Means for cold: what will help to get back on my feet?

Diseases always come unexpectedly and take us by surprise. Most often it happens with a cold. Perhaps, in the world there is no person who would never have picked it up. Symptoms of colds are very unpleasant, and treatment for most is not easy. The easiest way to get rid of this disease is by drinking the course of medications. Usually, after a few days of their reception, there comes a relief.

Quickly get rid of colds

Excellent drugs such as "Amiksin", "Tamiflu", "Kagocel", "Ingavirin", "Viferon" and others have proved themselves very well. They quickly relieve the symptoms of colds and accelerate recovery. During the period of illness the body is greatly weakened, it needs support from outside. In this case, immunostimulating drugs will help : "Arbidol", "Anaferon", "Grippferon", "Ocillococcinum", "Imudon" and others.

Aids for colds

Usually, this disease is accompanied by an increase in temperature. If the thermometer has reached a level of 38 degrees, then it must be lowered. For this, there are antipyretic drugs. Among them, there are funds "Nurofen", "Panadol", "Efferalgan". They can easily be found in any pharmacy and purchased without a doctor's prescription.

Cold remedies also include medications for the oral cavity and throat. They remove puffiness, irritation, kill germs and soften. These drugs include "Falimint", "Pharingosept", "Strepsils", "Geksoral."

It is worth noting that each drug has its own contraindications. In order to avoid the occurrence of side effects, it is necessary to consult a doctor.

Pregnancy and cold

Particular attention should be paid to the choice of medicines during pregnancy and lactation. Most of those drugs that are sold in pharmacies are antiparked during these periods. Their use somehow harms the future child. In order to avoid negative consequences, one should consult not only with the therapist, but also with the gynecologist. You can come up with such cold remedies as Anaferon, Aflubin, Otsilokoktsinum. Before using, be sure to read the instructions.

Preparations for children

For the youngest, specially developed medications are produced. Such funds for colds are softer and do not harm the child's body. For example, candles "Viferon", tablets "Anaferon" and "Aflubin", oxolin ointment. They do not suppress immunity, but help him cope with the disease. Take them should be strictly in accordance with the recommendations of the doctor.

Alternative means

In this case, only natural products are used. You cook them, as a rule, themselves. Thus, it is possible to exclude the ingress of various chemistries into the body.


An excellent remedy against cold is the root of ginger. A small piece should be chopped and brewed like tea. You can add honey, raspberry jam. Such tea can cure a throat for a short time, since it has anti-inflammatory properties.


The question of how to cure for a cold will disappear if there is this wonderful herb. Tea is made from it. This process is as follows: two teaspoons of herb or root pour one glass of water and boil for no more than 15 minutes. The resulting broth should be filtered. He is drunk several times a day.

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