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Every parent tries to make from his child a decent good man. But often it happens that the child steps on a bad path. And then mothers and fathers are wondering why he became like that. To prevent this, the baby needs to bathe in love, caress and care.

The manifestation of sensitivity is the most important component in the upbringing of the child. That's what we'll talk about in this article.

Let's explain the term

Sensitivity is the ability of a person to feel thinly the emotional and emotional state of another and the ability to help him.

Let's return to the upbringing of children. The main task of parents is to correctly determine the needs of the child and find ways to meet them. This requires sensitivity.

What does it express?

Let's give some examples:

  • Praise, words of support, instruction and moralizing;
  • Spontaneous surprises;
  • Emotional manifestations of feelings are tears, joy, embraces.

Note that the baby's needs are guessed easily, whether he experiences hunger, thirst, has the desire to sleep or move, play. With growing up, he will be able to talk about his needs, but it will not always be possible to tell about inner experiences and mental needs. And then parents need to show sensitivity to help him. Moreover, it is necessary to learn to raise it to new needs, because they change in the process of the child's becoming and development.

Let's give one more definition to the word sensitivity

It means not only the subtle feeling of another person, but also the ability not to concentrate solely on yourself, but to switch to an opponent. Sensitivity is the ability to grasp the tearing strings of the one we love.

With its absence or disappearance, it is impossible to see the grievance or need after crying of your child, you can not recognize signals in behavior and unravel the secrets of the soul. With a loss of sensitivity, the parent begins to switch to one's own desires and needs, and the child is deprived of it, leaving in the shade.

Sensitivity is also a sense of proportion that helps to maintain subordination in communication and relationships. Thanks to this, a person knows what needs to be said at the right time, what the opponent wants to hear, and when it's better to remain silent.

It helps us:

  • Recognize sadness or joy in the eye;
  • To catch a note of happiness or discontent in the tone of voice and manner of conversation;
  • To feel the mood of a loved one;
  • To see the excitement and experience of the opponent;
  • Correctly and unmistakably answer his questions.

Sensitivity helps to outline the conditions under which it is necessary to make certain decisions, meeting the needs of another person.

Education without sensitivity

A child raised in such a family considers himself lonely and abandoned, despite the fact that he does not need anything. Adults who do not pay attention to the needs of their son or daughter, deprive them of love and care.

Irresponsibility of parents leads to a language of prohibitions, quibbles, ill-treatment. And also to humiliation, constant accusations, remarks. All this suppresses the child as a person, hinders normal development.

Ways of showing sensitivity:

  • Sensitivity to the needs of children must be expressed through praise, thanks, reproof, reproof.
  • Careful observation of the child, the ability to hear it.

It is very important to be able to listen to a son or daughter. It means to give yourself completely to this process, to completely switch attention to the child, to be empathic, to understand the inner anxieties of the baby. If he talks about something, then this is for him paramount and very important. And then parents need to show sensitivity. It is important to help the child deal with inner emotion.

Sensitivity is the ability to discern the talents of your child and direct him to the right path of becoming and development. It will help realize the childhood dream, if correctly identify the inclinations and abilities of the baby. Loving wise parents try to recognize the uniqueness of the child, his natural gift and, relying on it, lead further education.

Children, brought up in love, being adults, will be paid the same coin, will be attentive to you, they will learn empathy, responsiveness.

Another definition of sensitivity

This is a moral quality that characterizes the attitude of a person to others.

As a rule, these are people with a good heart and a great life experience, which have undergone many vicissitudes, difficulties, and suffering. Only after going through misunderstanding, tears, resentment, adversity, a person begins to feel better and understand others. This is the meaning of sensitivity.

Synonyms for the term

Examples can be considered such concepts as sincere, sympathetic, sympathetic, subtle, attentive, empathetic, cordial. They fully reveal the meaning of the word sensitivity.

Role in family life

Sensitivity is of great importance. Suppose a tired husband came home from work. A conversation begins at dinner. At this very moment, you need to be sensitive. We need to grasp his condition and understand what information the spouse is ready to take, and what can be said later, so as not to unsettle.

Sensitivity is also a manifestation of flexibility in character. Having this quality, you can easily start communicating with any person, recognize his emotional state, adjust to him and at the same time help.

This unique quality helps you immediately and accurately capture the respondent's response to the speech you have spoken, as well as the perfect deeds or actions, without any shame to apologize for the mistake. This will not lower your dignity, but on the contrary, will force your opponent to appreciate one more characteristic good quality - modesty.

The conclusion is this: sensitivity is an incredible gift for a person. She is able to strengthen family relationships, allows you to become a friend to the child. It makes our life better and better. It must be developed in oneself.

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