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Have you ever visited such an amazing place as the Reftin Reservoir? And, maybe, at least you have heard about the existence of this amazing corner of our planet? Most likely, in most cases the answer will be negative for both questions. And it's a pity, because very often in the pursuit of new-fashioned foreign resorts we stop noticing the beauty and delights of our native land.

This article describes in detail the rest at the Reftinsky reservoir. The reader will receive all the necessary information on how to get to the destination, what sights to visit in the first place and what should be paid close attention.

Section 1. General information

100 km from Yekaterinburg, at the junction of the Maly Reft and the Great Ref rivers, Reftinsky reservoir is located, photo of which can be found in almost every modern guidebook in Russia.

Its area is 25 square meters. Km, the depth on the average reaches 5 meters and in some areas is about 20 meters. The reservoir is surrounded by mixed forests and has several smaller islands. The largest of them, with a length of more than 2 km, is covered with pine forest. An artificial pond was established in 1968 to supply water to a thermal power plant.

This is a favorite place for recreation of citizens and local residents. Especially these places attract fishing enthusiasts. There are a lot of different kinds of fish: perch, crucian carp, bream, pike, burbot, etc.

Several fish farms have been established on the territory of the reservoir , which are engaged in breeding carp, trout and pike perch in specially designated areas. In these areas, paid fishing is available. In March 2012, white cupids and carnivores, which help purify water from plants, were launched into the reservoir. In addition to fish, the Reftinsky reservoir serves as a home for frogs and muskrats. Herons live nearby.

Section 2. How to get there?

From the North bus station of Ekaterinburg to the village of Reftinsky there is a daily bus number 759. You can also go with a transfer bus number 700 to Asbest, and then by shuttle bus 103 to Reftinsky.

On personal transport the route passes along the Temenskoye highway, bypassing Kosulino village to the village of Beloyarsky. Further turn left to the city of Asbest and 20 km on the road to the homonymous village, which stands on the shore of the reservoir.

In general, it should be noted that, according to experienced travelers, those who decided to go to the Reftinsky reservoir, the map is always useful. Although in principle it can be replaced by a quality modern navigator.

Section 3. Features of recreation

On the shore of the reservoir, children's camps, rest homes and sanatoria have been built. But many prefer to rest "savages" in tents, especially fishermen.

The shore near the water is slightly swampy and overgrown with sedge. On some sites there are large boulders. There is a sandy coast with a convenient descent to the water. For swimming in the reservoir there are several special beaches. The water is clean and transparent, the bottom is muddy, sometimes stony or covered with algae. Unlike other water bodies, the water here is much warmer because of the existing power plant.

Fishing in the Reftinsky reservoir is mostly free. But there are areas where fishing is paid for - 100 rubles and a surcharge for the caught catch. For vacationers, catamarans and boats are available for hire. Often there are competitions among anglers and open air events (discos in the open air).

Section 4. What to see in the vicinity?

In the vicinity of the reservoir there are many picturesque places untouched by the urban civilization. You can go camping on one of the most beautiful rivers of the Urals - Pyshma, which means "quiet." Those who wish can make a raft on the river. The banks of Pyshma are covered with forest and rock cliffs, which are the main attraction of the river. The most beautiful and famous of them: "Three Sisters", "Gendarme", "Divi Stone", etc.

In the area of the river there are many natural monuments: the national reserve "Pripishmensky Bory", the Shata waterfall, the Morshko bog, Sukholozhskaya cave and Sosnovy Bor. Near the village of Shata on the Shata River, in a picturesque pine forest, there is a beautiful waterfall of the same name, 5 meters high. On the banks of the river rock outcrops rise. The air is filled with freshness and coniferous aroma, especially beautiful here in the spring.

It will be interesting to visit Asbest, where in 1885 an asbestos deposit was discovered. Now here is a large quarry. Near the pit is equipped with an observation deck, where you can observe the entire production process.

Section 5. The Reftin Reservoir. Advantages and disadvantages of rest


  • The water is clean, warm and conducive to bathing;
  • Picturesque nature and lots of fish;
  • There are places for fishing and recreation - holiday homes, children's camps and sanatoriums.


  • Distance from Ekaterinburg;
  • A large number of vacationers;
  • At the bottom there are snags, and on the shore - garbage.

Section 6. Interesting facts about the reservoir

The height of the reservoir above sea level is about 180 meters. Its maximum depth reaches 22 meters.

Reftinsky reservoir is of artificial origin and created on the site, where previously there were forest thickets. Therefore, on the bottom often there are shrub and tree remains of vegetation and driftwood.

Since the opening of the reservoir began work on stocking. The first fish of the whitefish were launched, but the fishing effect was achieved only after the appearance of peled. Now here live the crucian, cupid, carnivore, pike, trout and perch.

A reservoir has been created for technical water supply to the Reftinskaya power station. As a result of the discharge of warm water, the water temperature in the reservoir is, on average, 10 degrees higher than in other reservoirs.

Section 7. Reviews of travelers (anglers)

What kind of accommodation do you prefer: a private house, a tent, a recreation center? Reftinsky reservoir is always glad to guests, and on the shore, in the opinion of holidaymakers, there is provided both comfortable accommodation and accommodation facilities for those who wish to save money.

Experienced fishermen say that it is best to peck at the dam of the reservoir from early morning until dinner. Especially good fish are caught on bread, and the worm and spells are completely ignored. In the afternoon, there is usually silence. At the right time, the catch is about 10 kilograms.

In the beginning of spring, when ice has not yet melted in other reservoirs, it is already possible to catch catfish and podleshchiki at the Reftinsky reservoir, the malinka and spells are suitable for the nozzle. At the end of spring in the morning hours there is a small soroga, bait - ordinary pasta.

At the end of September, it is good to catch carp on a pond. For bait, some anglers use Jerusalem artichoke, throwing it around the gear. There is a fish from 3 to 5 kilograms.

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