Caps "Kerry": the main advantages and rules of choice.

Manufacturers of children's clothes today more and more please parents with the variety and quality of manufactured headdresses for children. Special demand is enjoyed by the "Kerry" caps, which can be selected for almost any winter costume. They not only provide comfort during the walk, but are also very popular with children, thanks to their bright colors.

Quality "Kerry"

One of the most important criteria for children's clothing is quality. The material should not cause allergic reactions, be sufficiently safe, at the same time, warm and "breathing". Products "Kerry" meets all the necessary conditions and is great for any age group - from babies to teenagers. There are no toxic components in the dyes used by the company.

The high quality and diverse assortment of different caps "Kerry". Winter in Russia is such that it requires clothing first of all warm. The headgear of this Finnish manufacturer is fully adapted to our weather conditions.

The high-strength materials used for their manufacture can protect the child from cold winds, rain and snow. The skin breathes easily through the tissue. The company "Kerry" deservedly enjoys recognition in the world market, its products are highly valued by both parents and children.

Caps "Kerry" are particularly durable. They do not deform during washing and long-term use. They are comfortable even in the strongest frost or summer heat. The manufacturer offers a variety of models of hats, featuring a wide range of colors, which makes it easy to pick up a hat for every taste.

Popular Caps Models

"Kerry" offers a wide range of models, among which there are lightweight knitted hats for spring and autumn, and warmer (from wool, natural or artificial fur) winter variants. The hat, warmed fleece, perfectly sits on the head and protects the baby in cold weather.

A great popularity among the entire assortment of headwear "Kerry" is used by such models as a cap-helmet, which protects not only the ears, but also the neck of the child, a hat with ear-flaps. For babies are provided warm and comfortable caps with strings.

Small fashionistas with pleasure wear the "Kerry" caps of a very interesting style, reminiscent of adult models.

How to choose a hat for a baby

Correctly selected hat not only helps to protect the child from colds and illnesses, but also will give pleasure to an attractive design. If earlier parents preferred to buy down and woolen headgear for their baby, today their choice has significantly expanded. Popular models are made both from natural sheep wool, and from synthetic materials that have high water-repellent and windproof properties. They must necessarily have a cotton or fleece lining, allowing the skin to breathe.

A baby's cap should be chosen close to the head, covering the ears. Ties on it will not allow the headdress to move from the head during an active walk.

In order not to be mistaken with the size, before buying, you should measure the child's head from the forehead to the back of the head and choose a hat one size larger. The exception is knitted and knitted models, they are appropriately sized.

Hat-helmet "Kerry"

The unique design of these models provides reliable protection of the head and neck from wind, precipitation and hypothermia during walks in the most unfavorable weather. Hat-helmet completely covers the ears, forehead and does not slip to the eyes, so that the child is quite comfortable in such a headdress to play outdoor games, play sports. Even if the baby sweats, hypothermia does not threaten him, because the lining immediately absorbs all moisture.

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