What Caps Are Caring For Celebrities This Winter? + Street Fashion 2012

There comes a cold season and many women with anxiety think what to wear, how to update the winter wardrobe, what to wear, that would be comfortable, warm and fashionable at the same time.

But there are stylish girls who are looking forward to seasonal cooling. Pretty women, know exactly how to warm up and look sexy in warm winter clothes and accessories.

In winter, headdresses occupy an important place in the wardrobe of celebrities and women of fashion. They wear this accessory due to heat, style and functionality. Caps are a necessary seasonal accessory, but the secret is how to look stylish - ideally matching outfits.

There are many different types of winter, hats for women: a knitted hat, a fur cap , berets, newsboy caps, caps-cloche hats, turbans and much more.

In winter time it is impossible to do without knitted headdresses and then the choice is huge;

Large caps, hand-knitted according to the shape of the head, in such we went to school, in the style of 80 years. They are good for long hair warm and comfortable.

Clinging caps, called a terrible word, "piderka" is everyone. The last few years are fashionable and do not give up their positions hats elongated, sagging, modification of a tight hats. They are worn, simply, without removing, and men and women.

The cap of the turban returns us to the glamorous epoch of art deco, always looks extravagant and unusual.

Berets for all time! You can choose a large or moderate volume, well-chosen and suitable for you takes, will add French chic. Not covering one eye, looks sexy and stylish.

Caps in the style of newsboy - are worn by both men and women, they will add a dollar to your appearance.

Hat Cloche-bell, like those worn by women of the 20-ies, will emphasize your femininity and set a romantic mood for the whole ensemble.

So many options, most importantly, so that in the headdress you feel confident and comfortable. Choose what you can combine with most clothes in your wardrobe. It is important that the form would fit under the oval of your face.

If you have correctly chosen the color of the accessory, taking into account your color type, then the knitted headdress will advantageously shade your beautiful skin color and will emphasize the uniqueness of the color of your eyes.

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