Kimeros Park Holiday Village 5 * (Kemer, Turkey): description, photos and reviews of tourists

A luxurious option for seaside holidays is Kimeros Park Holiday Village 5 *. Here, guests can feel Turkish hospitality, as well as high standards of service. Thanks to its beautiful design, spacious territory, numerous services and bright entertainment, your vacation will be perfect.

Kimeros Park Holiday Village 5 *: description

The hotel has a huge area, which is almost 100,000 square meters. M. Kimeros Park Holiday Village 5 * is surrounded by densely growing pines that exude a pleasant coniferous aroma and create a life-giving shade. It is worth noting the fact that two years ago the hotel underwent a complete reconstruction, which resulted in a complete renovation of the number fund and the adjacent territory.

It is worth noting that the Kimeros Park Holiday Village 5 * consists of a number of separate bungalows, each of which is equipped with several guest rooms. In addition, the territory is combined with a neighboring hotel. Thus, you will have many places for walks and even more opportunities for entertainment and recreation.

Where is the hotel

It is worth noting the convenient location of the resort hotel Kimeros Park Holiday Village 5 *. Turkey, Kemer, Goynuk district, Ahu Unal Aisal street, 07994 - the exact address of this institution. This is the first line relative to the sea (about 150 meters). Distance from the international airport of Antalya is just over 50 km.

Types of guest apartments

In accordance with the most modern standards, the hotel operates Kimeros Park Holiday Village 5 *. You will be provided with the most comfortable accommodation in guest rooms of the following categories:

  • In the two-storey bungalows are located comfortable apartments garden room. These are standard rooms with windows facing the garden (as it becomes clear from the category name). This is a fairly spacious and bright bedroom, which is designed to accommodate two adult guests. It is also possible to accommodate one additional guest. Thanks to the restoration, conducted in 2015, the rooms look modern and fresh.
  • Kimeros room is a comfortable room overlooking the sea, located in a three-story building, renovated in early 2016. The rooms are large and planned as a studio. In addition to the bedroom, the room also has a living room and a small dining area.
  • Family rooms are the same in all buildings of the resort. They consist of two bedrooms, one of which is provided for adults, and the second - for children. The rooms are interconnected by a door and have a shared bathroom. The windows overlook the flowering garden and mountains.

It is worth noting that the Kimeros Park Holiday Village 5 * is in great demand. Reservation of rooms is carried out for several months in advance. You can reserve apartments through the official website or specialized resources.

Facilities in guest rooms

If you value comfort, then you should prefer Kimeros Park Holiday Village 5 *. Kemer will seem even more affable and hospitable, because in the rooms you can take advantage of a huge number of amenities:

  • The bathroom is equipped with a modern shower cubicle and other necessary equipment;
  • Own spacious balcony where you can dry wet towels, as well as sit in comfortable plastic chairs, admiring the surroundings;
  • A landline phone will give you the opportunity to get advice from the administrator or make an order from the restaurant without leaving your room;
  • The use of a safe code safe is included in the cost of living, so you do not have to worry about the safety of your valuables;
  • So that you can enjoy a fragrant hot drink at any time, each room has a tea-coffee set;
  • In the mini-bar there will always be a stock of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, as well as bottles with drinking water;
  • Air conditioning with the possibility of individual regulation will help you maintain the air temperature in the room at the optimum level;
  • Opposite the bed is an LCD TV that will allow you to view about 100 satellite channels.

Opportunities for entertainment

Full rest can not imagine without bright entertainment and active pastime. This opportunity is provided to travelers by Kimeros Park Holiday Village 5 *. Tours include free use of the following services:

  • A nightly visit to the disco, where you can give vent to your emotions;
  • Turkish hammam or steam sauna, which will help you to relieve muscle tension, improve your well-being and put your thoughts in order;
  • So that your figure remains beautiful and fit, do not forget about classes in the gym;
  • On the territory there are grounds, as well as all the necessary equipment for playing football, basketball and volleyball;
  • Use of modern tennis courts with artificial hard surface;
  • Ping pong outdoors.

As for paid entertainment opportunities, Kimeros Park Holiday Village 5 * (Kemer) looks like this:

  • A massage session aimed at relaxation, improvement or elimination of cosmetic defects;
  • Use of searchlights that allow you to illuminate tennis courts at night;
  • Water ski rental, as well as instructor's advice;
  • Riding a banana and a canoe;
  • Lessons in windsurfing;
  • Use of catamarans.

Catering establishments

A number of catering establishments operate on the territory of Kimeros Park Holiday Village 5 *. Photos of restaurants and bars show a pretty cozy atmosphere, elegant design and elegant decorative elements. Nevertheless, all these characteristics fade before the quality of food and drinks that are served here. To get acquainted with the Turkish culinary traditions and just have a good time, it is recommended to visit the following establishments:

  • At the 24-hour pool bar, you will always have access to a wide range of drinks: from green tea to whiskey and fragrant liqueurs. The barman at the counter, located in the water, prepares delicious tropical cocktails. And of course, guests are served light snacks.
  • One of the favorite establishments of the hotel guests is a cozy snack bar. Here you can have a snack during the day with your favorite fast food. This is hamburgers, and fried potatoes, and pizza, and ice cream and more. Also do not forget about a wide range of refreshing drinks.
  • The disco bar is open-air and opens at night. Here there is a clockwork that makes the guests go to the dance floor and dance until they drop. Also here, guests can try a huge number of cocktails and original snacks.
  • There is a cozy café on the beach, where guests can always have a drink and a tasty meal. For those who like to spend their days at sea, delicious dishes prepared on the grill are served here.
  • Vitamin-bar certainly enjoy those guests who lead an active lifestyle and are accustomed to proper nutrition. Here you can always find clean drinking water, fresh fruit juices and healthy products.
  • In the restaurant, guests are provided meals in the buffet style. In between main meals, as well as in the evening, guests can make an order on the menu.

Opportunities for rest of young tourists

Many tourists prefer to travel with their children. Sometimes the availability of appropriate infrastructure is a decisive factor in the choice of a resort hotel. In this hotel for the youngest guests the following opportunities are provided:

  • On the territory there is a children's club, where kids and teenagers will have fun in the company of animators (contests, sports games, art lessons, as well as educational classes);
  • On the territory there are children's animators who will take children by the pool, on the beach and in the garden;
  • Equipped with a special shallow pool with slides and inflatable toys;
  • After dinner, the kids will be able to have a good time at the disco;
  • In the main restaurant there is a special children's buffet, which provides delicious dietary dishes and confectionery;
  • For an additional fee you can rent a stroller to walk with the baby on the territory;
  • A baby cot and other necessary accessories can be provided in the room;
  • Leaving the territory of the hotel, leave your children with a nanny.

Special services for honeymooners

Many couples choose the Kimeros Park Holiday Village 5 * hotel for a honeymoon. If you belong to this category of guests, you can expect to receive the following services:

  • The apartments will be decorated with fresh flowers, balloons, and aromatic candles;
  • Upon arrival, guests will wait in the room for a surprise in the form of a bottle of champagne, Turkish sweets, fresh fruit;
  • For the period of stay at the hotel the newlyweds will be able to take advantage of the possibility of a free romantic dinner;
  • In the room or in the restaurant can be delivered a small cake;
  • In the first morning after settling in the room guests are provided with a hearty and tasty breakfast.

Kimeros Park Holiday Village 5 *: positive reviews

Quite often travelers choose the Turkish direction for summer seaside holidays. Often the choice falls on such a resort complex as Kimeros Park Holiday Village 5 *. The comments of 2015 contain a lot of approving comments. Among them, we should especially note the following:

  • It is very convenient that the reception of newly arrived guests is in the open air, directly at the entrance to the hotel grounds;
  • At the reception working Russian-speaking staff, which greatly facilitates the procedure for settling, as well as solving emerging problems;
  • Pleases the presence on the territory of the exchange office, which eliminates the need to look for it in the city;
  • After the procedure of registration guests are delivered to their bungalows on electric vehicles;
  • The rooms are equipped with new furniture and plumbing;
  • The satellite antenna catches quite a lot of Russian-language channels;
  • Even if you do not spend all the stocks of tea set, the maids will still replenish it every day;
  • Cleaning is very high quality and is carried out daily;
  • The slightest problems that arise in the room are eliminated after the first treatment at the reception;
  • Good and hearty breakfast with a huge choice of dishes;
  • In territory - the whole three huge pools in which all hotel guests can comfortably swim;
  • Well-groomed territory with a huge amount of greenery, as well as decorative fountains and waterfalls;
  • The territory of this and the neighboring hotel is connected by a decorative bridge, and therefore you will have many places for walking;
  • In view of the contingent of holidaymakers (adult Europeans) in the territory quite calmly.

Negative feedback

Unfortunately, not everything is so smooth in the resort hotels, as the guests would like. Considering the huge flow of tourists, the shortcomings that may arise in the Kimeros Park Holiday Village 5 * are quite natural. Reviews in 2016, in addition to the positive will also have a negative. They are as follows:

  • Because of a poor quality mixer, it is difficult to adjust not only the temperature, but also the water pressure;
  • Rarely change bed linens;
  • If you live in a room on the ground floor, then be prepared for the fact that your windows will be at the level of human growth, because of which there is always the impression that someone is following you;
  • Almost all night in the hotel a disco is held, and the sounds of loud music prevent sleep even if you have closed windows;
  • Gardeners constantly sprayed lawns and green plantings with poison from insects, which is why many guests experience allergic reactions;
  • In the rooms you can often see ants;
  • On the beach is very large pebbles, and sunset in the sea is too steep;
  • If you came to the hotel in the morning, then you probably will not be able to take advantage of the possibility of early registration, because all the rooms are at that time occupied;
  • Be sure to hide all your valuable things, money, documents and expensive equipment in the safe, as the hotel knows cases of theft (even if you complain to the administrator, then, most likely, this business will not be solved);
  • Maids either deliberately, or deliberately bring in the room linen, towels and cosmetics only for the main guests, and about the additional guest have to constantly remind;
  • There are a lot of people in the restaurant, besides there are not enough tables;
  • Very unpleasant smell in the sauna;
  • Normally you can use wireless internet only at night, when most of the guests are asleep (or you need to look for a few places);
  • For children in the restaurant there is not enough food, because everything is very fat and acute;
  • Often in a restaurant for dinner served those products that guests did not eat at lunch.

General impression of the hotel

This hotel can be called quite worthy, and the cost of the services provided is consistent with their quality. Perhaps, the most pleasant moment can be considered a polite service. Russian-speaking administrators are very polite with guests and try to solve all the problems as soon as possible. Nevertheless, if we are talking about such inconvenient moments, as, for example, theft in the rooms, they all will be put on the brakes.

The hotel just recently underwent a complete reconstruction, and therefore in the rooms, and in the territory is all new and very beautiful. The garden and the pine grove deserve special attention. Perhaps the only disappointment is the beach. It is strewn with large pebbles, and the entrance to the sea is too steep, which makes it difficult for children to rest, as well as those guests who do not swim very well.

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