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Garlic tincture on alcohol: the area of application and the recipe for cooking

Garlic is known for its wonderful properties since ancient times, but it does not stop surprising us with the effectiveness of its own action until today. No matter what means it exists on its basis, which confirms the opinion about the healing effect of this plant on the body.

Garlic tincture on alcohol was invented back in antiquity, but it is known about it has become relatively recent. At the end of the last century, the recipe for its preparation was found in the oldest records on the territory of the Tibetan monasteries. Its main property is an incredible rejuvenating effect on the body, but it happens only when the specific scheme is carefully observed.

Garlic tincture on alcohol is especially useful for people with vascular diseases and heart pathology. It positively affects the condition of the circulatory system, dissolves and removes calcareous deposits and fatty plaques. This strengthens the walls of the vessels, improves their elasticity, which has a beneficial effect on the heart as a whole. In addition, its use is equated to the prevention of colds and tumors . Also, the use of this agent leads to stabilization of the visual apparatus and other organs and systems in the body.

Garlic tincture on alcohol is prepared according to the following recipe. Take 500 grams of garlic, but choose one that is dense to the touch and not lying. Clean it, rinse it and flip it over the colander to make all the glass water. Then it must be crushed with a press or crushed in a chopped form in a porcelain mortar. After the end of the procedure from the very bottom, select 250-300 grams of the mixture, since it was there that the most concentrated composition of the plant was collected. Transfer this slurry into a bottle of glass and fill it with alcohol (96%) in a volume of 200 ml. The vessel should be tightly closed, then it must be put in a dark place, the holding time is 10 days.

After the end of the term, the infusion obtained must be passed through the gauze and stored for three more days, after which it will be possible to start treatment.

Garlic tincture on alcohol is used together with milk or water: it is recommended to take 50 ml of liquid and add the necessary amount to it, in accordance with the proposed scheme. Take it 3 times a day, starting with a single drop and increasing the dosage in each dose by one more dose, equal to the first value. Approximately it looks like this: for breakfast 1 cap., For lunch 2 cap., For supper 3 cap., And from the 2nd day the countdown continues from the figure 4 and so on until you reach 25 cap. After that, you should take the last dosage also three times a day, until the twenty-fifth day of the beginning of the month.

Garlic tincture on alcohol, which is confirmed by the above mentioned properties, is applied by the course, and it can be repeated no more than once in three years. The peculiarity of such a medicine is that the longer it is stored, the more useful substances become in it. Then until 25 days, the folk medicine is taken 25 drops three times a day.

Separately, it should be noted that garlic tincture, the Tibetan recipe of which was described above, has contraindications. Among them, kidney, liver, stomach, adenoma, epilepsy, pregnancy, childhood, as well as problems with the intestines and pathology of the genitourinary system. Do not forget about the individual intolerance of the product.

Everyone who tries to be treated with garlic, you should know that for the preparation of any means you need to use only a fresh plant. The longer it is stored, the less active its antibacterial properties. If garlic is allowed in the room for more than six months, it can safely be considered a useless seasoning.

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