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Sketches - this is the very first step towards the implementation of the master's plan

Before creating the final version of a drawing, article or drawing, the master always makes a preliminary sketch. This helps to transfer the idea to paper and visually evaluate the future result. Such preliminary sketches are called sketches.


According to numerous definitions, sketches are sketches that are made before the creation of an integral artwork or any material object.

In fact, very much like a draft in school. A conscientious student first makes a homework assignment in a draft in which he corrects all errors and shortcomings in the course of his work. Only after the work is finished in the draft version, the student accurately and without errors rewrites it into a clean notebook. The work is ready!

This is how many professionals work. They first make sketches on paper to fix the thought and get a preliminary version of their intention. So, sketches are a draft of the future work.

Where and by whom are the sketches used?

The word "sketch", as a rule, is associated with artists and their paintings. This is a very narrow view of the meaning of this word. Sketches are used in many areas of our life. This is not only the artist's studio, but also such areas as:

  • Creation of sculptures (sketch is the original small copy of the future sculpture).
  • Creation of musical works.
  • Literature.
  • Decorating the stage in the theater.
  • Modeling and design of clothes.
  • Architectural design (in this case sketches are mock-ups of future buildings or even of a whole city).

  • The production of mechanisms and spare parts for them in factories also requires a preliminary sketch - a drawing by hand with observance of the basic proportions and drafting rules.
  • In the salons of the tattoo. This helps to assess how the tattoo will look, coordinate details with the master, make changes to the drawing. Sketches of tattoos are performed with natural dyes and are temporary.
  • Programmers always sketch a preliminary sketch of the interface of the future site.
  • Bills can also be called legal sketches.

It is clear that the surgeon, firefighter and teacher do their work immediately in a clean version.

Sketches that have become masterpieces

Many talented artists - Surikov, Leonardo da Vinci, Aivazovsky, Edgar Degas - created sketches of drawings with such skill that their masterpieces-sketches are revered as descendants for independent works of art and awarded museum exhibits.

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