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Blessed - who is this?

Believers, more and more acquainted with the world of Orthodoxy and especially the life of saints, are beginning to be interested in a variety of Christian issues. For example, why this or that saint is called blessed. And here the main thing is to learn that the faithful is an orthodox in the person of a holy monarchical couple, whom the Church glorifies for his righteous life. This face of holiness originally originated in the Church of Constantinople at the time of the Ecumenical Councils. Then it was used only in the case of canonization of the Byzantine rulers and their wives. But then it was used in other churches, including the Russian Orthodox Church.

Blessed - who is this?

The Gospel tells how the Lord went to the desert after his baptism, there he was in fasting for forty days, where he finally hungered. This moment was used by the devil, who began to tempt Him, offering all the riches, power and glory of the world, if only Christ worshiped him. But the Savior shamed the devil and refused all this, because not for this He came into the world, but in order to serve the human race and fulfill the will of His Father.

Similarly, Satan tries to seduce every careless person, and sometimes even a whole nation. He constantly draws the atheists into his accursed trap, cleverly places his nets to make people love wealth and power over others more than anything else.


In the continuation of the topic "Blessed is who is this?", It should be noted that these saints, throughout their entire earthly life, maintained a good faith in the Lord. And for the most part, following Christ, they accepted monastic vows.

The Savior warned that it would be difficult for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of God, it would be more convenient for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle. But then he adds that "difficult" does not mean "impossible." Indeed, the Lord in the history of the Church showed a host of faithful saints, and these were kings, princes and emperors - people who possessed everything - wealth and power, but, following the example of Christ in the desert, abandoned all this and were not deceived by imaginary earthly values .

The faithful is a saint who, having so much lust, wealth and power, sacrificing them, has found the true good - the faith in Christ. Among the Russian faithful are Yaroslav the Wise, Andrei Bogolyubov, Alexander Nevsky, Ivan Kalita, Daniil Moskovsky, Dmitry Donskoy, Peter and Fevronya Muromsky, Evdokia Moscow, Anna Kashinskaya and others.

Imperishable Wealth

The Holy Blessed is like a merchant, described in the Gospel, who found a precious pearl and sold everything to get it.

The faithful princes and princesses, kings and queens, as well as the Christ-companion, confounded Satan. And now, together with the Lord and His heavenly hail, they rejoice in everlasting glory and enjoy imperishable true spiritual treasures that can not be destroyed by moth and rust; thieves will not undermine or steal, for their treasure is in the heart filled with good Christian faith and love.

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