Exquisite tea-hybrid roses

Few amateur gardeners and owners of household plots will refuse to grow tea-hybrid roses in their own flowerbed. The variety of species and colors of these colors is surprising, and the ease of care makes them indispensable inhabitants of beds.

Each bush of such a rose is a real work of art with many delicate and exquisite flowers. Hybrid tea roses are considered to be real classical plants with a bud that is extended to the top, which, blossoming, reveals the satin and velvety petals, neatly bent around the edges and centered in a cone. A variety of colors - from light to pronounced tones - and the aroma of freshly cut tea of these colors are fascinating. Many gardeners believe that for cutting and exhibition there is nothing better than these plants.

But still it was not always so. Only a century ago nobody knew about the kind of tea-hybrid roses. This variety was bred in 1867 by a breeder from France Guillaume as a result of an accidental crossing of the repair park and tea. After a while, more than 10 thousand species were revealed, which differ in a huge number of forms, hues and height of bushes. In addition to all the above listed qualities, tea-hybrid roses have another positive feature - continuous flowering, which you can admire from early summer to late autumn.

With proper care, both young and adult bushes of representatives of the queen of the garden can reach a meter height and give up to 7-9 flowers, each of which, depending on the variety, can count up to 120 petals. Varieties of tea-hybrid roses are very fond of heat, so closer to winter they need to prepare a good shelter. Flowers reproduce in two ways: cuttings or grafting.

Tea-hybrid roses are not very hardy, they are capricious and whimsical. Therefore, in order for flowers to please you more than one year, they need to pay enough attention and observe all the recommendations that have been compiled for several decades by experiments, observations and painstaking work.

To grow a beautiful bush tea-hybrid roses, planting must be carried out according to all agrotechnical rules. Plant shrubs usually in early May on sheltered from the sun solar sites with loose, weakly acidic soil. A few hours before planting, immerse the water in the water, either the root part with the vaccine site, or completely the seedlings of the flowers, so that they are saturated with moisture.

At a distance of 35-55 cm from each other plant no more than 5-9 shrubs, previously moistened in fertilizers (in the manure mixture), in pits with a size of 30-55 cm. After transplanting and compacting the soil around the bush make a small earthen shaft. This is necessary so that when watering, water does not spread around, but is held in the rooting zone. To protect the lower shoots from heat, cold and wind, the planting of flowers is completed by hilling, the height of which is about 15 cm.

Hybrid tea roses can safely be proud of their chic variety of varieties, which every day is replenished with new and unique samples.

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