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How to decorate a room with your own hands cheaply and beautifully

Everyone tries to make their home beautiful and cozy. Here he spends time with his family, relaxes, relaxes.

One and the same situation is boring, but completely all the remaking is not always possible. But it's always possible to supplement the interior with small details, unusual objects made with your own hands. This will create novelty and freshness, change the overall background, and maybe the entire interior of the house.

How to decorate a room with your own hands: many options

From early childhood, in the lessons of creativity, we were given certain knowledge of fine arts and needlework - drawing, modeling, appliqué, sewing, knitting. It never passes in vain. When there is already a home and a family, all the knowledge gained at one time starts to remind oneself. Then you start looking for clues about how to decorate the room with your own hands. The subject, of course, is very broad, and one article does not cover much. Let us dwell on some details that will decorate the interior of the house.


Lovely, comfortable, soft cushions, on which our head, back, hands are clinging ... They decorate the rooms, complement the background, the color scheme. They can be laid out on sofas, armchairs, beds. They are irreplaceable helpers of man. Without them, uncomfortable and uncomfortable. Sewing pillows is a good idea about how to decorate a room with your own hands. But it's very easy to do this.

For those who sew, it will not be difficult to measure the desired length, width and cut covers, to sew a square, rectangle, shape of a heart or a circle with a straight seam. One side of the cover must remain open. In this place, a lock or buttonhole is sewn. It remains to decorate the pillow - to tie or cut flowers from the felt and sew them to the cover. If the flowers are of fine fabric, then the edges should be carefully processed together with the cover, as with embroidery. Currently, a large range of yarns is sold in stores, designed for both summer and winter.

Knitted pillows are elegant and fashionable in the interior of the room. Each motif is knitted separately. They are crocheted, a simple post, and then join the edges and get a cheerful drawing of the squares, as in the photo. Hook you can knit and motifs - flowers, sheets, striped. Beautifully tied binding lace knitted edges of the fabric cover. How can you decorate the room with your own hands?


A fashionable solution in changing the interior of rooms is artistically painted plates. They decorate the walls and come in different sizes, shapes and styles. Plates as the pictures complement the general background, pleasing the eye. This is another way to decorate the house with your own hands. Theme is better to choose a calm - flowers, beautiful landscapes, abstract motifs. Plates painted by professionals are expensive. There are, for example, oriental plates with an amazing elegant delicate ornament, drawn with a needle. The smallest of them cost $ 20, so not everyone can buy them.

Look at this picture-plate. You probably thought that it was painted by an artist? No, this plate is made in the technique of decoupage - applications with napkins, drawings. The surface is degreased, the cut out pattern is applied and is smeared with glue for decoupage or PVA from above. The pattern should be well soaked and not wrinkled. After drying on top of the brush, apply a few layers of special craqueline varnish. In its composition there is acrylic, it dries and cracks quickly, creating the effect of antiquity. It turns out that such a beauty.

A few such dishes on the wall or on tabletops will give the room a novelty and freshness. This technique is good because it is applicable to wood, porcelain, glass, plastic, metal. So the kitchen boards, dishes, bottles, different boxes, furniture and much more can be decorated in this way.


Fashion for garlands came to us from abroad. Earlier we did them for the New Year, when they decorated the Christmas tree and the room for the holiday. Most often we saw them in Indian films. And today in Europe and with us they have become just decoration of the house, not only on holidays. And also it's a good idea how to decorate your room with your own hands. If you know how to make flowers from tissue, paper, leather, plastic, then this will be easy for you. But you can buy ready-made flowers and weave garlands. They are wound one by one on a flexible thick wire with the help of floral tape or green insulating tape.

Making a garland does not take long if there are ready-made flowers and leaves. At all simplicity of work the result turns out simply surprising. The corner in which you place it will immediately become individual, beautiful, unusual. Take time to think about how to decorate a house with your own hands, try, experiment! You will get great pleasure.

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