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Freud's dreambook: all pros and cons

Austrian psychologist Z. Freud is considered the founder of classical psychoanalysis. He made a huge contribution to the development of psychology. His work on studying dreams, which is called "Interpretation of Dreams", brought him popularity. This work contains the scientist's reflections on the mechanisms of dreams, about their role in people's lives. In the process of reasoning, Freud came to the conclusion that the more significant an experience that has occurred in reality, the brighter and more colorful it will manifest in a dream. He also believed that more attention should be paid to the interpretation of dreams.

Scientists throughout the history of mankind have been working on the question of what a dream is. This has given rise to many hypotheses. Some thought that the dream contains memories of the past day. There was also another point of view, supposedly the dream is devoid of any meaning and in it unreal images come to us. However, Freud had a different opinion. He believed that a dream is an encrypted message that requires in-depth analysis.

Our life includes a lot of prohibitions, and because of the fear of disapproving appraisal of others we have to hide our true desires and motives, replace them with others. This is the cause of the dreams: because of the suppression of desires in reality, we see them already realized in a dream, i.e. Our brain in this way goes to the trick, in order to at least somehow relax the restrictions, - so Freud believed. The dream book was written on the basis of his work "Interpretation of Dreams", only not by the psychoanalyst himself, but by other scientists.

The period of popularity of Miller's dream book falls on the 19th century, and the dream book of Freud, repeatedly reprinted, became a real bestseller of the 20th century.

Advantages of the Interpreter of Dreams of Freud

Freud's dreambook, unlike Lomf's dream book, does not contain any mysticism or any riddles, it is not saturated with so-called esoteric dust. It contains only the data that were obtained by research in a number of experiments. But even though the dream book of Freud is devoid of a mystical beginning, he is still considered one of the non-standard and unusual interpreters of dreams.

In the collection you can find an interpretation of such ordinary and firmly entered things, such as a house, car, kitchen, plane, etc.

Dreams of Freud are often treated quite spicy. It is noted that the dream book of Freud is in great demand among males.

Now it's time to talk about the shortcomings of the dream book. Interpretation of dreams according to Freud is peculiar, since dreams are considered in the plane of the genital organs. It is known that the main research of the scientist was aimed at studying the psychology of love. Freud was convinced that it was necessary to study the relationship of instinct with dreams, because man was driven by sexual instincts. For this reason, the dream book of Freud is also called erotic.

Interpretation of dreams according to Freud relies on the concept of unconscious desires. In other words, all our unfulfilled dreams, unfulfilled needs and unfulfilled thoughts find their way out in a dream, and the main symbols have an erotic underpinning. And if you decipher the algorithm of free associations, you can better know yourself, your true desires, as well as the causes of defeats, in order to transform your life.

Interpretation of dreams consists in the search for a hidden meaning, the truth contained in each dream. The unusualness of this interpreter is that, according to him, the dreams that have been dreamed do not predict the future. They are designed to help a person understand themselves, in their hidden desires. And this helps to achieve inner harmony.

The great psychoanalyst was confident that a dream is not so much a scientific object as a means of knowing oneself and other people.

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