The drug "Vitrum Cardio Omega-3": composition, instructions for use. Vitrum Omega-3 cardio: reviews of doctors

The lack of vitamins today is felt everywhere by the overwhelming majority of people. This is usually due to the fact that food today has become incredibly poor in nutrients. Another reason is the fact that products rich in vitamins and minerals are quite expensive today, and not every family can afford to buy them regularly. A significant part of the vitamins can not be stored in the human body in reserve, which is why their consumption should be regular. The lack of certain substances, becoming chronic, invariably leads to the appearance of any diseases, often quite dangerous for the patient, for example, to violations of the functioning of the cardiovascular system.

How can this be avoided? To resort to the help of quality vitamin complexes. One of the most popular drugs on the market today is Vitrum Omega-3 cardio. In fact, does this medicine benefit the body? How to take it right? Are there any contraindications to the use of the drug in question? How do patients who took this remedy respond? All this information will be presented in the article.


What do patients who took Vitrum Omega-3 cardio say about the medicament in question? The drug is described as an effective substance for acquiring a balance of pressure, eliminating other malfunctions in the functioning of the cardiovascular system. It is important to remember that Vitrum Cardio Omega-3 describes the instruction as a vitamin complex, and therefore it should not be considered the main component of monotherapy. Significant problems with the heart can not be solved solely by taking the drug in question. However, as doctors testify about the Vitrum Cardio Omega-3 medication, experts consider it effective as a supporting therapy. Therefore, it is not recommended to neglect this kind of means.

What makes the Vitrum Cardio Omega-3 drug special?


The effectiveness of the tool is provided by its main components. Each capsule Vitrum Omega-3 cardio contains eicosapentaenoic acid, tocopherol, docosahexaenoic acid as the main active ingredients. Also in the composition there are glycerol, gelatin and distilled water.

Indications for use

In what cases would it be reasonable to take Vitrum Omega-3 cardio? Specialists consider it permissible to prescribe medication in the following cases:

  • With severe vitamin E deficiency;
  • In the prevention of conditions that occur due to a significant violation of the exchange of fats;
  • In the complex treatment of various disorders of lipid metabolism.


Who should not use Vitrum Omega-3 cardio? Patients who are personally intolerant of any ingredient in the medication, various pathological conditions (including hemorrhagic syndrome), cholelithiasis, acute pancreatitis, exacerbation of cholecystitis (chronic form), exacerbation of hepatobiliary diseases.

Side effects

As reported on the drug "Vitrum cardio Omega-3" reviews of patients, sometimes prolonged use of the drug can cause some unpleasant reactions from various body systems. Typically, there are allergic reactions, some laxative effect, as well as the taste of fish in the mouth and belching fish at the very beginning of the medication.


It is important to carefully monitor what dose of the drug you are taking, and in no case exceed the recommended daily dose of Vitrum Cardio Omega-3 recommended by your doctor. Instructions, reviews report that in the case of an overdose, the following symptoms may occur: vomiting, epigastric pain, diarrhea, nausea, exacerbation of pancreatitis (in a chronic condition). Relieve these symptoms should be localized. As a rule, the medication should be stopped.

It would be undesirable in parallel with the drug in question to use any other medicines that contain vitamin E. Also, be careful of those patients who are in the position, or nursing mothers. Their treatment should be carefully monitored by the attending physician.


For certain reasons, some patients can not take the particular drug in question. In such cases, it would be correct to use substitute drugs. Speaking of "Vitrum Cardio Omega-3", analogues of which are so numerous, it can be noted with certainty that there will be no difficulties with the choice among those who wish. Among the substitute drugs for the drug in question are the following: Alfa-Tocopherol Acetate (capsules), Aevit, Vitrum Vitamin E, Vetoron (capsules), Alfa-Tocopherol Acetate (solution in oil), Chondrotek Forte "(ointment)," Antioxidants "(solution)," Vitamin E "(drops)," Evitol "(capsules)," Vetoron for children "(drops)," Omakor "(drops)," Limanovit E "(capsules ), "Radevit Active" (capsules).

Next we will consider some analogues of this drug, which are very popular.

  • "Evitol". The main indications for the use of the drug in question are the elderly age, intensive physical exertion, autonomic disorders characteristic of the menopause period, secondary myopathy (both post-infection and post-traumatic), hypovitaminosis, muscle and ligamentous functioning disorders, primary muscular dystrophy, neurasthenia caused by serious overfatigue , The state of convalescence in the recovery period after diseases for which a febrile syndrome is characteristic, as well as the asthenic neurasthenic Syndrome. Patients who are characterized by the following conditions, use this drug is prohibited: the risk of thromboembolism, degenerative (and proliferative) metamorphosis of joints (including large) and ligamentous apparatus of the spine, myocardial infarction, severe cardiosclerosis.
  • "The Vetoron". It is used as the main means for the prevention of hypovitaminosis (vitamins A, C or E) in the following cases: with a variety of colds, with improper or unbalanced nutrition, with intense mental or physical stress, with a number of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (including Gastroduodenitis, gastritis, malabsorption), with inflammation of the upper respiratory tract, during rehabilitation after an infectious disease, with a tired eye syndrome, arose With prolonged reading or working at the computer. In order not to feel the symptoms of an overdose, it is important to avoid the parallel use of other multivitamin complexes. As practice shows, the drug does not affect the ability of the patient to drive vehicles and complex mechanisms, which requires a high reaction speed and a significant concentration of attention.

Conditions of storage and leave

Where does the "Omega-3 Vitrum Cardio" instruction for use be recommended? The most suitable place is a dry place, the temperature in which varies from ten to thirty degrees. It is important that the drug can not get children themselves. The medicament can be stored for no more than three years from the date of manufacture. At the end of this period, the drug may be dangerous to the patient's health. In any case, its medicinal properties will lose its useful properties.

From pharmacies, the medication is released freely, without a prescription.

The result

What will help to cope with hypovitaminosis and its attendant health problems? Many people say that the Vitrum Omega-3 cardio drug is indispensable in this respect, which is especially concerned about the cardiovascular system. The reviews say that he helped many to cope with some unpleasant symptoms. However, it should be remembered that the drug in question is a vitamin complex, rather than a drug intended to become the main component of monotherapy of serious diseases. Correct expectations will help to correctly evaluate the effectiveness of the use of this medication.

It should be remembered that adherence to the rules of healthy eating during the intake of vitamins will help improve the results of treatment. So, it is important to drink a sufficient amount of clean drinking water daily, avoid fried and smoked foods, white flour products and sugar. It would be good to take a mild sorbent on a plant basis. All this will ease the burden on organ systems and will allow you to derive maximum benefit from the use of this medication. Among other things, physical load plays an important role in the program of strengthening the body. They should be regular, but moderate and correspond to the physical condition of the patient.

Be healthy!

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