Resorts of Malaysia. Most popular places

Resorts in Malaysia for a year already are an attractive place for such a long-awaited vacation. They so beckon with impeccable beaches, beautiful coasts and unsurpassed nature. Architectural monuments of the country are no less interesting. Let's find out which resorts in Malaysia are the most popular among tourists. We bring to your attention the most interesting options.

The best resorts in Malaysia. Kota Kinabalu - a heavenly place

This city is the business and industrial center of the state of Sabah, which is on the island of Borneo. It represents the eastern gateway to the country. Walking along the waterfront Kota Kinabalu, you can enjoy the breathtaking view of the endless sea with crystal clear water. It is not surprising that tourism plays a leading role in shaping the state's economy. Plus this resort in the continental climate, which relieves tourists from excessive heat and piercing cold. It's always nice weather. It is better to go to Kota Kinabalu in the period from March to September. This time is the so-called dry season, when tourists do not risk to spend all the vacation in the room due to deafening tropical downpours. Among the attractions of the resort are the Tunku Abdul Rahman Nature Reserve, the Sabah Foundation Building and the State Museum. No less interesting is the visit to the central market. And about the beauty of the local beach Tanjung Aru and can not speak!

Resorts of Malaysia. Kuala Lumpur is a vibrant capital city

Kuala Lumpur is not in vain called a city of gardens and lights, because it uniquely combines identity and a developed business life. Walking around the capital, you can easily see the super-high-rise and Buddhist temple, which is separated by a couple of hundred meters. Fans of gastronomic tourism are encouraged to visit at least one of the many open restaurants of national cuisine. The modern shopping centers that infect their squares can fully satisfy the needs of even experienced shopaholics. No one will be indifferent to the relatively low cost of goods combined with their excellent quality.

Resorts of Malaysia. Langkawi is a mysterious place

This island, part of the eponymous archipelago, is the most developed and suitable for recreation area. It is famous for its clean air, first-class beaches and unforgettable sea views. Inhabitants of Langkawi will gladly tell you numerous legends of this island and show the main places of pilgrimage of tourists.

Resorts of Malaysia. Taman Negara is a unique nature reserve

These places are known for their clean rivers, wooded plateaus and gentle mountain slopes. All connoisseurs of the beauty of the natural world go here. In a local reserve with an area of more than four thousand square kilometers, accompanied by an experienced instructor, you can stroll through the wild jungle or tickle your nerves by going to an unpredictable safari on the river.

Although the resorts of Malaysia on the map of the world occupy a rather modest place, in this country really has something to look at!

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