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Dream Interpretation: I saw a spider in a dream - what is it for?

As a rule, spiders do not cause people much enthusiasm. Especially among the beautiful half of humanity. But what if the girl or woman saw a spider in a dream? Is it worth it to prepare for some unpleasant events and situations, or, on the contrary, it is waiting for happiness and luck? We suggest looking for answers to these questions in the most famous dream books to date.

Dreamer Gustav Miller: to see a spider in a dream - to what?

This source claims that if a woman saw a spider in a dream, then she will have peace of mind at work, and if this insect is weaving a web, then peace and silence should be expected at home. Murder, on the other hand, portends quarrels and quarrels with relatives and colleagues. The bite of this insect warns about the possibility of deception or betrayal. An unusually favorable sign is a dream, in which you are surrounded by many spiders, descending down on their cobwebs. In this case, you can count on great luck and successful completion of all started cases. To dream of a large spider, from which you are trying to escape, to an unfortunate coincidence. The golden insects surrounding the girl, promise her an early marriage and good luck in life.

Dream Interpretation of Freud: What a dream spider

According to the interpretation of this dream book, if a woman dreamed of a spider, then in real life she feels afraid to be abandoned by her lover. However, such experiences are completely unfounded.

An ancient French dream book: a dream spider - to what?

If the representative of the weaker sex saw in the dream a spider, then in real life she faces treason or betrayal on the part of a loved one whom she undividedly trusts. The web that surrounds you everywhere warns of the danger of being drawn into some dubious adventure. The loss of money is promised by the murder of a spider. Seeing in a dream how you shoot numerous cobwebs in your home - to the likelihood of participation in a lawsuit.

Russian dream book: to see a spider in a dream

In the interpretation of this dream book, the spider symbolizes evil, cruelty and latent aggression against the dreamer. If you dreamed of this insect, it is likely that you are waiting for an acquaintance with a greedy, greedy and dishonorable person. A lot of dreaming little spiders predict a lot of small troubles, which you will have to face in the near future.

Dream from A to Z: what is the dream of spiders

If the girl saw in the dream a spider, lurking in a corner, then her house is expected prosperity and prosperity. A dreamed insect, attacking a victim in its web, warns of the danger of getting caught in a trap prepared by your enemies. An unkind sign is a huge furry spider, slowly but surely moving in your direction. Such a dream promises a possible loss of property or health problems of a loved one. If you are bitten by a poisonous spider in a dream , then you are at risk of contracting some kind of infectious disease. If you are attacked by a lot of insects, but you managed to escape from them, then in real life you are waiting for luck, success and a happy solution to all problems and troubles.

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