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Candy "Toffee": producer, composition and reviews

Everyone who loves glazed sweets with a brown sticky stuffing inside, be sure to try "Toffee". They are represented by a diverse line of flavors, which allows satisfying the taste buds of each confectionery gourmet.

Toffee (sweets): manufacturer

In Russia, Toffy candies are made at the Lipetsk confectionery factory. It was founded in 1966. In 30 years, in 1996, the factory was bought by the Roshen confectionery corporation. Since that time, her new story began.

In 2004, the complete reconstruction and replacement of old, exhausted equipment was carried out. It came to the benefit of the factory. In 2011, its range was significantly expanded, which allowed the company to increase its production capacity and enter the international level.

To date, candies "Toffee" are manufactured at two production sites. The first is located in the city of Lipetsk, the second - in the village of Sentsovo Lipetsk region. In addition to the presented sweets, it also produces caramel, toffee, fondant, chocolate, jelly sweets and other confectionery.

Candy "Grand Toffee": tastes

Toffy are glazed sweets with a mass of toffee inside. Their full name sounds like Grand Toffy. Candies covered with chocolate icing are available in three types:

  • "Grand Toffee classic" - a traditional candy, the body of which consists of a sticky brown mass. The very first sweets from Roshen brand from the presented line.
  • "Grand toffee with the aroma of hazelnut" are glazed sweets, in the body of which to the mass of toffee is added a chocolate paste with nutty aroma. They especially like the lovers of hazelnuts.
  • "Grand Toffee Chocolate" - sweets covered with chocolate glaze, body - mass of toffee with chocolate paste. A rich taste of chocolate with a delicate filling inside.

Composition and caloric content of "Grand Toffee" sweets

Depending on the type and taste, the composition of the sweets may differ. But in general, the calorie content of confectionery products of different sorts is approximately at the same level.

Candies "Toffee" with a classic taste are made from the following ingredients: sugar, starch treacle, whole condensed milk, vegetable fat, dry milk whey and covered with milk chocolate glaze. But it's not all components. To increase the shelf life of the product, sorbitol E420 (water-retaining agent), emulsifier E473 and soy lecithin, as well as aromatizer identical to natural "toffee" are used.

Sweets in the classic version are quite high-calorie and have a low nutritional value. In 100 grams of the product contains 4.2 g of protein, 21.5 g of fat, 62.7 g of carbohydrates. At the same time, their calorific value is 454 kcal.

The composition of chocolates with the aroma of hazelnut and taste of chocolate is almost identical to that presented in the classic recipe. But there are minor differences. They consist in the fact that cocoa powder is added to the nut candy and "hazelnut" flavor is used, and chocolate is used for grated cocoa. Caloric content of sweets is 444 kcal. Nutritional value of these two species is the same: proteins - 3,6 g, fats - 19,7 g, carbohydrates - 65,1 g per 100 g of product.

Candy "Fruit Toffee": tastes

"Fruit Toffee" or Fruit toffee from the producer "Roshen" is a soft chewing unglazed sweets based on the mass of toffee from natural juices. In the presented line are produced sweets of four tastes:

  • Pear - with a slight aftertaste of the pear;
  • Lime - with a rich, sour taste of a real lemon;
  • Blueberry - soft blue candy, but without chemical taste;
  • Strawberry - the brightest of all the presented tastes.

Each candy is wrapped in a wrapper of a certain color with the image of the corresponding fruit.

Composition and caloric content of sweets "Fruit Toffee"

Depending on the taste, the composition of chewing sweets may differ. But in general it is represented by such a list of ingredients: sugar, confectionery fat, starch syrup, gelatin (as a gelling agent), sorbitol (water-retaining agent). Toffee confectionery with fruit flavors also includes emulsifiers, concentrated natural juices, natural dyes and flavors.

The nutritional value of the confectionery products is low. The products contain 0.9 g of proteins, 7.3 g of fats, 85.2 g of carbohydrates. This is an undesirable product for those people who are trying to get rid of excess weight. Candy "Toffee", the calorie content of which is 408 kcal per 100 grams, is recommended to be used in a limited number of children suffering from allergies and diabetics.

Positive customer reviews

Most buyers like the taste and composition of the candy presented by the Roshen confectionery. And those who are only going to try them, it will be useful to get acquainted with the positive feedback. Candy "Toffee", photos of which are presented below, like the buyers as follows:

  • Bright packaging, which immediately attracts attention;
  • To taste like a favorite to many since childhood, a toffee, only topped with chocolate;
  • Have a pleasant non-flavored taste and a soft, soft stuffing inside;
  • Glaze to taste like real dark chocolate, very tasty and just melts in the mouth;
  • A variety of tastes, which allows each buyer to try a candy that he really likes.

The presented reviews concern the "Grand Toffee" sweets. "Fruit toffee" collected from buyers such positive reviews:

  • This is the familiar taste of "Mamba" or "Fruttella" at a lower price since childhood;
  • Have the color and taste of natural fruits;
  • Bright, eye-catching wrapper;
  • Have a delicate consistency, do not crumble;
  • The candy melts in the mouth evenly, does not stick to the teeth, does not have an unpleasant chemical taste;
  • Does not harden during prolonged storage;
  • The taste of these sweets is very popular among children;
  • A good alternative to rubber chewing gum.

Negative opinion

Those customers who did not like the presented confectionery products from the Roshen factory left negative comments.

  • The low quality of chocolate glaze, which is used to cover the mass of toffee.
  • Candy "Toffee" stick to the teeth and stretch very tight. An unsuitable option for people with fillings in the teeth.
  • Filling consistently resembles rubber, and the candy can not be bitten off after the fridge;
  • On one sweets it is impossible to stop. The package ends very quickly, and all the calories (which are in the candy contains a lot) are deposited at the waist.
  • Toffee "Toffee" set an inflated price, which does not match the quality of products.
  • Confectionery products have a bad, unnatural composition.
  • The taste of vegetable fat remains in the mouth.
  • To taste candy resemble a plasticine mass.

Cost of sweets "Toffee"

Candy confectionery factory "Roshen" under the name "Grand Toffee" set the price at the level of 210 rubles per 1 kg. The cost of confectionery products, made on the basis of fruit toffee from natural juice, is slightly lower. The price for 1 kg of sweets "Fruit Toffee" is 115 rubles.

"Toffee" is candy for those who like toffee. Brown sticky mass pleasantly stretches for teeth, leaving a taste of melting chocolate in the mouth and a pleasant caramel aftertaste. Affordable price for them is a wonderful occasion to try all candies of this line from the confectionery factory "Roshen".

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