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Recreation and fishing in the Altai Mountains. Features of fishing in lakes and rivers of Altai

Mountainous Altai even experienced travelers consider similar to the Swiss Alps. They say that the last looked exactly like this until the time when they became a popular destination for tourists. Some associate the region with Tibet. After all, it is believed that it is here that the entrance to the mystical Shambhala is hidden.

Mountain Altai

Tourists are incredibly surprised by this territory with its contrast. The pristine nature is preserved here, there are many unique complexes to which the human hand has not yet touched. Holidays in the Altai Mountains, fishing, hunting, water routes - all this is becoming more popular with time. Guests are offered a variety of active and educational pastime.

In the mountainous Altai you can meet climbers, speleotourists, fans of rafting on the water, as well as hiking and equestrian sports. Complexes and tourist centers, holiday homes are actively being built in the region, there are even hotels with a fairly high level.


Attracts this wonderful land not only for those who are most fond of pastime - hunting or fishing. Mountainous Altai is famous for its sights, many of which are natural monuments. There is a huge number of lakes, waterfalls and rivers, which are worth a visit. There are in the local mountains and many caves that have an ancient history.

There are numerous caves in the Altai Mountains. For example, Ecological is considered the deepest on Siberian territory, Denisov is hidden in a picturesque corner, and Altai is famous for its underground labyrinths. Tourists are attracted by the opportunity to see the Adyr-Kahn Sanctuary, Petroglyphs of the Kalbak-Tash tract, Kamenny Gulf, Tsarsky and Pazyryk barrows.

Fishing in the Altai Mountains

Not only the sights have made this amazing land a popular destination for travelers. Even experienced hunters, who have more than one fishing trip, are considered a real adventure in the Altai Mountains. Catching on fast rivers or on lakes having a mirror-like surface has long been a long-awaited event for many.

This region, comparable in size to the British Isles, attracts people primarily with its natural resources. Many say that fishing on the lakes of the Altai Mountains and on its large and small rivers does not compare with what is being conducted in any other region. Fans of "quiet hunting" call the region a real Mecca, coming here several times a year for new trophies and inexpressible emotions. And this is despite the fact that some for this have to overcome several thousand kilometers.

Where is it better to catch

Fishing in the Altai Mountains is characterized by a rich catch in any season. This feature of local water bodies is due to the origin, composition of water and freezing time. Although the patrons will say that the best period for such a favorite occupation is the end of summer - the beginning of autumn.

Another feature of this region is that any of its reservoirs will not be left without a long-awaited catch. And this is not surprising. On the territory of this mountainous republic there are about seventeen thousand rivers, and therefore with such a variety of places for fishing it is difficult to complain about the limited places for fishing.

The largest of them are Biya, Katun and the famous Ob, formed on the site of their confluence. To the banks of these full-flowing rivers, every year not only local, but also coming from afar, lovers of fishing. More remote, but from this no less rich in catch the rapid mountain Chuya, Argut, Aley and Chulyshman are excellent for alloys.

Not less famous for Altai and its stand-by lakes with crystal clear water. Most of them lie in the karst gorges at the foot of the mountains. In such natural ecosystems, excellent conditions for reproduction of many fish species have been created. Lakes that are fed by glaciers, narrow channels communicate with each other. And on each of them, judging by the reviews, there is an amazing fishing. In the Altai Mountains the lake Sorochy Log, for example, is a favorite place for the inhabitants of Barnaul. No less famous is Teletskoye, to the shores of which amateurs come to catch taimen or grayling.


Almost all known breeds of fish are found in the reservoirs of the Mountain Altai. There are tench and crucian carp, bream and carp, pike perch and pike, perch and burbot, etc. But in the mountain rivers you can catch species that are specific for this region - taimen, trout, grayling, and lenca. Often, such local species of whitefish as the omul, peled or Siberian vendace come to the hook. True, they are most often caught in the winter.

By the way, in the cold season, fishing in the Altai Mountains begins in November and lasts until the end of March. But no severe weather conditions can not stop those who are traveling for the trophy. Typically, fishermen are always waiting for a rich catch. For example, in the frozen Ob River, perch, carp and crucian are successfully caught through the holes. But fishing on the mountain rivers of Altai, for example, on the banks of the Argut and Chulyshman can be rewarded with a large grayling, hiding in the depths from strong colds at depth.

About catching on lakes

Lovers of quiet hunting here will enjoy not only the process, but also the opportunity to contemplate local beauties, breathe the purest air, from the feeling of relaxation and unity with nature. Well, of course, they will be pleased with trophies. Large trout can be caught on the Blue Lakes, near the village of Askat. By the way, in Altai it can be found in other water bodies with crystal water, for example, in Ulagan, Karatashin and Darashkol.

The largest lake in Altai is Teletskoye. It's incredibly beautiful. Surrounded on all sides by forests, this lake is attractive at any time of the year. It has all of the above advantages. Its huge water surface with a length of more than eighty kilometers attracts not only amateurs, but also professionals. Many specially come here to get trophy specimens of grayling, taimen and Teletskogi. In this gigantic pond, which has numerous tributaries, there are about fourteen species of fish. Here, it's good to spin a taimen. And for those who prefer the "fly-fishing" method, the bottom areas of the lake will most certainly like it. On the classic fishing rod you can catch the teletskogo Yelets. And closer to September, a fisherman begins fishing in the Altai Mountains.


Fishing for this fish in the region is attractive in any season. It is known that the grayling is practically not sitting still. The average length of this fish in the reservoirs of the Mountain Altai ranges from twenty-five to thirty centimeters, although large specimens sometimes reach the hook, reaching a half-meter with a weight of three kilograms.

In addition to the Teletskoye Lake, there are also huge interest for lovers of grayling, such as Talmen and Kaldinkul, located on the plateau Ukok, Uymen, etc. Those who come here just for this fish know that there will be no catch in troubled waters. But in the purest lakes it bites with enviable constancy. The bait needs to be selected, proceeding from weather conditions: the stronger the sun, the more it should be imperceptible. The best time for catching grayling is the morning - until eleven and after five in the evening.

Fishing on mountain rivers

Fishing from time immemorial is not only an exciting activity, but also an excellent rest. And in the Altai Mountains catching fish, in addition to fascination, gives a rich catch. However, it is difficult to call the capture of the crocheted catch on mountain fast rivers a simple matter. Some species of fish, including the famous Siberian grayling, have to be caught in fairly difficult extreme conditions. But apparently this factor, as well as the abundance of fish in the cleanest and fastest mountain rivers, attracts tourists and travelers to the Altai Mountains not only from Russia, but also from European countries.

For the convenience of tourists in the republic along the river banks, especially on the Katun, a lot of bases are built, where you can not only stop, but also rent a tackle and a boat. Another service - an experienced guide who will accompany to places of accumulation of production in nearby water bodies, fell in love with many.

Mountain Altai rivers are very diverse. On each of them fishing passes in own way. For example, on the mountain river Ursul, you need to catch as close as possible to the mouth, but on the opposite side, the situation is the opposite: the higher, the larger and more numerous the prey.

Features of fishing in the Altai Mountains

Gear, as you know, you need to choose depending on the place of fishing. For mountain rivers of Altai short spinnings will suit. Fishermen, who settle on the shores of lakes, should choose their long rods, which allow them to cast long distances. For those who fish with boats, donkeys with a long line or medium fishing rods will be more suitable. Equip must choose a reliable, water resistant.

Those who ever come to the Altai, later admit that this fishing area attracts them. And it's not just the big chances to get captured trophies. No, here a person, contemplating the greatness of the surrounding nature - mountains and reservoirs, resting his soul.

At the same time, when choosing the time for coming here, it is necessary to take into account that during the period from April to May restrictions are imposed on fishing related to spawning.

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