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To the child of 5 months, what he should be able? Child development up to a year

The first months of a baby's life fly so fast and swiftly that parents do not have time to notice how it grows. It would Seem, most recently was born, and here to the child of 5 months! What should he be able to do? This question is asked by many mothers. And in fact, in the first months the child's development is particularly rapid. Every day for him is a new discovery and skill. Of course, all the kids develop individually, but there are also general indicators that young parents can orient themselves on.

Physical development and motor activity

So, the child is 5 months old! What should he be able to do at this age? Perhaps we should start with physical development. Usually by the end of the fifth month of life the growth of the baby increases by about 10-15 centimeters (from the moment of birth). Many mothers worry that their child eats little and is too slim in comparison with peers. How much does the baby weigh 5 months? On average, by this age the body weight is doubled - it is becoming heavier to carry the baby on his hands. Although a small lack of weight should not upset parents too much, we repeat that every child develops in its own way. Of course, this is provided that all other indicators are normal.

The kid becomes more and more active. He can already hold the head for a long time, lie on his tummy, rising on his outstretched arms. Many children are already learning to roll over, so parents should be especially vigilant and do not leave the baby alone on the couch. Approximately from this age the child can please parents with the fact that he is already learning to crawl. If you put the baby on the legs, holding it, he is already able to stand for several minutes.

The child can even try to sit on his own, but you can not sit him down prematurely. This is especially important for girls: an early load on the spine can lead to serious problems in the future. The child will sit only when he is ready for it himself. In general, it is very important for parents to adhere to the golden mean - on the one hand, not to restrict the infantile activity of the child, but, on the other hand, do not rush it.

Emotional development

To the child of 5 months - what he should be able still? At this age the baby is already recognizing the relatives and joyfully meets them. But a stranger can be frightened of strangers. The child is sensitive to the mood of his mother, even to the tone of his voice. Therefore, do not scare the baby and show negative emotions. By the way, at this age the child is already interested in other children and his reflection in the mirror.

What child does not like bright toys in 5 months? It will be a great pleasure for the Kid to touch them and shift them from one handle to another. Of course, Mom should not hope that they will take him for a long time - about 10-15 minutes, not more. And the crumb plays with his parents with great pleasure.

The first babble

At the age of five months, the child starts singing his first syllables: "ma", "ba", "pa". Of course, this is not yet an informed speech, just a walk gradually turns into a babble. It gives great pleasure not only to parents, but also to the kid. To encourage speech development of the child, Mom should now as much as possible communicate with him, and not syusyukat, but speak in a normal calm voice, clearly pronounce all the words. Let the baby immediately get used to the correct speech. From an early age, you need to tell your child poems and nursery rhymes, sing lullabies.

Baby's Day Regimen

The regime of the child's day does not change significantly for 5 months. The number of feedings remains the same - for the day the baby eats six times during the day. The time of rest does not change too much - the crumb sleeps once in the morning and twice more - at lunch and in the evening. At night, a 5-month-old baby can wake up once for feeding. Soon the need for this will disappear, and he will sleep soundly until the morning.

With a child you need to walk twice a day. By the way, in five months the kid can already not sleep for a walk, but actively take an interest in the surrounding world. As before, for a baby hygienic procedures are required in the morning and in the evening, as well as gymnastics after awakening and a light massage before bed.


As before, the best food for the baby is mother's milk. In this case, a baby up to six months does not require any lure. Milk completely satisfies all his needs, of course, provided that the nursing mother is fully nourished. The same can be said about the artificial children - a high-quality adapted mixture provides the baby with all the necessary vitamins and microelements. However, dopaivat baby pure boiled water can be, especially in summer. And the best way is to immediately teach the child to drink from the cup.

When the first teeth appear?

At many children by this age the first teeth are already erupted. Lower, and then upper central incisors - that's what parents can do for a child of 5 months. Komarovsky Evgeny Olegovich on this occasion argues that the first teeth, on average, appear in children at the age of six months. But the lead or lag in this even for 5-6 months is not at all pathological. Be that as it may, it must be remembered that the eruption of the first teeth in toddlers is often accompanied by a bad mood and well-being. It's worth taking care of how to help the crumb at this time. You can offer the child a toy-teethers or discuss with a pediatrician the need for special cooling ointments for the gums.

Baby Health

The correct regime of the day and nutrition, enough sleep and walks, fresh and clean air in the room are the basics of health that a loving mother needs to ensure that the child grows active and happy. But there are some issues, especially those that are worrisome for parents. One of the problems is an increase in body temperature for no apparent reason.

Pediatricians say that 37-37.2 is still a normal mark for young children. By the way, you need to remember that the child has 5 months of temperature can rise if the baby is too warmly dressed or the room is very hot. Some children respond so to teething, and this may be the first sign of a viral infection. In any case, if parents are concerned about any problems with the health of the child, it is better to turn to the pediatrician in time. At this age, the following should be especially alarmed:

  • The kid is not interested in new toys and is indifferent to relatives;
  • The child reacts poorly to sounds or does not hear them at all;
  • The baby has a systematic sleep disorder;
  • The child does not hold the head.

Any of these symptoms is an unambiguous reason for contacting a specialist.

Games and lessons with baby

All mothers want their children to grow active and keep up with their peers. The best way to help a kid is, of course, is a game. At this age, children love to play hide-and-seek. It is very good to show the child bright pictures and objects and at the same time to call them, pay attention to the shape and size of the toys, the sounds they make. In general, for the development of hearing, it is useful for all children to listen to good music, and this can be both lullabies and children's songs, as well as classical works. During bathing, you can give the child bright floating toys - it will amuse the baby and make water procedures even more pleasant.

So, your child is 5 months old. What he should be able to do, we have already listed above, but once again we emphasize that all these norms are averaged. In any case, every child grows and develops individually. Something turns out earlier, and something later. Parents need to compare the baby is not with the charts and tables, not with other children, but above all with him. After all, every day opens up something new for a crumb.

And the most important thing here is love and patience. Because a small child is a vessel that parents generously and carefully fill. And those emotions and feelings that they will put in the baby in the first year, will accompany him all his life.

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