Budlei: growing in the middle strip of Russia

Budlei - beautifully flowering deciduous shrubs, belonging to the family loganievyh. Named after the botanist from England, Adam Buddle. In natural conditions, they grow in hot climates and very rarely in the temperate climatic zones of Asia, America and South Africa.

All budlei are heat-loving plants. Only the buddha of David is able to winter in our climate under shelter. In its homeland, in China, it grows along the banks of rivers and rises in the mountains. It is a small deciduous shrub that reaches a height of 3 meters. The budleigh has long, broad-slender, thin branches, drooping at the ends, and lanceolate pointed leaves of a dark green color.

A very beautiful and elegant plant - a budlea. Cultivation of it, despite the laboriousness, is a fascinating and interesting activity.

Flowering of this culture occurs only at the age of three. The plant blooms annually, from August to autumn, for 1.5 months. For the similarity of the budlea with lilacs in the people it is called "autumn lilac".

Very small flowers with a honey aroma are collected in long, up to 40 cm, spicate inflorescences. Coloring flowers is the most diverse: purple, white, purple, lilac-pink, yellow, purple. A pleasant aroma, issued by the colors of the buddha of David, attracts to the garden a large number of insects: bees, bumblebees, butterflies.

Planted in a budley garden, the cultivation of which requires certain skills and knowledge, its plush appearance will attract the attention of all neighbors who want to admire it.

Thanks to the rapid growth and abundant and long flowering of the budleigh, David enjoys great love from gardeners and flower lovers.

In the central zone of Russia it grows like a half-shrub. In the winter season, the above-ground part almost completely dies. In spring the plant grows again. Flowers are formed on the branches of the current year.

Budlei grows very well on sunny places, protected from drafts and cool winds. Prefers light sandy loamy soil, where lime is added. If the soils are heavy, then sand, peat or humus must be added.

Budlei, cultivation of which in the middle zone of Russia requires special care and attention from gardeners, will become a gorgeous adornment of any garden. It belongs to tall crops. As soon as the weather is warm, the plant begins to grow rapidly, and by the end of the warm season the length of individual shoots can reach 1.5 m. During the summer, the flower should be supplemented several times with complex mineral fertilizers. Particularly well is the top dressing before the beginning of flowering in July - September.

A beautiful budlea, whose care begins from early spring and ends in late autumn, will not leave anyone indifferent due to its stunning appearance.

At the end of flowering, faded shoots must be cut off. With the beginning of the first frosts, all branches are cut, leaving five centimeters hemp. For the winter, the plant is covered with dry leaves, peat, spruce or pine lapnik. This mulching protects the dormant from the frost at the base of the shoots.

With the onset of spring shelter is removed, but it should be done gradually so that the plant is not affected by sudden temperature changes. Of the sleeping buds, new shoots grow very quickly.

Planting budlei in the spring, when the growth of young branches begins . A hole is prepared in advance for planting, where manure, ash and potassium-phosphorus fertilizers are added. The flower is excavated with a large clod of earth and transferred to a new place. After planting, abundant watering is required.

Budlei, the cultivation of which - a rather time-consuming task, will bring a lot of joy to his master.

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