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Jumpers: at what age can you start training?

In the modern range of products for babies, a device such as a jumper appeared relatively recently. From what age they can be used, many parents do not know. Jumps are a seat with attachments, straps for hanging, spring mechanism, safety belts, a variety of entertainment elements. Jumps allow you to fix the baby in an upright position and allow him to jump with the power of his own legs. Such fun is like crumbs. But like any complex, potentially dangerous device, jumpers should be used for a limited time and under the supervision of adults. You need to know, jumping from what age and how to use it correctly.

"For" and "against" jumpers

Many experienced moms say that jumpers, walkers, and wheelchair cars are dangerous and completely unnecessary for a child. In part this is true. The kid will learn to walk and jump regardless of the presence or absence of such devices. But progress does not stand still. In fact if the child will receive half an hour of pleasure, and mum as much free time, unless it is bad? Let's look at the positive side of the jumps:

  • Strengthening the muscles of the legs.
  • Development of the vestibular apparatus.
  • Positive emotions of the baby.
  • Free time for mom.

And what about the minuses? And they, of course, are:

  • Injuries. If it is wrong to hang the jumpers or place them close to the furniture, the baby may be injured.
  • Load on the foot. Like any physical exercise, classes in jumping should be limited in time. 20 minutes are enough.
  • Harm to the spine. It can be inflicted if the baby is not correctly fixed in the jumper.

In the end, we can say that using javelins within acceptable limits with time limitation will not harm the baby.

At what age can you use the jumper?

Even pediatricians and manufacturers will not give an exact answer to this question. After all, in how much you can use the jumper, depends on the individual development of the baby. The average age when an infant is able to hold a head and even own a little body is 4-5 months. And this is the basic skills for using jumpers. The interest of the baby to the jumper goes by 10-11 months, when the device begins to be perceived as a restriction of freedom. Of course, it's up to each parent to decide whether to buy a jumper or not, as well as how to start using jumpers at what age. In the end, not every family pays due attention to physical development. But jumping is one of the first sports equipment of the future champion.

How to use jumpers correctly

Determined with the model when buying, ask if the safety belts have your future jumper. At what age they should be used, it will depend on it. The fact is that for the youngest, models with special fixing straps on the sides have been developed, which keep the baby from falling, and his spine - from excessive loads. At home, fasten the jumpers yourself and the safety fastening cable. Secure the jumping zone from debris, interior items, furniture. Fasten crumbs with seat belts. And do not stop watching him throughout the lesson, which should last 10-30 minutes.

Let the injuries and accidents pass you by, and the kid in the jumpers will get a sea of joy and fun.

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