and elegance, there is not enough words. The color palette of climbing roses is rich in various bright colors. They are also popular for long periods of flowering and undemanding care. Climbing roses are unpretentious plants, resistant to drought and are not susceptible to various pests and fungal diseases. All this makes these beautiful garden vines very popular among amateur gardeners and professional designers.

But, of course, climbing roses are far from the only plants used in decorating walls, arbours, fences and various structures. With this simple role can cope with many flowers for the garden, photos of them can be found in any textbooks on phytodesign. But in order to create really beautiful, bright, impressive live garlands, columns, matches and pyramids, you need appropriate elegant and elegant plants.

Very often on the site you can see such loaches for the garden as clematis. They belong to the family of buttercups. These plants are a kind of lianas, actually their name and came from the word "vine" or "escape". About 230 species are known, they all differ from one another in the form and color of foliage, flowers and climatic adaptation. Until recently, the Clematis plant was found exclusively in the southern regions, but at present this culture is successfully grown in the Far East, and even in Siberia. This vine plant is very popular on the backyard and garden plots. Clematis are so fond of gardeners, of course, thanks to the colorful and, last but not least, long flowering. Even one modestly planted plant along the fence literally under the eyes of the whole site transforms.

Another no less popular garden loach is a herbaceous liana from the hemp family. Of course, we are talking about ordinary hops. Its stems are not just curly, they can grow anew from the underground rhizome, while the length of their shoots can reach 6 meters. In the wild, hops grow in the Caucasus, in Europe, Western Siberia and Central Asia. Very beautiful plant leaves, they are large, 3 or 5-lobed, whole, opposite located. The plant is dioecious. Male flowers are collected in inflorescences - panicles, female ones are more like cones. Flowers are small, yellowish and inconspicuous. The fruit of hops is a nutlet.

Of course, these plants are by no means the only ones, also often in the design of the garden is used the Daurian moonseeder, nightshade sweet bitter, campsis, actinidia and many others.

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