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Milk soup with vermicelli and its exotic analogues

Everyone who has small children, probably know perfectly how to make soup with vermicelli. After all, dairy dishes are the basis of baby food. But they can diversify not only the menu of small members of your family. Many adult people with pleasure remember the school time and with an appetite eat milk soup with vermicelli. This, a primitive at first glance, a dish can be made more original by adding almonds. This nut is perfectly combined with dairy products. To grind it, you need a blender. Also in the eastern cuisine (Thai, Indian) there are a lot of desserts, reminiscent of the soup with noodles. Let's consider some of them. But first - a traditional recipe.

Milk soup with vermicelli and almonds

Nuts make this dish a very hearty breakfast. Of course, it is for those who initially felt sympathy for milk soups. For two servings, you will need two glasses of milk, two handfuls of raw almonds, four tablespoons of vermicelli, sugar, salt and butter to taste. Almond pour boiling water, then peel. Grind nuts with a blender or mortar. Add boiled nuts and sugar to boiling milk, boil again. Add the vermicelli into the pan. Cook for about seven minutes, stirring occasionally. Then let the soup brew and season with butter (cream, fatty sour cream). You can sprinkle with almond or pistachio petals for the decoration.

Milk soup with vermicelli in Indian

This dish is popular among Muslims in India. They serve it to the table during the feast, which marks the end of Ramadan. It can be served both cold and hot. Take 25 grams of pistachios and almonds, soak in boiling water for several hours, clean and grind. For soup, you need three tablespoons of melted butter (ghee), one hundred grams of very thin vermicelli ("angel hair"), 850 grams of milk and 8 tablespoons of sugar. You can add dates as an optional ingredient. The butter should be melted in a pan with a thick bottom, fry the raw vermicelli on it. It will very quickly become golden - try not to fry it much. Slowly, in portions add milk, allow to boil (constantly supervise it that has not run away). Add sugar and dates, cook a little more and leave it under the lid for ten minutes. The dish will thicken a little. Serve in bowls, sprinkle with nuts and brown sugar.

Milk soup with vermicelli in Thai

In the original, this dish contains many exotic products (for example, lemongrass), which it is not possible to get in our stores. But they can be successfully excluded from the recipe, leaving only coconut milk unchanged . For four portions of Thai soup, half a liter of chicken broth, one large can of coconut milk (or half a can of coconut cream), a thin vermicelli, grated ginger root, chili, sugar, half a lemon, coriander, basil and fish sauce a spoon). Soup is prepared in pots. It is necessary to put there all the ingredients (from the lemon to squeeze out the juice), except coconut milk. Put in the oven. After boiling, add coconut milk and bring to the ready for thirty minutes.

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