Five reasons to stay at the Dessole Pyramisa Hotel Sharm El Sheikh Resort

Have you ever been to Sharm el-Sheikh? Did you like it, and are you planning to go to Egypt again? Hotel "Dessole Piramisa Resort" - this is exactly what you need for a rest in winter. Why? Now I'll tell you. First of all, this is the largest five-star hotel on the Sinai peninsula of Egypt. To walk from one end to the other, you will need at least ten minutes. Therefore, on the territory, extremely beautiful and well-kept park, small buses run between the bungalows and the chalet. The hotel is included in the line of Dessole Resorts & Hotels, so the service here at the level of the real European "five".

The second reason to stay in Dessol Pyramis Sharm el-Sheikh is the amazing Red Sea. "It is not only near this hotel," you will say. But the fact is that this is the famous "Shark Bay", Sharks Bay. Do not be afraid to be eaten by bloodthirsty fishes. The main sharks here are the scuba divers. Right next to the shore located on the first line of the hotel begins a coral reef. The rich species diversity of its inhabitants will cause your heart to beat faster. Murenas, little nimble fish Nemo, "parrots", "clowns" and others. If you arrive in February, you will see how the coral blossom. The beach in the hotel is pontoon, you can swim without special shoes, as it will be deep right away. And next door is Naama Bay - Mecca of divers.

The hotel complex "Dessole Piramisa Sharm el-Sheikh" has four swimming pools with fresh water. The main one, having an area of 2,700 m², is equipped with a hill. In the second special pump, an artificial wave is created, so you can swim in the surf. In the winter months and in March there are two heated pools: open and indoors. In addition, the hotel has a spa. The climate in Naama Bay is mostly windless, even in winter. Therefore, when you come to Dessol Pyramis Sharm el-Sheikh, you are guaranteed to find an affectionate calm sea.

Almost from all the rooms you can see slender tall palms and a glimmering water surface with Tiran Island on the horizon. Those who like to pamper themselves with complete relaxation for a week or two will find everything they need here. The number of rooms in Dessole Pyramis Sharm el-Sheikh is really huge - 860 rooms. VIP clients can choose one of the ambassadorial rooms, presidential suites, one-, two- and three-bedroom chalets. But even in the standard rooms you will find the level of service that is appropriate for this five-star hotel. There is also a mini-bar, where every day you can use not only drinking water, but also Coca-Cola and juices. You have the opportunity to brew tea or coffee on your own. But will it be necessary?

The hotel "Dessole Piramisa" practices the "Ultra all inclusive" food system, and therefore they eat and drink here almost around the clock. For gourmets here is real expanse. In addition to the main restaurant and numerous bars (in which a hookah is also free), there are three a la carte establishments. What do you prefer: Indian, Italian or Chinese cuisine? Once during the rest you have the opportunity to have a free dinner at Tandoori, La Speranta or Royal Vouk. You can pay a little money and visit the restaurant "Frut de Mer". There is an opportunity to taste fine fish and seafood. People who are on a diet also do not feel alien at this "feast of the stomach": the main restaurant always has a line of dishes with cooked or steamed food.

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