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Binex: reviews of the broker

Since 2012, actively collects statistics, money and reviews. Binex is a broker that has settled on the Russian stock market and offers tools for trading binary options. The company positions itself as a promising for cooperation for traders from Russia and the nearest countries. The conditions developed by the company take into account the peculiarities of the economic situation in our country, therefore they attract a lot of attention. If you study the ratings formed on the basis of feedback, Binex in them confidently occupies one of the highest positions. This trend has been noticeable for several years already. However, cautious traders and to this day there are many doubts. Is it worth investing in this company?

All in order

Before reading reviews about Binex in particular and binary options in general, you need to understand how it works. Binary options are a kind of Russian roulette, where either the pan, or disappeared. You put money, choose, up or down will go shares in the established time interval, you lose everything or get a big profit.

Some say it is much easier than working on a stock exchange and mastering complex Forex tools, while others are sure that it's a bad thing, you will not be able to make a profit - in a word, a scam. Positive feedback about Binex makes us think: what if it's not a trap? On the other hand, when observing such responses, you need to be clearly aware that not all of them are real, whatever the headlines say.

Who, what and what?

Binex offers cooperation with the following conditions:

  • A deposit of at least 10 thousand rubles or 150 US dollars;
  • The option is invested not less than 120 rubles;
  • There is a demo version of the account, available to the user for a limited time period, determined by several factors;
  • When working with a classic option, as follows from user feedback on Binex, the yield varies between about 70-75% of the invested money;
  • When choosing the "Touch" system, the greatest profit can be obtained in the amount of 120-140% of the invested amount.

Reviews and rating of Binex are confirmed by the legal nature of the firm's work, which has a documentary justification - the firm received all the licenses necessary for a full-fledged operation, passed the due diligence under the legislation. The broker offers its services in European countries, where it also successfully passed the law compliance test. Feedback on Binex options is mostly positive, including a positive assessment of the company's work and the state authority responsible for monitoring operations with money in Russia.

Are we working? We are working!

Positioning themselves as real opinions about Binex prove that the company offers the most favorable conditions for cooperation on the stock exchange this year in Russia. The organization itself explains this as follows: the conditions are formed on the basis of the analysis made during the study of a large sample of users of the Russian-speaking segment of the World Wide Web. Well, since everything was created so that users from Russia were convenient and profitable, reviews and reviews about Binex are naturally positive.

Accounts: features

Reviews of Binex and a survey of brokers show: it is this company that offers a wide range of accounts, which gives each user to find something that fits his terms. Trader accounts are available:

  • base;
  • training;
  • The trader;
  • expert.

And detail?

Divorce or not reviews about Binex? The user who does not want to trust positive responses can himself try the system in practice. Of course, if he is willing to spend money on it. The simplest version of cooperation with the system involves opening a basic account. He is available to someone who can replenish the account for 10-59.9 thousand (the calculation is made in rubles) or 150-990 US dollars.

In comparison with other offers of the broker, this account is the weakest, therefore its users leave reviews about bargains on Binex the most negative. The withdrawal of money is made during the working week, the broker for his services takes a commission of 4%. You can count on a three-day demonstration account, which allows you to master the mechanisms and tools for working with the company. But here access to signals is blocked. In addition, Binex organizes a weekly mailing list that analyzes the market situation as fully as possible, but it does not come to players with a base account. The reason is that the deposit amount is minimal, the broker is not profitable to work with such a "small fish". However, reviews of the Binex trade zone show that even with a basic account people get a good income.

Next level: go up

Training is a type of account that can be used by users who have replenished the balance in the amount of 60-299.9 thousand when calculating in Russian rubles or for 1-4,999 thousand US dollars. From the reviews of the Binex broker, it follows that the amount does not need to be paid on a one-time basis. To the user of the system had the opportunity to work at this level, he needs to make several payments, totaling 70,000 rubles.

What gets someone who trusted and put on balance such serious money? Binex customers' testimonies indicate that you can use useful webinars, where traders are taught winning strategies. True, they provide general information - a kind of introductory course, and also teach technical analysis, but only the basics. You can use signals, you can access different financial instruments. In short, the probability of earning is already greater, so those who use the account, often leave positive feedback about the broker Binex.

Advantages and disadvantages

The terms of cooperation become more profitable, the commission is reduced by one percent relative to the base account, the processing time of financial applications is reduced to five days, and the demo version is given for a week. At the same time, the probability of losing big money increases when choosing the wrong strategy, which is typical when working with binary options. Accordingly, about Binex customer reviews often appear and negative from those just outraged by the loss of money of people who could not choose the right position for trading.

One more step up: trader

This account is available to those participants who will replenish the balance by 300-999.9 thousand Russian rubles. If in the previous variant it was possible to count on profitability at a rate of 81%, then this figure grows up to a solid 87%. The trader can use the tools of automatic trading. They can give no less than two thousand percent of the income from the transaction.

When using a "trader" account from Binex, customer feedback is also positive because of the low commission - only 2% of the amount is deducted from the withdrawal, and the processing of the application takes no more than 4 days. You can use the demo account. On the development of tools for working with binary options, the broker provides two weeks, after which you can go to "free swimming."

Maximum possible

There are two types of reviews about Binex: positive and negative (surprisingly, right?). Well, let's be honest, there's nothing surprising, but if you evaluate what users do not like, then there is reason to be surprised: as a rule, discontent arises only about the timing of withdrawal, but about honesty none of those who Publishes his opinions, there are no complaints. Does this mean that the maximum pleasure from work can be achieved by choosing the most large-scale variant of working with a broker, in which the timing of withdrawal is minimal? It seems like that.

Such best conditions are available to those who decide to open an account "Expert". Whoever got this status will not be given, but only to such a user who is able to credited a million rubles to his balance at a time. If the calculation is made in US dollars, then you need to replenish by 10 thousand. An alternative option for obtaining the highest status is the replenishment in several stages, then the total payments should amount to one and a half million rubles.

Is this real?

For ordinary users of the system, such amounts seem to be transcendental, unreal, and therefore the account itself is inaccessible. On the other hand, it's no secret that you can take a loan for this amount. Will the interest rate of the account cover the interest that will have to be paid? In general, as the reviews prove, everything is in favor of the participant in the system.

When working on a classic binary option, you can count on 80 percent yield, and when choosing a strategy for "turbo", the revenue reaches 86%. When selecting automatic work tools, the percentage component rises to two thousand. The trader has full access to all tools available to the broker, including signals and analytics. The withdrawal of money will take no more than two working days with a one-percent commission. The user can use webinars without restrictions, is entitled to an unlimited deposit.

Level hierarchy

It would seem that the four levels of accounts, different from each other on the amount deposited on the balance sheet, is already a rather complex system, nothing more is needed. But the broker offers some other, even more advanced versions. We are talking about VIP accounts, which are three:

  • silver;
  • gold;
  • platinum.

The logic of the division into levels is the following: when replenishing the balance by 25 thousand dollars or 2.5 million rubles, Binex gives a silver account to VIP-persons, gold can be obtained by making 50 thousand or five million accordingly, and the highest platinum status is available to those who placed on the balance 100 thousand American or 10 Russian money.

And what do we get?

Why risk such money and invest it in binary options? What does the user of the system get? Binex gives each VIP member its own trader with extensive experience. True, one can not say from the outside whether this system will work efficiently enough. It so happened that people who have so much money, do not write reviews on the Internet about the tools that make money. It remains only to assume that it is really beneficial, otherwise no one would use such proposals.

Options: with what we work?

Choosing Binex, the user gets the opportunity to work with four different tools that allow you to make money (or try to make money) on binary options. For trade are available:

  • Classical logic "up and down", expiration lasts 15 minutes;
  • Touch, allowing to predict, whether the value of the security of the planned value will reach;
  • The range at which trades end with one of two outcomes - the transaction closes at a value within the declared range of values or outside it;
  • Turbo, when the expiration lasts no more than five minutes, but not less than half a minute.

Special abilities

The broker provides a very interesting opportunity: a trader can select another privateer and add it to his own sheet of tracking. This will allow you to be aware of transactions made by another person. That is, you can actually work by simply repeating one to one of the actions of others. This is useful for beginners who are not yet able to predict the development of the situation on their own. By the way, in the Russian market Binex became the first company to offer such a logic of work.

Another unique opportunity, given by Binex to its participants, is the tournaments organized inside the trading platform. As a prize, usually set either a certain amount of money, or the status of a VIP member.

How and with what to work?

Binex offers its users a unique trading platform, taking the best from the classic options working at the global level of brokers, but with the addition of some features that (according to plan) should have come to taste to Russian-speaking users. At the same time, the trading platform has certain drawbacks.


  • Variety of assets;
  • A variety of live graphics;
  • Several types of live graphics;
  • Ease of application of the system.

And if more in detail?

As for live charts, Binex offers four types:

  • Area;
  • Candles;
  • linear;
  • standard.

Graphs are displayed in such a way that the user can simultaneously control at least 4 assets. If you want to monitor changes in one asset, then a large graph is available, showing the dynamics of the situation. You can configure the system as it is more convenient for a particular trader. All this is done with the help of large, bright, understandable buttons, so the user will not miss out on any important controls. So, you can conclude a deal without wasting time.

Finally, the last undeciphered positive aspect is the choice of assets. This means that the user is available all the possibilities of the stock exchange. You can work with raw materials or money, securities, indices, not only foreign, but also Russian ones - choose what you know best. So, 190 assets were recently available, but the broker builds up the potential and expands opportunities. Just a few clicks in a convenient interface allow you to assign a currency pair and enter into a deal, not missing an advantageous moment.

Tar also exists

No wonder we have a saying about a spoonful of tar, which necessarily spoils any, even the largest barrel of the most that neither is sweet honey. So in the case of working with Binex, such tar spoils the pleasure of working with binary options. This applies to the trading platform developed by the broker. This disadvantage is assessed as insignificant, but many agree that it prevents him from earning decent money.

What is it about? On the platform there are no figures of technical analysis, indicators. This means that you will inevitably have to resort to online schedules, as well as to trading terminals of other sites. If we neglect this, we will have to work blindly, and then the earnings will depend on luck. And when it comes to hundreds and thousands of dollars, hardly anyone wants to trust only luck.

Professionals in this area think so: to believe their intuition well, but trusting only her, intending to make a deal through Binex is a guaranteed step into the abyss. So it is impossible to work. The best option is to use the services of the trading area of some other broker. Choose those that allow you to build charts online. Preference should be given to companies that occupy the top positions in the ratings in the field of binary options. This will help to gain access to reliable, reliable information that is really relevant for the transaction.

And what else is it supposed to be?

Most modern brokers draw the attention of potential users of their platforms with additional bonuses. Even so: if the company does not offer bonuses, thereby it almost immediately loses an impressive percentage of participants. Binex in this regard is in step with the times: the company has developed a system of "buns" for the best of the best.

What can you expect? For example, when replenishing the balance in the current year for a certain amount, you can get an additional bonus from the broker. Varies it from 75 to 200 percent, which together gives a very decent money. The distribution of bonuses begins with the replenishment of the account by 10 thousand rubles, the more a one-time inflow of money into the balance, the more will be the gift from the broker. In addition, the bonus is determined by the type of account the bidder uses.

A distinctive feature of the financial bun - it can be used in transactions, but can not be withdrawn. But if it turns out to earn money from this money, then it can be sent without any problems to the conclusion and cash. In this case, the profit should be more than the trader's enrollment 30 times. True, there is a certain condition: the broker establishes a time frame. In the given interval, you can use these preferences, beyond its limits will not work, everything will burn. Even if you managed to earn a portion of the amount, and until the full is very little, you will not be able to get anything.

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