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Favorite cartoon "Fixiki": the main characters. How are the fixits called?

A few years ago a cartoon called "Fixiki" appeared on the screens. In the shortest time, he was able to achieve the popularity of the famous cartoon hit "Masha and the Bear". Almost every child in Russia and the near abroad knows who those are. But, unfortunately, not everyone can exactly tell how the fixers call.

Literary basis of the cartoon

Not everyone knows, but the progenitor of all favorite locks was the famous children's writer who presented to the small viewers such heroes as Matroskin, postman Pechkin, Cheburashka and many others. This is Eduard Uspensky.

In 1974, his story-fairy tale "Guaranteed Little Men" was published. In it, the main characters were small creatures living in all the apparatus and repairing them during the warranty period. After its expiration, these creatures return back to the manufacturing plant to serve new appliances. Most people are not even aware of the existence of "warranty", as they are hiding from them.

This fairy tale, like other works of the author, enjoyed success with readers both many years ago, and now, and so, over time, Ouspensky wrote a sequel.

The plot of the cartoon

The creators of the animated series "Fixics" took the "Guarantee Man" as the basis, however they changed the names of tiny creatures and the plot, making the main characters of the children of these creatures and inventing a whole fixed-universe.

The plot of the cartoon is now centered around the family of fixations, consisting of a dad, a mother, two children and a grandfather. Sometimes four of their classmates come to see the kids. About these magical creatures accidentally recognizes the eight-year-old boy in whose house they live. He carefully stores their secret and often participates in their adventures. In addition to the boy, the secret of fixation from adults is also known to Professor Genii Evgenievich Chudakov.

The life of magic little men is quite similar to the human: they have similar concerns and problems. The main difference is that the latch does not eat food, they are powered by appliances. Like human food, energy from different appliances is different in taste. For example, the fixation-children are very fond of consuming energy from the computer. True, it is not very useful in large quantities. But energy from kitchen appliances is much more useful for growing baby organisms, but not as tasty as computer.

"Fixiki": the name of the heroes-children

The main characters of this animated series, of course, are the children-fixers. There are two of them. This girl is about 9-10 years old and her younger brother (about five years). How are the fixits called? The girl is Simka, and her brother is Nolik.

Simka always wears an orange suit. Despite her young age, she is beyond her years smart and resourceful. In addition, this girl is very diligent and is the best student in the class. This fix-girl is a wonderful friend and is always ready to help friends and advice, and deed. By the way, she knows a lot, so often tells a lot of interesting not only to her younger brother, but also to their friend, a boy named DimDimych. Nolik is Simka's younger brother. He wears a blue suit. This kid - a real daredevil, he is constantly trying to think of something and do. However, Noliku in most cases lacks knowledge, and therefore he falls into various woes. Despite the restless nature, Nolik is a very kind boy. By the way, it was he who risked violating the golden rule of the locks, forbidding people to talk with people, and made friends with DimDimych.
Analyzing the question of the name of the fixings from the cartoon, it is worth paying attention to other children-fixers, that is, to Simka's classmates: Vertu, Fire, Spool and Ygrek.

Fire is a boy. He walks in a suit of bright scarlet. He is a true leader, bold, energetic, always striving to be in the center of events. The name Fire, which translates as "fire," fully corresponds to his restless nature.
Verta is a girl. She keeps an eye on her appearance all the time, and this gives her fruits - classmates consider Vertu the most beautiful girl in the class. Dressed in an emerald green suit.
The yipp is a boy. Externally similar to an energy-saving light bulb. Wears clothes purple and glasses. One of the smartest pupils of the school of fixings.
Spool is Simka's best friend. Very tall, wearing a suit of sandy-yellow color. He has a kind and sympathetic character.

What are the fixation of adults?

Having dealt with the names of children-fixers, you can go to adults. So how are the fixes? Photos of the characters are presented below. Let's figure out the names.

Papus is the father of Simka and Nolik. Outwardly similar to the hero of Greek legends. He wears green clothes and a beard. Once in a turbulent youth very much strove to fly into space, but fate decreed otherwise.
Masya is the mother of the child-fixers Simki and Nolika. Outwardly slightly reminiscent of Marge Simpson from the American animated series "The Simpsons". Wears a purple suit. Specializes in kitchen equipment. Loves when there is cleanliness and order around.
Dedus is the granddaddy Simka and Nolik. He dresses in brown suits and wears glasses. He is a teacher at the school of fixings.

What are the names of people from the animated cartoon "Fixiki"

After learning the names of the fixers in the cartoon film of the same name, it's worth mentioning the names of the personage characters.

DimDimych is an ordinary human child. He is eight years old, and he is incredibly curious. In character very similar to Nolik. Carefully keeps the secret of the latch from other people. Likes to invent different things, as well as adventures.
Professor Genius Evgenievich Chudakov is the second person, except for DimDimych, dedicated to the mystery of the fixes. Once upon a time he met with Dedus, and since then they are friends. In his laboratory there is a school for young fixers.
Dad and Mum DimDimych are ordinary parents who love their child, but who do not have the opportunity to spend too much time with him. They perceive their son as a dreamer, so even if he decided to reveal the secret of the fixes, they would not believe him anyway. Katya is a girl, a one-man DimDimycha. He lives with him in the neighborhood, and also studies with him in the same class. He sympathizes with the boy. Vaska is a friend of Dim Dimych. With him, he communicates on the computer.

Names of animals in the cartoon

Having dealt with the question of how the fixers are called, and also with the names of the personage characters in this cartoon, it would not hurt to mention animals.

Kusachka - a dog of breed chihuahua - home favorite of family DimDimycha. Immensely devoted to their masters and is ready to protect them from all enemies. She refers to them and fixes.
Grisha is another pet of DimDimych's family, a parrot brought from Africa by his father.

Beetle is a tiny creature resembling a bug. A faithful friend of the locks. Fidget, constantly falling into trouble and provoking them. Unlike its friends, the fixers, is not able to express articulately.

For the years of its existence the cartoon "Fixiki" has gained incredible popularity. And first of all the reason for this was an interesting story with elements of learning. Thanks to this cartoon, children each time together with restless fixations learn something new and interesting. Learning how fixers call, and figuring out who is who, every child or even an adult who is interested in this project, will be able to start watching the series from almost any episode and will not be disappointed.

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