Bake pancakes or fry? How right?

If you think that such a delicious flour dish as pancakes is the property of Russian culinary, you are mistaken! English punkeys, Ethiopian Injers, French crisps, East Slavic sticks, Indian doses, German pfannkuchen, Mexican tortillas and many others are all national types of pancakes. We will not understand the nuances of other languages, and we will try to find out how to correctly speak in Russian: Bake pancakes or fry. In order to understand why we fry them, and say that we bake, we will make a small trip in ancient times.

And what is it?

You will be surprised, but explaining to someone who has never seen pancakes, what it is, is quite difficult. According to encyclopedias, "pancakes are a culinary product made from a liquid dough poured onto a hot frying pan that has a round shape." From ourselves we add that modern pancakes can be of a variety of shapes and thicknesses: from thin lace to "solid" and thick. In addition, it is a fairly economical dish, for the preparation of which is used a minimum of flour and a maximum of liquid - milk or water.

Recipes for pancakes are a huge amount: lean and rich, yeast and custard, buckwheat and millet, rice and oat, with fillings and sauces. In addition, modern cooks use them to create pies and cakes.

When did the pancakes come?

Until now, scientists are debating about where and when the pancakes appeared. Some researchers consider them to be China's homeland, while others insist that they appeared in Egypt. The archaeological excavations showed that the very first pancakes were baked on open fire in small clay pots or on hot stones. Egyptians five thousand years ago did not think about whether to bake pancakes or fry, as they could only bake cakes, prototypes of pancakes, mixed with sour milk. The ancient Greeks happily made of sour milk, wheat flour, honey and olive oil tagenitas, as they called pancakes. There are preserved references to this dish in poetry, attributed to the V century BC. E.

Slavic history of pancakes

Finding out how to correctly say: bake pancakes or fry pancakes, we turn to pagan times. Some Russian historians believe that it was in the 1000s of our era in Russia that pancakes appeared. There is such a version of their origin: warming up the oat jelly, the hostess was distracted and forgot about him. Excess liquid evaporated, jelly browned - so by accident, and turned out to be the first pancake.

Up to the adoption of Christianity, pancakes were baked all year round, and they were sacrificial bread, brought as a gift to the Slavic gods, as well as a ritual funeral dish.

How did the name come about?

It is not important whether you are going to bake pancakes or fry, mix the dough you will be from different foods, but necessarily with flour. According to the famous researcher of gastronomic history and cookery V.V. Pohlebkin, the very word "pancake" came from a distorted "mlyn" or "melin," which meant grinding. That is, a pancake is a dish from the intended meal.

Despite the huge variety of national recipes and the fact that pancakes are fried or baked in different countries, the classic, described by Pushkin and Chekhov yeast opaline pancake is a national Russian property.

Why did they bake?

To answer this question, we recall that only at the very beginning of the 20th century industrial production of gas stoves was established and centralized gas supply began to be carried out. In 1925 there were only 10,000 gas stoves in Petersburg. The rest of the houses were cooked in a Russian stove or on wood or coal stoves. That is why the question "to bake pancakes or to fry - as correctly" did not arise. In a Russian oven it was possible to bake, but not fry.

Old Russian "pizza"

Indeed, this can be called traditional Russian pancakes with baking. What it is? These are pancakes, baked with a filling, for example, with fried mushrooms, fish fillet or chopped boiled eggs. Prepare them as follows:

  • A thin layer of pancake dough is poured on cast iron pan;
  • As soon as the pancake is browned, on top of it lay out the prepared stuffing - the bake;
  • Along with the filling neatly turn the pancake.

If you are still thinking about whether pancakes need to be baked or fried, we offer you another option of cooking pancakes with baking: on the heated frying pan brown the first pancake, which is spread out the filling - "baking", and then all is poured into the batter. Baking, then, is located between two pancakes. To ensure that the bottom layer is not burned, bake such pancakes in an oven or oven with a lower temperature than usual.

Pancake frying pan

Trying to figure out whether pancakes are fried or baked, as it is correct to say, it is worth remembering about the subject, without which it is impossible to cook this dish - about a pancake pan. The fact is that until the twenties of the last century, a pan for baking pancakes was more a symbol of wealth and success of the family than kitchen utensils. It was bought first, starting to collect dowry for her daughter, wealthy peasants and burghers. For a pancake pan in the kitchen was a special place and it was used only for cooking one dish - pancakes. If on it for some reason something else was prepared, the frying pan was considered spoiled and simply thrown away.

Can I fry them?

Today, choosing between pancakes or frying, most of us will choose the latter. Indeed, baking this dish in the oven will require more strength and time, which is constantly lacking. On the stove, pancakes are quicker and easier to fry, but this requires a frying pan, even if not cast-iron, but high-quality aluminum with non-stick coating, dough for pancakes, butter or vegetable oil for lubrication and a paddle for turning over. Someone will object that the pancakes can be turned over and just throwing them from the pan. Yes, you can, if you have long and persistently rehearsed this trick or graduated from a circus college with a major in juggling. So, the sequence of actions, so that the first, and all subsequent pancakes would not come out as a lump:

  1. On medium heat, heat the frying pan and grease it with oil.
  2. We scoop up the dough, on a normal frying pan with a diameter of 21-22 cm with medium sides about 2/3 of the standard ladle.
  3. With your free hand, take the frying pan by the handle and lift one of its edges.
  4. Simultaneously with raising the edge, start pouring the dough, trying to get into the center.
  5. As soon as the first drops of dough hit the surface of the frying pan, begin to smoothly rotate it around the circumference, so that the dough is evenly distributed.
  6. For the next 1-2 minutes, do not touch the pancake, and after their expiration arm with a spatula and turn over to the other side.
  7. Before pouring the next pancake, you must mix the dough, as the flour will settle on the bottom.

Pancakes fry or bake - how right?

If you answer this question from the point of view of a historian or linguist, then of course pancakes are baked. After all, the expression "oven pancakes" appeared at a time when they could only be baked in a wood stove. Hence, it is correct to say so.

But on the other hand, any technologist will say that pancakes are fried, as the cooking process consists in direct contact heating using a lubricant from hydrocarbons.

Thus, in fact, we cook pancakes, but in words - oven. But probably, it's not very important - to bake pancakes or fry. How to speak correctly about this process is a secondary matter, the most important thing is that they are delicious!

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