Honeysuckle caprylic: planting and care

Our gardens often need vertical landscaping. It means decorative braiding of walls, arbors or small architectural structures. Very often, the owners who recently purchased the plot, the question arises: "How beautiful to make a site and create a shadow in a certain place?" This is exactly the problem solved by vertical gardening. One of the most popular plants for these purposes is honeysuckle honeysuckle, the photo of which amazes with its beauty.

The flowers of this plant are often compared to love, which has no boundaries. Caprypholus, whose photo is easy to find in any gardener's directory, not only has a beautiful color, but also smells great. And the fragrance will intensify closer to the evening hours. If you want to make a beautiful, picturesque corner in the garden, filled with sweet aromas, then plant honeysuckle honeysuckle, you will not go wrong.

Honeysuckle honeysuckle, planting and care for which is not too complicated, differs in beautiful color. In order to make a vine a support that will allow it to grow vertically, also no special skills will be required. Such a liana by its nature will not grow up, it needs to be directed. The higher the support, the longer will be the twigs of honeysuckle. At the age of 5-6 years, it can reach a height of 4-5 meters. For small gardens this length will be enough.

Honeysuckle caprylic, planting and caring for which will be simple even for a beginner, feels great in the spring. Plant it better immediately to the place where it will grow in the future. On the delenka there should be several kidneys, a couple of them. Long stalks will begin to grow from them, which later become a liana. For planting should choose a loose soil with sufficient moisture. Honeysuckle will be grateful to respond to fertilizing with mineral and organic fertilizers. It is best to use nitrogen, potassium and manure for this. However, it should be borne in mind that manure should be re-bred, not fresh. That is, his age should be from two to three years. You can fertilize and peat. It's easy to cook by yourself. To do this, waste of vegetable origin must be added to the compost pit . Honeysuckle honeysuckle, planting and caring for which begins in the spring, it is better to feel everything in the pit or trench.

The choice depends on what effect you want to achieve eventually. If it is an element for vertical gardening, then it is necessary to plant honeysuckle in a row. To do this, you need to dig a trench. Immediately it is laid out manure, microelements, organic. All must be carefully mixed with the landing ground and planted honeysuckle honeysuckle.

Planting and caring for this plant is a pleasure. If the landing occurred in the spring, then at the end of the season you will already have quite long young shoots. With good care, the plant will give an increase of up to two meters per year. Landscaping will not need to be rented for the winter, beautiful vines will please the eye all year round.

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