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Link placement: how you can earn money

The fact that the Internet is now a real market with its unique rules and behaviors is not a secret for anyone. Online now sells millions of goods and services for billions of dollars; For each of us, the Internet business is becoming more accessible.

A large number of business services and various commercial processes take place around the sites: their creation, development and promotion. The latter is given special attention, since it is believed that for the withdrawal of the site to the first positions of search engines (count, for its promotion), a large expenditure of time and effort is needed.

In this article, we'll talk about a topic that is adjacent to the promotion and promotion of business. This is earnings on links. We will discuss such basic questions as how to use links on the Internet, how and who earns them, what amounts of revenue can be attracted through commercial links, and the pitfalls that are in this area. And we'll start with the simplest.

Earning on the placement of links

Of course, the Internet has millions of resources, each of which - a huge number of links. And if in everyday life we are used to sharing links with our friends and relatives, sending them interesting material; Then in the field of Internet business links play a completely different role.

For example, with the help of referral links partners are involved, and with the help of SEO-links, optimizers promote and promote their sites and clients. There is also a category of advertising links that are placed for a large audience coverage and simple attraction of people.

It is difficult to describe all methods of earning on links, however, we will try to classify them as precisely as possible. In parallel, we will consider the earnings options available to each of us in this or that sphere. This will help to at least reveal a topic of interest to us in this article, since it is impossible to unequivocally answer the question about how to make money on placing links. Let's just say: this is the same as asking: "How to make money with your hands?". Let's understand.

Links to drive traffic

So, let's start with the types of links. Formally, of course, they are all the same - this is redirecting the visitor's browser to a specific url address using anchor (link text). However, according to their purpose, all the links are very different.

For example, on a large portal in the most prominent place a link is used to attract traffic. A person who visits such a site, sees the address of the advertising site and proceeds on it. This placement of links is the most simple scheme of earning. It is acceptable for site owners and services, where you can place a link partners for a fee in a month. However, practice shows that for the simplest attraction of people, graphic materials - banners - are more suitable. They are better seen, and they are more informative than a text hyperlink.

About SEO-links

Perhaps you have often seen how to place links in low-visibility places on the site, for example, at the bottom. It would seem, who will see this link? Why leave it so low, if it is more logical to place them in a conspicuous place, somewhere in the center?

In fact, where such links are located, is due to their destination. They, redirecting the visitor to the advertising site, give him a certain weight in the eyes of search engines. In this regard, search engines better rank that site and increase its location in search results. In fact, the site owner does not even need someone to see them. The main thing is the very fact of indexing such links by search robots. They can be placed even in automatic mode and in large numbers, say, one on each page.

Earnings on referral links

In addition to the above-mentioned types of work with "links", there is also the placement of partner links. This method of earning echoes the first: here it is important that the visitor made a transition to the advertiser's site. After that, he gets to the partner site where he makes a purchase, signs out an order, registers or conducts any other operation. For each such action, the one who posted the link receives a fixed amount, or a percentage of a certain characteristic (for example, the cost of the order). Such references are referred to as referral, because they are registered by those whom the person quoted ("referrals", which is translated from English as "those whom they brought").

For example, a system with referrals is actively used in the casino, when the referrer (the one who led) receives a percentage for each referral. Placement of referral links can be conducted relative to any site where such a system of binding of one who registers to the one who posted the link operates and further payment of a certain reward.

Who can start earning

On the question of who the placement of links can bring a stable income, one answer: everyone. Anyone who wants to try and who is willing to make an effort to create a proper resource that could place links, develop a website from which these links could be bought, can make money on this. Special knowledge in this area requires fairly simple - they relate to basic site building and content marketing.

However, do not rush to leave everything and run to create a website for selling links. If you bring this to the market, most likely, you will have too low income from it, obviously not corresponding to expenses. It is also necessary to approach this with the mind. At least, decide which links you would like to sell: promotional or for promotion? Pay attention to what will be filled your site? Where are you going to take content for it, and how do you want to promote your resource in the future?

Earnings on the placement of links is not as simple as it seems. Yes, it really is the availability of the site and the installation of the exchange script on it, or the manual placement of links that will, in fact, generate revenue. But before you get the first profit, you will need to invest a lot of money and time. And without the lack of experience, all this can result in failure.

This article can not cover all aspects of trade links, so we will not focus on this. Just do not forget that placing links is more difficult than it seems, though it is accessible to everyone.

What is required to get started?

Well, as you already understood, we need a website to get started. If you want to earn on attracting referrals and interest deductions, then you can place affiliate links to other resources - for example, forums, message boards and other sites, if you know how to negotiate with their owners. Forms of cooperation on the Internet, which relate to the reference business, there is a huge amount. Everything depends on your wit and courage.

How much can you bring link placement

Surely our readers are interested in the question: "How much can the placement of links in blogs?". Such a formulation is erroneous in nature, since no one can say the exact number. Let's just say: links, as a tool for earning, are quite effective. There are people who receive tens of thousands of dollars a month for trading links and their placement. However, of course, they have the proper resources and experience that you do not have. Therefore, in the beginning, they earn very little, although there is no upper bound in the amount of income. Let's just say, the presence of a site for placing links can replace a permanent job, if you are good at trying.

Which site is created "by reference"

This question can be confidently called philosophical, because there is no unequivocal answer to it. Someone prefers to create solid and popular sites, which will sell links through links, banners and other types of media advertising. To create such a portal means to invest in it a large amount of time and money.

Another approach is the creation of a huge number of simple sites. Links to them can be sold at a lower price, but in large quantities. The quality of such a resource, of course, suffers.

In fact, the type of site necessary for earning is determined by the nature of the program for placing links (that is, the exchange with which you are cooperating). For example, for more serious projects Gogetlinks - a service for selling "permanent" links is suitable. If you have the resources "simpler", then for you, for example, the largest exchange links Sape.

Precautionary measures

This paragraph deals primarily with links for promotion. Do not get involved in the trade of links. Remember that search engines apply a whole system of sanctions for placing purchased, unreal links. The policy of the search engine management is such that they prevent a good ranking of sites that are promoted with paid links, as well as those projects that are sold on exchanges. These sites are identified by various methods: Google and Yandex have special filters for these cases, of which no one really knows anything.

Therefore, if you think that you have created a website of 100 pages, you bought a link to one, and you want to sell another 99 - you are mistaken. It will be difficult to do this, both in terms of searching for people who want to buy a place on your site, and in terms of search engines that can simply block your resource. The times when, using automatic placement of links, 3-4 pages were easily sold from one page, have already passed.

Underwater rocks

Of course, in addition to all of the above, a business like link trading has a number of other pitfalls. For example, it's content. A site that falls into the index of search engines should have high-quality, informative and unique content. Therefore, if you fill a site with just such a one, it will be costly both in terms of cost and in terms of time spent. The way out is to "cheat" in such a way as not to fall under sanctions of search engines, but at the same time to earn money by selling links. It means the generation of content, its transformation through programs and other manipulations. All of them, as a rule, are easily revealed by search robots, so be careful.


So, now you know how you can earn on links. Probably, in this article we touched on a hundredth part of what else you can earn on the Internet with the help of links. We took into account only reference exchanges and referral system - the most basic, extensive and elementary categories of earnings.

Start working, if you want, you can from the simplest - create a website, spin it up a little and start selling links. Another option is to find places where you could advertise your links and lead referrals, generate visits to a partner site or increase the number of downloads of a file ...

Remember: the Internet is an immense sphere of possibilities, which, including, can bring profit. The main thing is to be able to correctly find, check, and, of course, diligently develop in the future.

Spend a little time studying such an interesting tool for earning and, who knows, maybe you can create your own profitable business!

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